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I think your DT990 is not performing at its true potential
I had a listen of your song. The bass of this song doesnt go as deep as the one I posted. The sound similar on this song, but DT990 still have a bit more quantity to it.    It is weird you cant hear the difference on my song. It is very obvious to me. How long have you had both headphone for? and what is their burn in time?  
To me DT990 has got a more circular soundstage. I wouldnt say whether Q701's soundstage is better or DT990s. The instrument seperation of the DT990 has always been a weakness for me. I am currently running my DT990 with mx1->auditor. mx1 isnt great but is not that bad to my ears.   Below I attached a song which I auditioned both cans with.     The first 15secs are really good for me to test the bass of both headphones. To my ears, the DT990 got quite a...
I have both DT990 (600ohm) and Q701.   I just cannot agree with the idea that Q701 has similar bass to DT990. To my ears, Q701 has much less bass.   I am not talking about bass in different frequencies but as a whole and impression.   The soundstage of Q701 is not bigger, you will get the feel that it is because the imaging of both headphone is quite different.   I am currently at work. I will go home tonight and give a more insightful reply.
I think its just there is no stand for high-bass, mid-bass, low-bass, and sub-bass.   Once we can set a common ground based on the frequencies then we can talk about which one's got more bass and so wat...
Need one in Nz....
    Like I said before the soundstage and imaging are a bit different between the two and they are probably the most obvious differences between the Q and K.   Although there are differences, It is really hard to describe them. The differences between them are much smaller compare to the differences between DT880 and DT990. Still, if you give me both headphones, I think I would able to tell which one is which from a blind test.   If I had more time, I would write up...
Well, from what I am hearing, the soundstage and imaging is a bit different. I think the soundstage and imaging is a bit better (to my taste) with the K.   I can hear the most different change from Q to K is the vocal on K is much "forward".   The quality and quantity is some what similar but the Q has somehow more emphasis there.    
i think its a K702  
just for everyones information.   I do own both Q701 and K701. They sound different.   I do own both Q701 and DT990. They sound different as well.
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