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The V10 is in a completely different league than the M9 though. The M9 was decent, but the V10 is just a much better sounding device. I havent heard any other HTC devices recently, so the M9 is the only HTC phone ive heard lately. HTC did good, but LG is doing even better.
Never thought of that. Let us know how that works and exactly where you lubed them. Mine creaks sometimes too, but mine are over 3 years old, so no warranty left for me.
Agreed! Just because it is also a phone doesnt mean it cant be a good audio player. Its silly to disqualify it simply because it is also a phone. People need to stop saying these kinds of things. Things have changed.Not all smartphones are good in the audio department, but some are.
I like it with my old RE-Zero.
Louis Sclavis: clarinet Gilles Coronado: guitar Benjamin Moussay: piano, keyboard Keyvan Chemirani: percussion Leading French clarinetist-composer-improviser Louis Sclavis continues his musical adventures with Gilles Coronado and Benjamin Moussay, who contributed creatively to his Atlas Trio album Sources in 2011. The addition of Iranian classical percussionist Kevyan Chemirani, master of the zarb, has brought a new dimension to their world of sound. Adventurous...
Agree 100 percent. The M9 was better than the Galaxy S4 it replaced for me and i was pretty happy with it, but it wasnt perfect. The V10 is much better. Better detail, better soundstage and seperation, completely black and silent background(M9 has some hiss), and much more power. Totally different league.For the US carriers, especially Verizon, this is a first of its kind.
Went from an M9 to the V10 and it was a huge step up. The V10 is a true audiophile player in my opinion.
I know you can hook external drives to the phone, but i dont know if you can stream from it or if you have to transfer the files first.
Not sure if its really a hardware issue or a software issue. A google search shows that a lot of android devices have this issue, not just LG. Mine did this from day one, but it hasnt gotten worse.
New Posts  All Forums: