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Exactly. A little Google searching shows that its happening across multiple brands. Lg, Motorola, one plus one, and others too... maybe marshmallow will fix it. Even if they just added an option to disable this in a setting somehow id be fine. I don't ever actually use a headset, just headphones or an aux device.
I've been getting it off and on since the beginning.
Anyone figured out how to stop the Google voice search thing from popping up when plugging in headphones sometimes?
I've had my HM5 for well over a year now and have had no issues. I baby them, just like everything else I own though. I bring them to work most days to listen to on my lunch break. 
Nope, not at all. I absolutely hate congestion. It is the one biggest thing I can't stand about a lot of headphones I've tried. It's the biggest reason that I'm really not a fan of most IEM's. Congested sounding headphones really really bug me. I didn't not experience it at all when I originally did the bass mod. If I noticed this I would have instantly switched them back.    I feel it did add a tiny bit of depth which the Q701 needed. The bass mod added a bit of bass...
My battery is pretty good most days. A lot of it depends on your area too. If you are in a spot that gets a bad signal the phone will be using more power trying to keep signal. I'd consider myself a power user, but only with certain apps. From the market I've only installed maybe a dozen apps that I use pretty much all the time. If it is something I can just as easily do with the web browser then I won't bother installing an app for it. I think the less on the phone the...
I did the bass mod years ago and have not looked back . It changes things for the better for sure. They are definitely more neutral now.
This is the only time I've ever seen this message on this phone. I put it at 75 every time i plug it into my car. Hopefully i never see it again
Tonight i plugged mine into my cars aux in like i do pretty often. After about 5 minutes of playing, it lowered the volume from full to 50 out of 75 and i couldn't increase it without unlocking the phone and pressing "OK" to a stupid warning about hearing damage. The phone knows its plugged into an auxiliary device, it shouldnt try to warn me about volume when plugged into something other than headphones. If you wanna talk about unsafe, its less safe for me to have to try...
New Posts  All Forums: