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I plug my V10 into my cars aux input and I enable hifi and I put it at full volume. It sounds great like this.
I did the mod years ago. I don't remember if affecting the treble.
The Q701 I use is bass modded as well.
Bright and detailed is exactly what I like. I listen at a somewhat low volume, so a lot of detail is good for me.
I like my phones naked.
Q701 mostly
Nope. Naked is the only way for me.
So a couple days ago I pulled this from the inside of the headphone jack on my V10. Owned this phone since Oct 31st 2015. Lately I was having a couple separate issues prior to this. Phone was sometimes randomly skipping a song or starting over a song while using headphones while walking, like a button was pushed on a headset. Was getting the Google voice search pop-up again randomly. Was also beginning to notice that headphones weren't clicking in as firmly as they used...
The V10 does, so should the V20.
Looks like a great device. Interested to head comparisons of how it actually sounds compared to the V10. I won't be upgrading anytime soon though.
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