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I have had M80, HD25 and now only keeping DT1350. For me, DT1350 is a better can but it might not be the right can for you but I think you should definitely give it a go. It is not those cans will wow you from the very start but after a period of time, you will start to appericate it. I think a lot people haven't had enough time with it.   I still think for a headphone. Review and feedback are just a very vague reflect on what you might hear from the headphone, too many...
I have decided to let this go. There are many reasons which made me sell this. First, I bought myself a Yamaha Virago so bank is running a bit low. Another reason is that I bought a T1, although it is still on its way.   I got it not long ago. I think probably 2 months or less. It is with the LCD-2 pads.    The wood is ziricote. The headphone condition is excellent as I have been quite busy lately with my work.   I spend most of my time either listening to my...
  My little comparison between M80 and DT1350 as my M80 just arrived few days ago.      Instrument Separation   Even tho they are both supa aural, I can still tell the difference between the instrument separation, DT1350 is just a bit better. The overall sound of the M80 just sound a bit too crowded to my ears. The soundstage seems to be bigger on the on the M80 tho.   Lows   There is also a upper low boost on the M80 which I did not really enjoy (if...
I've just got my M80. DT1350 sounds better to me at this stage.
I own both DT990/DT1350 and previously owned DT880. I think alot people have shared their insights on the sound quality but as for comfort wise. DT990/DT880 wins.
mine rotates both side    
Like I mentioned before, I think there are different version of DT1350 floating around. I enjoy mine tho.
Who would you recommend to get it balanced.    
but the sound differences was quite obvious
I didnt open it up:P so i dont know
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