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For the people who have bought the custom roxanne? Did you guys managed to waive off the custom fees when they arrived in your country?
I must have big ears, my universal fits just fine but I do wish they dont stick out as much tho.
Hi there,    I bought this in Japan on the 25th of May this year. It has got receipt and everything in pretty much brand new condition.  I haven't even tried to change the filter. I auditioned the Roxanne UF and SE846 at the same time but I had very little time to audition so I end up picking up both and now I've decided I will be keeping the Roxanne, possibly getting custom too.    Paypal and buyer pays for fees and shipping.    price in USD but if you are in NZ, it...
I have cracked m100s Both cracked around the rim area so shouldnt be the result from over tightening the screws.
Yes, how does it compare with the K3003i you've got
I dont think I have ever really used the split headband
so the first 10000 units were test units? :D   damn....i thought mine was the early batch...close enough tho.    I am deciding on the HP50 and T51p. I just don't like the squarey headband of the HP50. 
How you finding your roxanne? urs UF or Custom?
I have only had a brief listen at bic camera when I was in Japan. I just thought I will get them to compare. I do like the aluminium earcup on the T51P You should get the DT1350 especially the price dropped so much compare to when I initially got mine. My SN is 11XXX which is the very early batch
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