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I hate those headphones. It's not the recordings, it's the high frequencies of the V6/7506. Bright, coarse treble like gravel. The expensive 7509's fix this problem. My Ixos headphones also are a good alternative, but are a bit midrangy and lacking in low level resolution. Much more comfortable to listen to than the V6, though. Out of an old panasonic portable I'd take the Ixos any day over the V6. The 7506 did sound passable, though a bit too crunchy, on a...
I think that's is SOOOOOOOOOO WRONG. My ER4S headphones reveal just how well recorded, mixed, and mastered most of my CD's and records are. You'd be surprised how much care most engineers put into their work and how much better their gear is to anything you are using. I think when people go on and on about how bad their albums are, it's actually a symptom of an inaccurate or idiosynchratic playback system. If that's a common complaint on the HD600, then it's not as...
I have yet to hear the type of perfect glow of a recently certified THX theater in any home system, speakers or headphones. Matrix Reloaded in DD-EX and The Sum of All Fears in SDDS...that's my idea of great sound.
Transducers don't clip, amps do. If you're getting clipping with the V700 then its load is too much for your MD's headphone jack with bass boost on. Either get a headphone amp, turn off bass boost, get lower impedence headphones, or buy a new MD player. I doubt very much a MD player could actually cause a Sony V700 to distort due to overdriving the transducer itself.
So Sony 7509 and Stanton 3000 are still candidates. Beatmaster 550, maybe. What's your opinion on the Pioneer 1000 in comparison? Have you guys heard the Numark PHX-1?
Clearly separated beats are extremely important to my mixing. You just talked me out of the Senn 280's that I was about to get at DJmart. I wonder if the 7509 or the Stanton 3000 would still be good to try. Still hesitant about that headband, though, on the Beatmasters. That meier-audio.com thing goes to a **** site, by the way.
I'll probably end up getting the custom molds and 15dB disc eventually. Which of those headphones do you think produces better bass for mixing?
I hate the V6/7506 headphone. The bass isn't necessarily boosted and they're way too bright and coarse. I need a lot of tight, undestorted low end and the rest can just be neutral. Like I said, a low pass filter could possibly make that requirement a moot point. Yeah, I'm staying away from that headband design from now on. The Stanton 2000S uses the same one, as well. Nierika, are you using the 7506 with the musicians earplugs or those Ultrazones? How much can...
They need to be closed, circumaural. The 25's are not...pad sits on your ears. Technics 1200A has the same problem. They also need to have a lot of tight, loud bass, but without muddy mids or highs. Low pass filter would certainly be a benefit. It also needs to be able to handle at least 400mW with zero distortion, be extremely sensitive, and in production.
My Ixos headphones started cracking this weekend. Same two spots where the top headband section meets the two other headband segments. It's cracking symmetrically in the same spots on both ends on the gray cover plastic. Doesn't appear to be affecting the structural integrety of it (mr. spock) but it's a disappointment. It looks like the plastic cover over the internal structure was simply being bent too much. Also, the leather earpads are starting to crack a little...
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