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Recently went to network/streaming player, so I’m selling this great piece of kit.   Black / Rack-style   December 2010   First owner   Version II (no digital inputs) Price shown does not include shipping and pay-pal fees.   Original box and manual included.   The following pairs of tubes are also included:   - Telefunken ECC88 Bwq06 (60%) - Philips/Adzam ECC88 7L1R6A1/4 (60%) - Siemens/RCA A3 8E/C (slightly used)   I'm in Milan, Italy.   Contact me via...
1yo   Trade only with HifiMan HE500   For details, see:   Regards   M.
1 yr. old.   Like new, with original box.   Price does not include shipping cost and PayPal fees.   Bank transfer accepted.
Ya It s European voltage I m in Italy
Serial number: at least 14xxx   Delivery: from EU   Regards
Classified is closed. 340 sold
I do not know, but surely with an appropiate tube rollingYou could improve bass response.In my case, for example, RCA tubes had improved it in Hp4,And Also the tungsram (which have a more solid state sound, i.e. More bass) in the acute cd had a big part In the partial solving weakness of the bass range.Now bass have a big impact, but seem not 100% naturalAs with Hp2.M.
So, these are my first impressions on MD2, after a week of burn-in (as suggested by Rudistor).   Set-up (optimized for MD2, after several tube rolling tests):   EAR ACUTE II (with Tungsram PCC88) EAR HP4 (stock/output; RCA VT-229 / input) [with HP2, I prefer Fivre in input sockets]   See my profile for further informations regarding my set-up and my musical preferences.   I'm not an expert, so I leave out every consideration concerning the build...
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