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I am already hearing a difference from letting them burn in for about 10 hours straight at probably about 25% higher volume than I'd ever listen at. This morning I no longer feel the need for the narrow 3dB cut at 5k, and instead of cutting the bass by 6dB, right now I only have it cut 3dB and it sounds good like this. I've sampled about a dozen or so songs listening at 40-47% volume on my Galaxy S4 and they already sound a ton better. At 40% and slightly lower volume I...
Yup, I plan on it. They are playing on an old ipod right now at a slightly higher than normal listening volume.I think I mention burn in like 3 times in the post you quoted. I am not convinced that burn in will do anything but I'll try. Have nothing to lose by trying
It's actually not sounding to bad with the bass knocked down about 6dB and a narrow 3dB cut at 5k. I'm really liking the build, fit, and comfort of these though, so I really do hope they get better with time.
Hate to say it, but so far not all that impressed. Have tried 3 different tips so far and all are giving a good fit with a definite seal but the sound is not what I was hoping for. I'm still struggling a bit to get the EQ dialed in, but without EQ for me they are not listenable. The bass is too much and there seems to be a bit of forwardness in the 5k area that is quite annoying to my ears. Hopefully the bass will calm down and hopefully the upper mid range will smooth out...
My 5 minute impression is also that they are a bit bass heavy. I right away took out 3, then 5dB of bass. I will try different tips and of course burn them in. This is just after a quick 5 minute listen after work before I had to run out of the house with the wife. I will listen more tonight.
My S5 are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.
I'm actually a bit excited to try an IEM that is meant to be worn behind the ear instead of straight down. I have tried it with a few different IEM's and it hasn't worked to well for me, but these are meant to be worn that way, so hopefully they work better this way. Hopefully they sound as balanced as some are saying here. The IEM I use the most is the Vsonic GR01. Hopefully these sound close, but have the dynamic driver sound. I have an RE-Zero and am not really a fan of...
I also have a review pair coming. A person at Brainwavz emailed me a couple nights ago asking if I wanted to try a pair, so why not. The only source I have though is a Galaxy S4 smartphone with Neutron music player. We will see how they pair.
That test just proves how good the ODAC is. 
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