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I have a sandwich size ziploc bag full of various tips I've accumulated over the years.
RE-00 > RE-400. I was hugely disappointed with the 400. The 00 is much clearer and much more detailed. The 400 to me always felt congested and lacked clarity.
Have you tried several different sets of tips? They have about as much bass as my bass modded Q701.
I like mine a lot so far. They sound pretty much like my old RE-Zero, which I still have and still work. I kinda got these as a backup. A great deal at $35. I like them much more than the RE-400.
Listened to these again today for about 45 minutes. Wanted to wear them with the wire looped over my ear cause I was going on a walk. The tips I was using a few days ago when worn down did not sound good when worn with the cable over my ear. So I tried a few more sets of tips I've had laying around and came across some other ones that sounded good when worn both ways. Then I finally went on my walk and enjoyed them for a bit. I like them a lot. Very neutral IMO, and they...
I haven't put that much time into mine yet, maybe about 5 hours total. I've been home a lot lately and when I'm home I prefer to use my Q701. I'm liking the RE-00 so far though. Pretty neutral and detailed.
That's all personal preference. I like my V10 with already bright headphones like the Q701 and the RE-Zero. Im not one that likes a lot of bass. I prefer to listen at low volume and to be presented with a lot of detail and extreme clarity.
I've also kind of been curious about the pairing. It would either work very well, or kind of poorly. If it sends the amp into the high gain mode, then it should work very well. If it doesn't put the amp into high gain then it would probably be very disappointing since I've heard people say they are generally knf of hard to drive. Since they are exactly 50ohms I'd be curious to know if they actually send the amp into high gain, or if the V10 saw them at just under 50 and...
Will this work with a Chromebook or do drivers have to be installed?
Isn't manufacturing defects like the boot loop bug the reason there are warranties, and insurance through the carrier's? I've had my V10 just a couple weeks shy of a year now and I've had no issues, but if I did, the insurance would take care of it.
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