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Does it mean it will provide better fit? where can I get it?
Spinfit tips*
What is Spintips? Cant find any info on them?
 Is your Roxanne UF or Custom? What tip are you using there?
For the people who have bought the custom roxanne? Did you guys managed to waive off the custom fees when they arrived in your country?
I must have big ears, my universal fits just fine but I do wish they dont stick out as much tho.
Hi there,    I bought this in Japan on the 25th of May this year. It has got receipt and everything in pretty much brand new condition.  I haven't even tried to change the filter. I auditioned the Roxanne UF and SE846 at the same time but I had very little time to audition so I end up picking up both and now I've decided I will be keeping the Roxanne, possibly getting custom too.    Paypal and buyer pays for fees and shipping.    price in USD but if you are in NZ, it...
I have cracked m100s Both cracked around the rim area so shouldnt be the result from over tightening the screws.
Yes, how does it compare with the K3003i you've got
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