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Still living my V10, especially with my Q701. It is seriously the best ive heard them sound.
I leave gps on battery saving and have also disabled all the apps i dont use. I am happy with the battery. Its better than my M9 was. I liked the M9, but this is better in every way other than the speakers. The only thing i miss is the dual front facing speakers for youtube and stuff
Battery life definitely seems better than most DAP's.
Yup. Tidal all the way. Its worth the xtra 10 bucks over spotify and th rest.
Agreed. Not that the ODAC is top of the line but the V10 to me sounds just as good. And the amp is plenty for every headphone or iEM i own.
Ill also add that i think the Q701 is a headphone better suited for listening to at a lower volume than some may be used to. At high volumes most people would probably find it to be tiring. It is perfect if you like to listen at 80db or less and want to hear every detail.
I was debating selling mine. I already had a 128GB card. I decided to keep it. With flac i would eventually fill the 128, im 81GB away from filling this one. So it should be enough till a 500GB card becomes reality, but by then my laptop will need a bigger hard drive too.
For me the Q701 does well with most of the music i listen to. This is my preferred sound signature though. For a closed headphone i use an HM5, and my favorite IEM is my RE-Zero. These all 3 sound pretty similar and this is the sound i like. Ive never heard the HD598, but i think everyone should try the Q701 at some point. Its special and hits way above the price they go for now days.
Gapless is working fine on mine on the stock music player.
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