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Just got these today:   Got these two a few days ago as well.      And this one a few days before that:
Just got these today:   Got these two a few days ago as well.   
Tried listening to my Q701 last night for the first time in a long time. I enjoy my near field speaker rig sooooo much more. 
 I wouldn't expect to find any crazy good deals on Ebay. The prices on there are going to be somewhat high because lets face it, this vintage stuff is now in demand. The only way you're going to find a crazy good deal is to find local at a yard sale/estate sale/garage sale, flea market, or thrift store where the seller is unaware of how much the stuff is really worth. You may get lucky on craigslist too if the seller hasn't done their research and doesn't know what they...
Yea, I don't think I'd pay more than $200 for an SX750. I found mine at a local flea market for $40, so I got a smoking good deal. Something like this would be worth the money: 
I'm not familiar with tube amps or the LCD2's but like I said earlier I use an SX750 for both my BS22's and for my Q701. The BS22's won't need much power, so anything between 50-100 watts per channel should do it. That leaves a lot of options. I use mine near field and 50 watts per channel is more than enough.  
I use a Pioneer SX750 with my BS22's. The combo works great together.
I'm assuming you mean crossfeed? If so then yes, crossfeed will help in this case. I always use crossfeed with my in ear monitors and it is much more enjoyable.
Room EQ Wizard and this Equalizer APO program are both awesome!   This is a before and after of my near field speaker rig with an 8 band PEQ. The blue is of course the after, and the red is the before.   The blue trace by itself. It's +/-5db from 180hz to 20khz and then a moderate boost on the low end for fun. This is with no acoustic panels in the room at all. 1/6 octave smoothing.   If I could tame the dips at 125hz, 300hz, and 650hz a little more, then it would...
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