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I'm currently listening to Bitches Brew on my nearfield speakers for the first time. This is the second time I have heard the album, and the first time was on the Q701's. It is a lot more enjoyable on these speakers than I remember it to be on the Q701.  
I was able to get it looking a lot better with more time and practice learning REW. This is an average of 6 different distances from my desk. I don't always sit quite the same distance, but it's all within about a foot and a half. I also put a big 36" x 24" x 6" bass trap along the wall behind the speakers centered between them which helped even out the response a little bit as well. It sounds better than anything I've ever heard now.     
I'm listening to it right now. The flac rip from the CD of course sounds a million times better than it did on Youtube this morning. I didn't think solo piano would keep me awake and interested, but it is quite good. It sounds great on my nearfield speakers. 
Just grabbed these two:     I do still have 7 more CD's on the way, currently in the mail.
  Just got these two. Listening to the Charles Lloyd album right now. It's quite good.   I was hesitant to buy the Keith Jarrett album, everybody says it's essential to have, but I wasn't sure I'd like a solo piano album. I listened to/watched part one on Youtube this morning and I definitely liked it. My local family owned record store had a copy last time I was in there, after hearing part one this morning I figured I'd go see if they still had a copy, they did so I...
just placed an order for some CD's from    Items Bought:         Sonny Rollins ~ Saxophone Colossus           Used CD - Original Price: $5.00 - Discount Price: $3.55         GETZ,STAN / GILBERTO,JOAO ~ STAN GETZ & JOAO GILBE           Used CD - Original Price: $8.99 - Discount Price: $6.48         Ornette Coleman ~ Shape of Jazz to Come           Used CD - Original Price: $5.00 - Discount Price: $3.61         Duke Ellington ~ Ellington at Newport          ...
Just saw this post. It's been a while since I've upgraded, but yes, it was an improvement. To answer quickly, the ODAC just sounds more detailed and pure. It's definitely a better DAC than the DAC portion of the E17.
  on the near field speakers
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