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I dont actually have anything that can weigh it at the moment, but T50RP is heavy. THis is probably heavier.   
Hey there,   I did have the thicker part pointing outwards. The sound was different so I changed them back. Just doesnt fit me that well. The Tp is not as comfortable as the D7K, but isolation is better. To be hoenst, I dont like wearing them. I hardly have them on my head at the moment. It is just a bit too heavy for me. Again, LCD2 is considered heavy for me, so yea.      
Its not hard, just i screw up  
yap, i realized that after i screwed it up  
How can I tell whether its a loose nut or a deadbolt?  
Do you think it will work?  
I've got one problem with my TP. Does anyone know how to fix this.    I was swapping my LCD pads around and I think I put a bit too much force on the earcups.   Something came loose and now one of the earcup is a bit loose on the hinge (shown on the pic). How do I tighten it?  
I wanna see. My LCD pads fit me better when I reverse them, so the thicker part is facing outwards.   
I am not sure how you would replace the pads. I remember I've seen it somewhere but cannot remember where. I ordered mine with the LCD2 pads so I never had the original pads.   I think I can take it off but are not brave enough to do it right now. I want to change it to my beyer velour and listen to the difference.    
I do listen to it but just think its average. I mean I am quite into her. Got all her albums and signatured. :D She is really hot in person and nice  
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