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I doubt it. The E11 should have more power, but it doesn't seem like you need it.
I've been using Neutron for years. Had in on my Galaxy S4 and M9. I may end up trying it on my V10 here eventually too i guess. I've been happy with the stock lg music app, then tonight decided to try the new Poweramp. I've purchased both.
Just downloaded the latest build of poweramp alpha. It does seem to sound better than the lg app, i cant describe how, but it just seems to sound cleaner and clearer.
Something is wrong here. With the ESS chips actually enabled the sound will be better than any Android phone you listed, and should still sound better and have more power than any iPhone as well. Willing to bet you weren't actually using the ESS chips during your testing.
Burn in on them will take a lil bit. When you arent using them plug them into an old ipod or something and let them play for a few hours a day if you want to speed it up.I havent heard other newer versions, but my old bass modded Q701 sounds really good with my V10. It is definitely a great match.Also in my opinion the AKG's do better at a lower volume. Maybe try listening to them at a little bit lower of a volume than what you are used to. Since they are so revealing, i...
How loudly do you like to listen?The intro(first 2 minutes or so) to the Opeth song Blackwater Park measures about 75db average at 35 out of 75. At 50 out of 75 the volume with the same section of the same song increases to about 85db or so average which to me is just to loud. This is a flac rip direct from the original cd played through the stock LG music player app.When i was younger i liked louder music, but now days i really dont. Even just going out to a bar to see a...
Ive had mine since october 30th without a case the whole time and it still looks exactly like it did right out of the box. I do have a tempered glass screen protector on it though.
There is an app on google play you can download for free that enables the hifi chips for all apps. So spotify will work
The high outout mode comes on at 50ohms. So whatever gets you to 50 or more ohms.With my 64ohm Brainwavz HM5 I typically listen at 15-25 out of 75. The HM5 is somewhat high impedance, but is pretty sensitive. With my 62ohm Q701, being slightly less sensitive I listen to them at 25-35 out of 75. For my listening habbits there is always plenty of power. Even with my lower impedance iem's that dont trigger the higher output I still never exceed 40 out of 75.
I have the RE-Zero and the RE400. I find the RE400 to sound congested, and i find the treble to not be as clear as the RE-Zero. The RE400 isnt really that bad, but im very picky and just really dont like it.I dont like a lot of warmth, I like a nice liquid mid range, and i really enjoy a nice bright and well extended treble. Id be happy with the RE-Zero the way it is just with a bit more sub bass. Im sure this flc8s is just an all around better earphone in terms of detail...
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