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If i cared more, i could have made it look a bit better and more seamless, but it works, and looks decent.
The only browser that came loaded on mine was Chrome which doesnt normally work with the hifi DAC. Is there another browser besides chrome on yours?
Why replace the headband? If it is still in good condition just chop the bumps off and stick a piece of adhesive backed felt over where the bumps have been cut off. Cutting the bumps off with a razor knife is actually very very easy.
Using the chrome browser without the "hifi everywhere" app installed the hifi DAC and amp would not have actually been enabled.
OTG should work, havent tested myself. Tidal has always worked eith the hifi dac. Spotify and pretty much all other music apps can work now as well, there is an app on the market that tricks the hifi dac into coming on with all music apps as far as i know.
 You should notice the difference between the dac chips at least. I'm not familiar with how hard those earphones are to drive, or how loud you listen, but there should be a difference between the dac chips at the very least.
Little Christmas morning headphone session with this album, the Q701 and the LG V10.  
The V10 is a much better device, especially in terms of audio.
My last phone was the M9, the V10 kills it. More power, and a better DAC for sure.
Ill chime in regarding the Q701 from an HTC phone. When I had my One M9 with the Q701 I used it in the area of 70 to 85 percent volume and I don't listen all that loudly. For people that listen more loudly than me, the HTC phones probably wont be enough. The LG V10 on the other hand im usually in the 40 to 50 percent area of the volume control and it sound much better overall. The V10 has a ton more power with headphones over 50ohm.
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