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Oh really? I always think the recording of the her songs are average tho. Not her. The sound engineers fault tho. They are the LCD pads.    
With my gf's permission I am able to put this up now. She was having a listen with my TP and I just grabbed my phone and took few snaps. They look huge on her head...  
YAP :D    
For me, I think the thicker side of the LCD pads are at the front. If I wear it the opposite way, the headphone would sound quite weird.
I think I wouldnt use the TP as portable even though they are closed hp. The isolation is good, but I wouldnt say it is to the same level as a decent IEMs. The headphone is actually quite big and heavy on the head. I think the soundstage is not as big as I expected but it is quite good for a closed hp. I havent never tried the Ed series so I cannot comment on that.    
I know...thats why I said go for beyer pads.     
By wider, do you mean the thickness of the pad?   I think it will be helpful if you send him an email.   
I am going out later. Haven't got a chance to have a good listen and compare with my other headphones. Here are some pics of my TP unboxing. One thing, I would recommend is go for the beyerdynamics velour pads. Also can someone tell me which way would the TP go? I am having problems putting it on my head.   
Yes I did. I got a PM from him on the 30th of Jan    
My headphone has arrived but I am at work at the moment. So excited!!!! :D I will post up and do the review tonight since I have a day off tomorrow :D
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