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It should be able to, but I think the HD800 really deserve more.
I'm tired of hearing everyone bitch about the gains not being user selectable. Every single headphone or IEM I've plugged into this thing sounds loud enough at 40 or under out of 75 with hi-fi on. It's meant to be a great sounding phone. It's not supposed to destroy dedicated music players costing $500 or more. If you have headphones that are that hard to drive then they shouldn't be plugged into a cell phone. Either that, or some of you are listening to loud and are...
I still owe Verizon $448 on my V10 that was bought on launch day, so I will not be upgrading. I'm perfectly happy with my V10, and it still looks and functions like brand new. I'm hoping the V20 is a success though and has equal or maybe even better audio quality than the V10. I hope they stick with the onboard hifi audio on the V20 and whatever comes after it. Maybe I'll be ready to upgrade when the V30 comes out. I'm really hoping LG continues this trend and also sticks...
My Q701 sounded good from the headphone jack of my late 70's Pioneer SX-750. I don't have it anymore, but the LG V10 makes my Q701 sound better than anything else I've ever plugged them into.
With my bass modded made in Austria Q701 I'm always between 30 and 40 out of 75 with hi-fi enabled. So I'm always at between 40 to 53%.With my HM5 which triggers the high gain as well, I'm always between 15 and 25 out of 75. They trigger the high gain, but are already pretty sensitive.
It's been said before but the V10 pairs well with the AKG 700 series or whatever we call it with all the variations.
I've been calling my V10 end game since the day this thing launched on Verizon October 31st of last year. This phone along with either my Q701 for at home on the couch, or with the HM5 or Re-Zero on the go. This thing fits my preferred sound signature perfectly. Super clean, flat response, and detailed with plenty of power. I never have to exceed 40 out of 75 with any of my headphones or in ears.
Kind of annoying, but for $35 ill keep waiting. My old RE-Zero still works in the meantime.
Well, the V10 came out last October. I'd assume if they were to have a successor it would come out about a year later. It hasn't been a year yet, it's only June.    I got mine October 31st, which was launch day on Verizon. I still love it and have no real complaints. I don't think it's slow or underpowered at all. I remember immediately thinking it actually seemed quicker and smoother than the HTC One M9, that My V10 replaced, which had the 810, instead of the 808, but...
Im willing to bet it sounds better than the E10K.
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