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2 open (Grado HP2 and Rudistor Chroma MD2) 1 semi open (Beyer T1 1st gen)   Looking for a top closed back   M.
Hi   I'm looking for a top dynamic closed headphone with a budget up to € 1,500, for complete my collection.   In the last few months, I did some researches (AKG K872, Ultrasone Signature DJ, Fostex TH-610 / TH-900), but I'm still doubtful.   Headphones amplifier is E.A.R. HP4, with stock tubes (ending to the beginning, after a couple of years rolling tubes).   Currently, I own these other (open or semi-open) cans: Beyer T1 (1st gen.), Grado HP2, Rudistor Chroma...
For sale Hifi-Man HE-500 in immaculate conditions, 3yo, manual, original box, accessories, balanced cable, unbalanced cable.   The item is ubicated in Milan, Italy. Payment method: bank transfer, PayPal (adding fee) Ship to: EU only (at cost) Regards Matteo
For sale an entry level Nitty Gritty Basic (manual rotation and vacuum), now discontinued, first owner, bought in late 2009 from PlayStereo, perfect conditions, original box and receipt included.   Pure2 or Purenzyme + fluids can be purchased on amazon.uk.   Payment method accepted: bank transfer, PayPal   Shipping preferences: EU   Shipping costs and PayPal excluded   No swap / exchanges   I'm in Milan, Italy
Price reduced
For sale a pair of LFD Grainless, RCA, 0,7 mt, first owner, bought in late 2011 from StereoNow, perfect conditions, original box included.Payment method accepted: bank transfer, PayPal.Shipping preferences: EU.Shipping costs and PayPal excluded.No swap / exchanges. 
One sold
For sale two Cardas Quadlink power cord, 1 mt. lenght, schuko terminated, first owner, two years old.   Cosmetically and technically in perfect conditions, original box included.   Price is for a single unit. For both cables, price is € 180.   Payment accepted; cash, bank transfer, PayPal.   Shipping preferences: EU.   Price does not include shipment costs and PayPal fees (5%).   Regards
For sale a 2011 Linn Klimax Renew DS.   Excellent condition, original box included.   I'm the second owner.   I accept partial exchange with Akurate DS/1 or also Akurate DS/O (dynamik) and Majik DS (last version), all silver finished.   I'm in Milan, Italy; shipping within EU.   Payment accepted: bank transfer, paypal.   Shipping cost and paypal fees excluded.   Contacts via e-mail: matteo.renesto@yahoo.it   M.
Bought new from Stereonow in September 2010. On board phono MM Grey finished Excellent condition; original box and manual included I would ship within EU   Bank Transfer and PayPal accepted   Shipping costs and PayPal fees excluded Contacts via e-mail: matteo.renesto@yahoo.it   Selling reasons: second system dismissing Regards   Matteo
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