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The high outout mode comes on at 50ohms. So whatever gets you to 50 or more ohms.With my 64ohm Brainwavz HM5 I typically listen at 15-25 out of 75. The HM5 is somewhat high impedance, but is pretty sensitive. With my 62ohm Q701, being slightly less sensitive I listen to them at 25-35 out of 75. For my listening habbits there is always plenty of power. Even with my lower impedance iem's that dont trigger the higher output I still never exceed 40 out of 75.
I have the RE-Zero and the RE400. I find the RE400 to sound congested, and i find the treble to not be as clear as the RE-Zero. The RE400 isnt really that bad, but im very picky and just really dont like it.I dont like a lot of warmth, I like a nice liquid mid range, and i really enjoy a nice bright and well extended treble. Id be happy with the RE-Zero the way it is just with a bit more sub bass. Im sure this flc8s is just an all around better earphone in terms of detail...
I think I may get them on amazon. I have a 100 dollar visa card and a 50 dollar amazon gift card that I got for christmas. That would make my actual cost $185. Sounds like a steal to me for some very good earphones. I should definitely be able to get a sound similar to the RE-Zero, but maybe with more sub bass out of these, right? The treble and treble extension should be comparable, right?
So... Where is everybody ordering these from? Im thinking of maybe finally getting a high end IEM, and this seems to be the way to go. My favorite IEM right now is the old RE-Zero, im sure with the 36 tuning options ill be able to get the sound sig im after.
The V10 is in a completely different league than the M9 though. The M9 was decent, but the V10 is just a much better sounding device. I havent heard any other HTC devices recently, so the M9 is the only HTC phone ive heard lately. HTC did good, but LG is doing even better.
Never thought of that. Let us know how that works and exactly where you lubed them. Mine creaks sometimes too, but mine are over 3 years old, so no warranty left for me.
Agreed! Just because it is also a phone doesnt mean it cant be a good audio player. Its silly to disqualify it simply because it is also a phone. People need to stop saying these kinds of things. Things have changed.Not all smartphones are good in the audio department, but some are.
I like it with my old RE-Zero.
Louis Sclavis: clarinet Gilles Coronado: guitar Benjamin Moussay: piano, keyboard Keyvan Chemirani: percussion Leading French clarinetist-composer-improviser Louis Sclavis continues his musical adventures with Gilles Coronado and Benjamin Moussay, who contributed creatively to his Atlas Trio album Sources in 2011. The addition of Iranian classical percussionist Kevyan Chemirani, master of the zarb, has brought a new dimension to their world of sound. Adventurous...
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