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 How does it compare to the RE-Zero?
Are you familiar with the old Re-Zero? If so, how do they compare?Mine arrived at the house that's 700 miles away that I'll be moving to next week. So it'll be a little over a week until I get to hear them. I never got an email with a tracking number by the way.
The V10 sounds crazy good with the old Hifi-Man Re-zero IEM's. Not a lot of bass, since they are still an Re-zero, but it's there and it's clean and tight. Mid range is magical, and the highs are very clear and detailed. This is with the "normal audio device" gain level, but with hifi enabled of course. Separation and imaging is also very nice.
I wish my re-00 would ship
Can't we all just get along?
oh boy... this is getting fun
I haven't received any emails with a tracking number on my RE-00 yet. 
I've said this before, but I've had mine since launch day on Verizon which was October 31st of last year. So I've has mine almost 11 months now. The entire experience has been great. The phone has been flawless. 
43% of the way up. Plenty of power for the Q701, and sounds great. Still love this combination.
The charger that comes with the V10 is a quick charger.
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