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Naiper, nice...I love quite a few restuarants over there.
Currently I own the three cans, dt1350, m100, m500 and had a quick audition of the momentum.I would say m500 has got a wider soundstage and better imaging compare to dt1350 but for some reason it sometimes can get quite fatiguing after long listening session.M500 is quite comfortable if you are not moving around much. The clamping force is minimal so the headphone slips quite easily.I am used to the tight fit with my dt1350.Dt1350 isolates the best out of them all.I...
Good to see a fellow kiwi here, especially owning the dt1350. I would like to know what you think of it playing out of your portable rig. I am just playing it off an iPhone 5.
i actually like your glasses and iphone case, what are those?
I think the M500 will definitely not stand against aggressive movements...however M100 and DT1350 will both securely clamp themselves on your head. As for isolation, DT1350>M100>M500
Just got my KEFM500. I will let it run for few days and then I will compare with my DT1350 and M100...
that was quick to let them go. Of coz they are not gonna stand up to the on ears. So are you saying you are going to find a IEM that sounds like HD800 or LCD2???
I agree with your impression. However I found the imaging is a bit weird, almost too wide which makes some music weird to listen to.
At the moment I am just playing through my Iphone5 using flac player. Not sure whether amping will make a huge difference or not. I guess i am still getting use to the sound signature of the W4R. My usally headphones are T1, DT1350, M100, and TF10. I was trying to find something that is close to the Beyer house sound. My order came with the Orange carry case instead of the black and no bi flange... sad sad.
Does the W4R need burn in....at the moment, my old TF10 sounds a bit better to my ears.
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