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Hell yea! It's a great album. I own it.
Working. My Q701 is hooked to the speaker taps of my Emotiva Mini-X. 50 watts x 2 at 8 ohms of power into these puppies.    Volume at about 7 - 8 o'clock on the dial is it. Tomorrow mornings task it to get some banana plugs to make switching between headphones and the speakers quicker and easier.    I had no qualms about cutting up the supplied 20ft cable, so I figured I might as well try it. 
I have my multi meter out and ready. What do I do to find out? If I did it right,  white = ground red = right yellow = left
Does anybody know which color wires are what on the stock Q701 cable? I want to try to hook my Q701 straight up to some speaker taps. The colors are red, yellow, and white. Does anybody know which is ground, left, and right?
I will still listen more before I write my final review, but I just listened to these tonight for about 2-2.5 hours and enjoyed them. Using my Galaxy S4 with the Neutron music player app and 2 simple bands of EQ I was able to make them quite enjoyable for a good variety of different music. I took out 4dB centered at 80hz with a 2 octave width, and I made a 3dB boost centered at 2k with a 1.5 octave width. Before these adjustments and after just over 200 hours of burn in I...
Mine should have roughly 144 hours on them as of about 9pm tonight.
That's a pretty neat piece of gear. I like the 2 band PEQ. Yamaha has always made good stuff.
The burn in debate will never end. There are manufacturers like Shure, like you stated that claim that there is no such thing, and then you'll see certain high end speakers companies highly recommend very strict break in guidelines to properly and safely break their speakers in. People will always argue about this, even if Mythbusters disproved it. Just like some people say cables make a huge difference, and then there are people who claim all amps and DAC's sound the...
I may have possibly "flip flopped" a little. One night I was commenting on needing to remove 6dB or bass, then after another 10 hours of burn in the next morning I felt the need to only remove 3dB of bass and said that the bass was almost where I wanted it, and then a day or two later came back to say that I still felt there was too much bass for my liking. Again, this doesn't make the S5 a failure, it's just not as neutral as I like my IEM's to sound. I'm also starting to...
This is pretty awesome IMO:   I love the saxophone and the viola together, and the electronic style beats are pretty cool to go along with it. 
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