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I just grabbed a black pair from Best Buy for $129. After some EQ they are quite good. I'm using a Galaxy S4 with Neutron music player with all the audiophile settings on. Using 192Kbps ogg Vorbis for file size reasons. After knocking the bass down(150hz and down) and bringing the mid-range(4khz) up, and adding a bit from 12,000 on up they sound great with my S4. And finally a headphone that works well with my S4 without the need for a headphone amp. They are sensitive...
It should work with everything. I have no idea why it wouldn't work for you with Spotify, it does for me.
2 more...
2 more...   Porgy and Bess is goooooood.
Some mighty interesting takes on some jazz classics:         If not anything else, you'll probably at least find them comical. As a person who also likes prog rock/metal, I think it's pretty interesting. I'm not sure Coltrane and Brubeck would approve though. 
I can't really say yet. I have honestly been buying jazz music so fast that I really don't know what is what. I like pretty much every jazz album I have bought so far but it's still tough for me to pick my favorites. I can say that my favorite Mingus album is "Black Saint and the Sinner Lady", I absolutely love that album. I also really like the Dave Brubeck stuff, like "Time Out", and his "Live at Carnegie hall" album. "Kind of Blue" is of course great, and I like a lot...
Just got these two:
Just got these two today. Listening to the Wayne Shorter album right now.
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