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  Really underrated prog metal band. Love Haken.
Just hit play just a minute ago on this one. It's on Spotify. Very interesting... The way the sax is resonating around the church is cool in and of itself. Sounds pretty good on my nearfield speakers.
Your signature says you have an ODAC and O2 amp. Do you not have these anymore? They should sound good from the ODAC and O2 combo.  I'm using mine with an ODAC and the speaker taps of my Emotiva Mini-X speaker amp. They do like power, and do sound better with more power on tap.
Listened to these three last night:         The last one is more towards the prog rock genre, but there are some definite jazz influences in there.
Currently listening to this on the nearfeild speakers:
Well, I was about ready to buy a Schiit Vali or Magni. I'm sure my Emotiva from the speaker taps sounds better than those.
The Q701 is pretty revealing and not all that insensitive. I doubt you'd ever hear any noise with the he560.
I was listening to the Q701 again last night on the Emotiva and it's really impressive. I'm liking this combo a lot.
Live at Carnegie Hall, and Time Further Out are both good as well. Live at Carnegie Hall is a really really good album. Good music, good performance, and it's recorded very well for the most part.
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