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Probably because I have weak neck. I found active NC headphone are always heavier than what I would like them to be. Due to the circuitry. I am only comparing between the headphones in the review anyway. Not like the LCD's. Between the ones, PSB is indeed heavier.
I found PSB M4U 2 is initially more comfortable than DT1350, but after a while, my neck starts to give out....the headphone is just a tad too heavy. It is the same with 1R NC...
I just think the DT1350 should rank a bit high... I have listened to the PSB M4U 2, DT1350, 1R, 1RNC, QC15.... DT1350 definitely isolate better than 1R. I think it is the same as the PSB (without NC) DT1350 is actually quite comfortable after owning it a while. (Not when you first put it on tho. I agrees that PSB M4U 2 has got better imaging, i think its due to the bigger sound stage (bigger driver)
Thanks guys! I do think the price is a bit low but wanted to sell it quick (need the cash) and now its sold :) Thanks.
Thanks Demon, I had to let it go because I am short on money and I've decide to keep my DT1350 just because the size.
Up for sale, my T5p. The reason that I am selling this is because I have T1 for home use and DT1350 & TF10 for portable. T5p is a bit too chunky to carry around. The headphone are in 8.5/10 Condition. It sounds perfectly fine. There are two things that bring the condition down to 8.5 is that 1. The headphone jacket has been replacement to a Gold plated straight 3.5mm plug. 2. There is a minor scratch on the right earcup. It is shown on the photo. Other than those it is...
A meeting would be nice...
 Photos and Review...Thanks!
nice to see other new zealanders:)
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