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Who would you recommend to get it balanced.    
but the sound differences was quite obvious
I didnt open it up:P so i dont know
No, I dont, but i think i saw someone posting it somewhere in this thread. I did AB test and found them very different.     
They should be different even if it is the same driver. The pads are different, it should alter the sound a bit.
I have my K701 and Q701 on the same setup. They are different and its not significant but you can definitely tell the differences. The positioning of the instruments and so on...
I was about to get my hands on a pair of second hand DT1350 (with more recent serial number). I have one already, and I bought one for my girlfriend as well.   I realized the sound and small features of the second hand DT1350 are different from mine and my gfs.   I dont think I would want to open them up to compare. I will take photos of the difference in their appearance. Once I got home today.   The sonic differences are quite subtle as well.   Anyone...
I see alot of people always argue whether one headphone is better than the other, and I have been thinking about it quite much recently. There are too many variables which would give alter the sound that headphones give.      1. Manufacturing Error I honestly believe with alot of the headphones, even though they are the same model, the sound can vary. I tested this when I bought about 3 DT990 and surprisingly they all sounded different. I dont know this may have something...
I wouldnt say the mid is much fuller to be honest. To my ears, K701 is better with vocal. The difference aint huge anyway.   
AKG needs to release new flagship!!   edit: real flagship
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