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yea, i thought about you when i saw this post
cant believe you are letting it go :( such a cute little beast.
Cute, I guess you have to wear it upside down. Cannot believe beyer makes this kind of mistakes....   If you go through the posts above you can find some good reviews
Can you hear the amp background noise with your DT1350?
  Hey Roma, I see you are trying to get a pair on the For Sale Forum. Before you get your pair, just make sure the seller hadn't stretched the headphone. A lot people found the DT1350 to have a bit more clamp force than they would like to, so they stretched the headphone. I bought an over stretched pair which I found it affects the sound sonically and also the isolation (I have a pair which I bought brand new to compare with).  
  So what was the outcome of your coin toss?
  I always heard rumors about how beyer had a crap customer service, I guess this will blow them away :D
What other beyers have you tried, maybe we can give you a bit of impression based on other beyers.
Although I have to say, T1 does not have the WOW factor as the HD800.
  T1 vs HD800...hmmm :D ZombieX would probably give u a better explanation :D
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