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You forgot about the micro SD card slot.
The iPhone 7 Plus does. The extra camera in the V20 is a wide angle lens at a lower megapixel.
Also not as durable as the V10 either. It bends pretty badly, and the camera "glass" is very fragile. I'm honestly sick of seeing phones with a camera hump, it's especially annoying to those like me that don't like to put cases on their phones.    V20 durability test:   V10 test done by the same person:
This is what I was talking about a page or two back when I said the screen isn't at all accurate. I wonder if the V10 measures the same. Either way, sound is more important to us here on head-fi than the display.
Hopefully I didn't come off as a dick. Didn't mean to if it was taken that way. I'm just still happy with my V10. I've had it since launch day on Verizon, so just a couple days shy of a year now and it's been perfect. I still owe $364 on my V10 anyway, so I'm going to try to get some more time out of it.
I'll keep my V10.The V10 does support Verizons LTE advanced, just an FYI.The V20 display is actually not all that good, at least in terms of color accuracy. I saw a very extensive test done and every color was pretty far off. Not sure if the V10 tests any better or not, but the test I saw on the V20 was pretty bad for color accuracy.The V20 may be lighter, but the V10 is the stronger phone in terms of it bending.
Still enjoy my V10 with my bass modded Q701 everytime I plug them in.
My guess is that it's very close, but could go either way. Both have ESS chips. 
RE-00 has less bass than the 400. Also the RE-00 has much better clarity.
I have a sandwich size ziploc bag full of various tips I've accumulated over the years.
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