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I always thought that my Vsonic GR01 which is a TWFK balanced armature variant sounded pretty close to my Q701. 
I already have a DAC, but I no longer have a headphone amp. I was using a vintage Pioneer SX-750, but lately I have been listening to near field speakers almost exclusively and decided to replace that with an Emotiva Mini-X A-100 to power them. So as of right now I have nothing to plug my Q701 into if I wanted to.    What would be a good amp for $200 or under that I can use with my Q701, but could also be used to power a Vsonic GR01 IEM if I'm needing isolation? I was...
I just got a mini-X that I am using for speakers. Is there a way to do this mod so that when the headphones are not plugged in the audio will be routed to my speakers and once headphones are plugged in the audio will be routed to the headphones only?    Or this this mod only really valid if you are using the mini-X for headphones only?
I've only listened to it twice. Maybe it'll grow on me.
It's not my favorite either. 
I'm currently listening to Bitches Brew on my nearfield speakers for the first time. This is the second time I have heard the album, and the first time was on the Q701's. It is a lot more enjoyable on these speakers than I remember it to be on the Q701.  
I was able to get it looking a lot better with more time and practice learning REW. This is an average of 6 different distances from my desk. I don't always sit quite the same distance, but it's all within about a foot and a half. I also put a big 36" x 24" x 6" bass trap along the wall behind the speakers centered between them which helped even out the response a little bit as well. It sounds better than anything I've ever heard now.     
I'm listening to it right now. The flac rip from the CD of course sounds a million times better than it did on Youtube this morning. I didn't think solo piano would keep me awake and interested, but it is quite good. It sounds great on my nearfield speakers. 
Just grabbed these two:     I do still have 7 more CD's on the way, currently in the mail.
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