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I may have possibly "flip flopped" a little. One night I was commenting on needing to remove 6dB or bass, then after another 10 hours of burn in the next morning I felt the need to only remove 3dB of bass and said that the bass was almost where I wanted it, and then a day or two later came back to say that I still felt there was too much bass for my liking. Again, this doesn't make the S5 a failure, it's just not as neutral as I like my IEM's to sound. I'm also starting to...
This is pretty awesome IMO:   I love the saxophone and the viola together, and the electronic style beats are pretty cool to go along with it. 
ECM puts out some amazing stuff.    This is more contemporary jazz, but I'm giving this a listen right now, and I find it to be pretty awesome:   It's on Spotify, for people here who use that. 
I know this post is a few days old now, but I was reading this thread, catching up, and saw your mention of the Pioneer BS22's. I've had a pair since January in a nearfield setup and they are a very good speaker. Especially good if you can find them on sale somewhere for under $100, I paid the full $130 for mine and they are still well worth that. In a nearfield configuration they won't require much power, but I have about 65 watts per channel on tap for mine from an...
3,855 tracks, 383 albums, 84.6GB of music. I've added a lot of jazz to my library this year.    I also use Spotify, which helps me save some money on not buying too many CD's all at once. Helps me listen to things I like enough to listen to, but not enough to purchase. 
Still loving my ODAC. It has been getting used to feed a speaker amp lately instead of headphones, but it still continues to impress me. 
I've had my pair breaking I'm for 48 hours straight now and I just took another quick listen and there is still about 3-6dB too much bass. I still much prefer the sound of my Vsonic GR01. They just sound quicker and cleaner and with just the right amount of bass. I'm losing faith in the burn in and beginning to think that I'll just never really like these. It's a shame because the fit and comfort are awesome, same for the build quality. Many people will surely like the...
Thanks for that link. That was the most informative review of the audio portion of the Galaxy S4 I've ever seen by far. So I guess the S4 is at least a "very good" audio player. The low impedance issue has also been fixed by a firmware update. I know it also sounds better with Neutron music player over the stock music player app as well. Also good to see the output impedance confirmed to be only 1.2 ohms, that isn't too bad at all really. 
Hmmm... Makes me wonder the frequency response of my Galaxy S4.    My nearfield speaker rig measures like so:   This is how I like to listen to speakers, so you'd think that I'd like a slightly bass heavy headphone. My headphone preferences lean more towards the bass modded Q701, and the Vsonic TWFK based GR01, or the Brainwavz S5 with about 3dB taken out from about 200hz on down. Again, my S5's only have about 14 hours on them, so we will see if they keep improving. 
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