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where did you get your spinfit tips
i got my rox around July...then i started getting into photography...never have much impulse in buying headphones anymore :( sad days for my ears
Do anyone think JH will do a black Friday sale again this year?
what else counts as siren series tho
I do feel the rox tends to sound a bit better when playing with high volume, which I don't really prefer...
My friend tried my uni rox and said it was bright...I told him he probably didn't have a good seal which he put it on again but with deeper insertion, he said the rox is sweeettt
its interesting how a graph was posted up and everyone start chatting away....
Ha Paul, glad you still like the 846, but I had very minimum time with the 846 but I gave the 846 and roxanne about the same amount of time when I tried to decide which one I prefer. 846 is superb but I just cannot justify keeping both 1k earphone in my inventory.  I am actually looking forward to your rox and 846 comparison! :D let me know
I have to say the first few weeks weren't too great but someone on the thread actually suggested me keep on listening to them. I sold my SE846 and stopped using my M100 DT1350 and M500...carrying my Roxanne most places I go.
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