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The Rox V1 fits me well except it looks pretty big on ear. The performance series looks quite promising. Almost tempted to sell my V1 but I like the dark carbon fibre plate tho :( It is also quite interesting how the price is different from the performance and full metal.   I do think JH is a bit cunning, releasing so many variations within few years time tho but that is the same across most of the companies...
What is the difference between performance Roxanne and the full metal Roxanne? Are they sonically the same? Just wondering because of the price difference. Thanks.   I bought my first gen Roxanne at Bic Camera in Toyko when it was first released. I am not sure I can get sign up as the JH Crew. Thanks.
The moment I saw the second gen of roxanne I knew my first gen will go up in value :D I am still on my first set of stock cable but it is falling apart on one ear tho. Had it since the first release.
I think sometimes we just have to resist the urge of upgrading for the minute difference which the manufacturers use to put unbelievable margin on.   We know they are all gimmicks, we know they are lies yet we still encourage them.    At the very beginning, JH said the Roxanne was the only Siren out there, after a short while they released Angie and Layla, now with the Rosie and Metal Jacket.    I am not interested in new JH audio product as I am content with my...
$200 for the cable...hmmmm....I wonder if it is going to break after a year? I would be furious if they do.
I just need to know when and where I can get my hands on the new cable. My old one just broke, the build quality at the connector end isn't very good. I treat my rox like a baby yet the cable still gave up on me after a year. Back to my old TF10
sweet, I will be keeping my old rox then. By looking at the photos. I prefer the looks of the old rox. 
would the new cable fit the old Roxanne?
good luck with the cable. My one only last for a year and I only wear it when I am at work which is in front the computer. Don't know how the cable break like that
Do you mean there are a lot of other cable options?
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