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Tonight i plugged mine into my cars aux in like i do pretty often. After about 5 minutes of playing, it lowered the volume from full to 50 out of 75 and i couldn't increase it without unlocking the phone and pressing "OK" to a stupid warning about hearing damage. The phone knows its plugged into an auxiliary device, it shouldnt try to warn me about volume when plugged into something other than headphones. If you wanna talk about unsafe, its less safe for me to have to try...
We can hope. The best way would definitely be some kind of extra setting to let us choose how fine we want the control to be, and not to force a change on everyone. It does seem that LG could do this, but if we are the only two people complaining, and LG doesn't know we are complaining then we have a very slim chance of it happening.
I guess anything is possible, but I just highly doubt it. It's been this way since android first came out however long ago it's been now. Giving us an option in the Android settings would be an even smarter idea so that the people who don't care can leave it as is, but let us audiophiles have all the adjustments we want. I'm all about having options.
Well, an hour and 5 minutes later it's at 95%. 12 minutes of screen on time because I had to answer a couple texts and select a new album after the first one was over. Not terrible, but not impressive either compared to testing I've done with the stock app. I'll continue, and see what happens.    In the battery settings both Poweramp and the DAc fix app are 2nd and 3rd on the list of what is killing the battery. I wonder if the DAC fix app itself is actually draining the...
 It is true, at least on the latest build. I'm not sure if it is something that can be fixed, or if it is just the way it has to be, but it alone may be a deal breaker for me. I want to ask on the Poweramp forum, but I'm having an issue logging in there. I reset my password and I know for sure that I'm typing it in correctly but it's not letting me in. With DVC disabled the volume is lowered quite a bit, which I'm not ok with either. I really wish Android or LG would make...
I'm doing some listening right now, testing to see the battery drain from Poweramp Alpha. It went from 63% to 24% during the course of listening to one album last night. Maybe it was a fluke or maybe something else was draining it. I just put a fresh 100% charged battery in, which also of course means the phone was just started up. Poweramp Alpha and the DAC anytime app are the only two apps I started on this fresh boot. I realize other apps will start on their own, but...
So, it seems that poweramp alpha drains the battery a lot quicker than the stock music app. or Tidal. Ill test more tonight or tomorrow, but this seems to be the case.
I doubt it. The E11 should have more power, but it doesn't seem like you need it.
I've been using Neutron for years. Had in on my Galaxy S4 and M9. I may end up trying it on my V10 here eventually too i guess. I've been happy with the stock lg music app, then tonight decided to try the new Poweramp. I've purchased both.
Just downloaded the latest build of poweramp alpha. It does seem to sound better than the lg app, i cant describe how, but it just seems to sound cleaner and clearer.
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