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Yea, maybe, I don't remember exactly how it sounded, but it was still better than the headphone jack of my laptop or my smartphone. I'm sure the Magni/Modi combo is better for the money, but the E17 is hard to beat at it's price. 
They will sound fine with the E17, I ran mine off of one on the medium gain setting for quite a few months. It won't sound 100% as good as it can, but it's fine.
Just picked these up, ignore the King Crimson, I know that isn't jazz, but the other 3 definitely are. 
as of 3:20pm, I just finished this:   And now as of 3:22PM I am starting this:
Just got these 4.  
Not every Queensryche fan likes Empire, but the SQ of this album is great. Vocals are dead center and up front and the bass is nice and punchy, good drum sound as well. Overall a great sounding album.  
I'd be curious to know exactly what kind of distortion he means. The only downside I'm aware of with bigger speakers is that they tend to beam at higher frequencies, but if you are on axis to the speaker then it's not really a big deal.  I did just find this after a quick google search though, it's a short but interesting read: It makes sense.
So far tonight:        
Yes, I agree that they are. My near field rig started off as just a cheap experiment. I had an old Pioneer SX-750 stereo receiver that originally was just being used to power headphones, then I one day decided I wanted to try hooking some speakers up to it, so I quickly started researching budget bookshelf speakers and ran across a bunch of glowing reviews for the Pioneer BS22's designed by Andrew Jones. For $130 I figured why not try them out. This system was originally...
King Crimson - Red   Herbie Hancock - Thrust   Weather Report - I Sing the Body Electric   All 3 used for a total of $17.
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