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It doesn't get much better than a bass modded Q701 on the V10. I hope the V20 sounds just as good, and I hope LG and others continue to include high quality amps and DACs in their phones. I won't be getting the V20, but I hope to see this continue.
The new Meshuggah album. It's soooo good.
Try an AKG like the Q701 or whatever the one is that massdrop sells. If you like open back it doesn't get any better than this. Well maybe the HD800, but that probably deserves better than the V10.
Listening to these right now with my LG V10. Did some tip rolling, and for right now I've settled on the SpinFit tips. I've never liked the SpinFit tips on anything else, but on these they are working good right now. Probably only have a total of maybe 30 minutes on them. They seem like a very slightly bassier RE-Zero with maybe a hair less top end, or hair less extension. They sound clean and clear though, and I definitely like them better than the RE-400.
I checked mine out for about 3 minutes yesterday(just moved 700 miles, so things are crazy). Initial impression is good. I think I'll like them after I put a few hours on them.  
This is exactly what I was hoping for! I hope I agree. I still have a pair of fully functioning RE-Zero, so I will be comparing them. I bought these hoping they would sound the same and be a backup for my RE-Zero that I love so much and always worry about.
Sounds good. I may get one in the future.
 I'm not spending that much, isn't the MOJO like 3 times the price? I don't listen that loudly. The headphone jack on my Acer Chromebook R11 has plenty of power to get the Q701 sounding good. I find it hard to believe it wouldn't have more power than my Chromebook's headphone jack. You've heard the Q701 with the Dragonfly red?
I'm interested in the Dragonfly Red, but have 2 questions:   1: Has anybody used one with a Chomebook? I'm assuming it would work, but I'd like confirmation   2: Does it have plenty of power for the AKG Q701?
I know this is an old thread but can anyone confirm that the Dragonfly DAC's do work with Chomebooks?
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