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Some differences will be bigger than others, and some amps sound closer to each other than others. I agree that the Q701 needs proper amplification, and people will not be doing this headphone justice out of an ipod or their laptops headphone jack. It is very possible though for two DACs or two headphone amps to sound the same or so close to being the same that a user can't hear the difference.
It depends on what you are after. If you are chasing that last few % then you'll want to spend extra time and money on finding out which amp and DAC a headphone works better or best with. When I first got my Q701 I used them with an E17 and I loved the combo right from the start. Then I decided to try an old vintage receiver so I found a Pioneer SX-750 for $40 and used that along with the DAC portion of the E17. The SX-750 definitely drove them better than the E17. Next I...
How much $?
Oh yea? How does it compare to the ODAC or Modi?
My MOE went back to Best Buy. Even at the sale price I didn't think they were worth keeping. They had too much bass and too little mid-range. They were comfy and I liked the design, but they ended up going back. 
I braided my shorter cable: And I shortened my longer cable when I terminated it with banana plugs:
I just started listening to English Electric (part one). Spotify FTW! Half way through the first song, and yes it's more rock than metal, but it's good. Good musicians for sure. 
I have all 3 plus the demo as well. I have a few Riverside albums too, but I still need to try and get into Big Big Train. 
Gavin Harrison (jazz/rock) Neil Peart (rock) Billy Cobham (jazz/fusion Bill Bruford (prog rock) Joey Baron (jazz)   A video of Joey Baron. I think the studio version off of the album Mostly Coltrane is better, but this is still quite good:  
  Really underrated prog metal band. Love Haken.
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