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its interesting how a graph was posted up and everyone start chatting away....
Ha Paul, glad you still like the 846, but I had very minimum time with the 846 but I gave the 846 and roxanne about the same amount of time when I tried to decide which one I prefer. 846 is superb but I just cannot justify keeping both 1k earphone in my inventory.  I am actually looking forward to your rox and 846 comparison! :D let me know
I have to say the first few weeks weren't too great but someone on the thread actually suggested me keep on listening to them. I sold my SE846 and stopped using my M100 DT1350 and M500...carrying my Roxanne most places I go.
The universal is still an eye candy for me at least
I had the same impression for about 2 weeks with Roxanne, keep listening for another 2 weeks, I think you will start to appreciate it. I actually bought the Rox and SE846 at the same time, sold the SE846 and kept the roxanne, if not for the bad feedbacks with JH service, i would have pulled my trigger on the custom roxanne with no question. 
DT1350 owners are pretty dead now...haha
they probably pay less, and JH audio can put their name on their website....
I have to say M100 is pretty much the same as the P7 in terms of portability.... in fact V moda provides a hook which u can hook onto your bag...hmmm
How do they compare with Vision Ear customs? Anyone have got some experience? 
another question, anyone who tried the roxanne has compared with VE stage 4 or 6?
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