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    Hooverphonic - Reflection
I haven't touched my Q701 in about 3 weeks now. I've been back to speakers. Even at low volume I'm enjoying the experience more.
IMO it increases the quantity AND the quality. It extends deeper and has more impact, so to me that is improved quality as well. 
That is fair. Sometimes it's good to have more than one pair of headphones.
Are you happy with the bass? The bass mod might help you to enjoy them more.
One of the best jazz albums ever! Definitely in my top 5.
Home early from work due to the snowstorm. Enjoying this one quite a bit.   
It is actually pretty easy to cut. I was quite surprised. Cut them off and then get a sheet of adhesive backed black felt, cut a piece to size and stick it on to cover the ugliness. Should look like this, or better if you have better skills:
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