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the other night I got brave and hooked my AKG Q701 directly to the speaker taps of my Mini-X that I have been using my my nearfield speaker rig. I cut the 3.5mm end off of the longer supplied cable that I never use and decided to hook it up. I used a multi-meter to figure out which color wire was ground, left, and right and quickly wired it up. It gets loud at the 8 o'clock position on the volume knob so there is barely any throw on the knob, but the knob has fine enough...
Is the sign up closed? 
me 4.
I'm really liking the Grant Green album.
Just got these two:  
It depends on the EQ and how you use it. A PEQ with adjustable bandwidth really helps. My EQ changes are simple and subtle. I added an extra touch of sub bass and tamed the two peaks, the small one at 2k, and the bigger one between 6k and 8k, and I added a bit at 14k and up to add a little extra sparkle and air. It's subtle but it makes all the difference.
Again, they can be EQ'ed to fix that as well. I have a PEQ with infinite number of bands and with the Q701 I'm perfectly content with only using 4 PEQ bands to make these sound perfect for my taste.
Perform the bass mod and then add a little extra bass with some EQ. I did the bass mod and I add 3db centered at 30hz with a Q of 1. It adds a bit extra sub bass and brings the bass to just north of neutral.
      Got 8 banana plugs at Home Depot for $21. Not a great bargain, but I didn't want to wait for shipping from Amazon or Monoprice. I checked my local Radio Shack first and they had nothing of quality that wasn't overly expensive. Got home and hooked the speakers up to banana plugs and the headphones as well. It works very well and only takes maybe 20 seconds to switch between headphones and the speakers.    I didn't notice it last night, but did notice it...
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