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For sale or trade I have a Grado Ra1 amplifier which I traded for with user linbotao. I am the second owner of this item and have never used it since getting it back in january. I planned on buying an RS2i but never pulled the trigger so it sits unused. It includes the cables and two rechargeable D batteries. Pictures are from linbotao's classified ad but the device has not changed at all since then.    I am looking for whatever you have that you might want to trade,...
I recently purchased a pair of Fostex PM0.4 studio monitors to hook up to my computer I recently built. The problem is that my motherboard (ASUS M4A89GTD PRO) has one side speaker output, but the PM0.4's each have their own separate input, so I am getting sound only in one speaker, do you guys know of any good splitters/products that would help me solve this problem? These are my first real set of speakers so I really don't know where to go, also it seems like the fostex...
kudos to you, I've always been curious about the entry-level AKG's even after hearing some not-so-good things about them on the forum. Seems like you've found a way to make them more acceptable. How do they stack up against other headphones you've listened to?
These prices are in Canadian Dollars.
If this thread turns out to be even anything close to the SR60-mod thread, its gonna be awesome. Can't wait to see whats next for these Beyers
  No, they are wired.
  1. Sleek Audio SA1: Bought these from soundearphones in June but the drivers gave out so I sent them back to sleek for repair, they shipped back new drivers that are a newer, better design. I haven't listened to them yet and they are collecting dust so I figured I could just sell or trade them. Looking for $40.00 + shipping from Canada   2. Onn Enhanced Bass Professional Dynamic Open Air HiFi: Look here:...
The more I listen to this album, I have to say, the more disappointed I get with it, that's not to say its bad, its probably one of my top albums of the year. In fact, I consider Matt Pike to be my all-time favourite guitarist, but for some reason, every time I take a listen, it gets more and more dull.     That being said, one release I find myself cranking all the time (other than Kvelertak) has got to be Ghost. If you don't know who they are, just google "Ghost-Opus...
    Same. I think its time for me to make the jump into orthos. Should be fun.   
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