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When you cut the bumps off, just use a piece of adhesive backed felt from a craft store. That's what I did to mine years ago.
Had mine since launch day, never had a case on it, just a screen protector. Haven't dropped it once. Still looks like the day I took it out of the box. Been an awesome phone/camera/media player.
My battery life is fine. With the screen off, playing music on my Q701 with hi-fi on I only see a 2-3% an hour drain. Divide 100 by 3 and you get 33.3. So that's over a day of continuous music playback. I don't call that bad. Now with the screen on, web browsing or using Facebook or whatever along with playing music you'd be lucky to get 5 hours. So I'd say it's not the amp and DAC draining the battery, It's the screen, the wifi/cellular radios, and the snapdragon...
V10 is dead silent. No hiss at all with anything I've plugged into it. It has become my one and only device for headphone playback. Use it with a Q701, HM5, and RE-Zero and sounds great with them all.
My V10 sounds good with my old Re-Zero. That's the only IEM I ever use anymore. Use my Q701 and HM5 most of the time.
Nothing wrong with the V10, and you should be able to find them cheap now.
Finally chopped my long cable down to a 4' (1.2m) length. Cost $5 and only took 5 minutes to put an end back on after cutting it. I should have done this a while ago. Spent all this time using the shorter one braided and then still coiled up because it was still too long. I use my Q701 sitting in a recliner with them plugged into an LG V10 smartphone, so there was never a need for the cable to be so long. So now they are bass modded, have the headband modded for comfort,...
The V10 after the marshmallow update allows every app to use the ess DAC and amp. There is no drama anymore. The only thing some people still cry about is that there is no way to manually select between the gain settings. A non issue for me.
Anyone know what quad DAC even means?
What does quad DAC mean? I've never heard of this before.
New Posts  All Forums: