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2 more...   Porgy and Bess is goooooood.
Some mighty interesting takes on some jazz classics:         If not anything else, you'll probably at least find them comical. As a person who also likes prog rock/metal, I think it's pretty interesting. I'm not sure Coltrane and Brubeck would approve though. 
I can't really say yet. I have honestly been buying jazz music so fast that I really don't know what is what. I like pretty much every jazz album I have bought so far but it's still tough for me to pick my favorites. I can say that my favorite Mingus album is "Black Saint and the Sinner Lady", I absolutely love that album. I also really like the Dave Brubeck stuff, like "Time Out", and his "Live at Carnegie hall" album. "Kind of Blue" is of course great, and I like a lot...
Just got these two:
Just got these two today. Listening to the Wayne Shorter album right now.
Not to keep talking about king crimson, but I do hear some jazz influence in their first album for sure. Jazz was definitely a big influence for a lot of prog bands.
Yea, maybe, I don't remember exactly how it sounded, but it was still better than the headphone jack of my laptop or my smartphone. I'm sure the Magni/Modi combo is better for the money, but the E17 is hard to beat at it's price. 
They will sound fine with the E17, I ran mine off of one on the medium gain setting for quite a few months. It won't sound 100% as good as it can, but it's fine.
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