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I have my K701 and Q701 on the same setup. They are different and its not significant but you can definitely tell the differences. The positioning of the instruments and so on...
I was about to get my hands on a pair of second hand DT1350 (with more recent serial number). I have one already, and I bought one for my girlfriend as well.   I realized the sound and small features of the second hand DT1350 are different from mine and my gfs.   I dont think I would want to open them up to compare. I will take photos of the difference in their appearance. Once I got home today.   The sonic differences are quite subtle as well.   Anyone...
I dont actually have anything that can weigh it at the moment, but T50RP is heavy. THis is probably heavier.   
Hey there,   I did have the thicker part pointing outwards. The sound was different so I changed them back. Just doesnt fit me that well. The Tp is not as comfortable as the D7K, but isolation is better. To be hoenst, I dont like wearing them. I hardly have them on my head at the moment. It is just a bit too heavy for me. Again, LCD2 is considered heavy for me, so yea.      
Its not hard, just i screw up  
yap, i realized that after i screwed it up  
How can I tell whether its a loose nut or a deadbolt?  
Do you think it will work?  
I've got one problem with my TP. Does anyone know how to fix this.    I was swapping my LCD pads around and I think I put a bit too much force on the earcups.   Something came loose and now one of the earcup is a bit loose on the hinge (shown on the pic). How do I tighten it?  
I wanna see. My LCD pads fit me better when I reverse them, so the thicker part is facing outwards.   
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