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At the moment I am just playing through my Iphone5 using flac player. Not sure whether amping will make a huge difference or not. I guess i am still getting use to the sound signature of the W4R. My usally headphones are T1, DT1350, M100, and TF10. I was trying to find something that is close to the Beyer house sound. My order came with the Orange carry case instead of the black and no bi flange... sad sad.
Does the W4R need burn in....at the moment, my old TF10 sounds a bit better to my ears.
i mean it did win the red dot award:)
Has anyone compared momentum with DT1350? I've just recently purchased M100. I have to say my DT1350 sounds better to my ears. The mid bass hump on the M100 just mess everything up for me. In terms of comfortablitly, I also have to say I prefer the DT1350 as well. Although the earpad is bigger on the M100, it is not nearly big enough for my ears so it is actually half touching my ears, which is common for M100. When not listening to music, the DT1350 rest on my neck...
Probably because I have weak neck. I found active NC headphone are always heavier than what I would like them to be. Due to the circuitry. I am only comparing between the headphones in the review anyway. Not like the LCD's. Between the ones, PSB is indeed heavier.
I found PSB M4U 2 is initially more comfortable than DT1350, but after a while, my neck starts to give out....the headphone is just a tad too heavy. It is the same with 1R NC...
I just think the DT1350 should rank a bit high... I have listened to the PSB M4U 2, DT1350, 1R, 1RNC, QC15.... DT1350 definitely isolate better than 1R. I think it is the same as the PSB (without NC) DT1350 is actually quite comfortable after owning it a while. (Not when you first put it on tho. I agrees that PSB M4U 2 has got better imaging, i think its due to the bigger sound stage (bigger driver)
Thanks guys! I do think the price is a bit low but wanted to sell it quick (need the cash) and now its sold :) Thanks.
Thanks Demon, I had to let it go because I am short on money and I've decide to keep my DT1350 just because the size.
Up for sale, my T5p. The reason that I am selling this is because I have T1 for home use and DT1350 & TF10 for portable. T5p is a bit too chunky to carry around. The headphone are in 8.5/10 Condition. It sounds perfectly fine. There are two things that bring the condition down to 8.5 is that 1. The headphone jacket has been replacement to a Gold plated straight 3.5mm plug. 2. There is a minor scratch on the right earcup. It is shown on the photo. Other than those it is...
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