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4 days later. I'm still liking them quite a bit. At first I was using a little bit of EQ, but now I'm using them flat and like it. It is a very neutral sound in my opinion. They are also pretty smooth with no noticeable peaks or dips. All around a great headphone that works well straight out of a smartphone.
Got a pair today. These are sweet. Got a review sample from Brainwavz. Will burn them in and write up a review in a week or so. So far about an hour in and they are very nice. Sound somewhat similar to a closed Q701.
I just got this beast on Tuesday August 12th. A 2014 Suzuki DRZ400SM supermoto. I got it as a used 2014 with only 550 miles on it for $1000 less than the price of one with 0 miles. So far all I've done to her was to remove the huge ugly tail light and fender and replaced it with the one in the pictures and I also put a fender bag on the rear fender. It's just big enough to hold the factory tool kit, and a bottle of water or a sandwich. It'll also hold a CD or two as I...
I just got a motorcycle two weeks ago, so I've been obsessing with that hobby again and have been neglecting my headphones, but today the new Opeth album came out so tonight I am giving that a listen.      It's sounding good on my Q701. 
What's an EQ? Lol
Just go with the Q701, they can be found dirt cheap. They are a steal at the prices they can be found at. If you want more bass out of them after you get them, you can try the reversible bass mod, or just simply do a bit of EQ work. An extra 3db from 80hz and down does wonders. If you find the headband bumps to be bothersome, that can be modded easily as well.
Well, there ya have it.  I have heard quite a few people say how well the Vali does with the Q701, and even as a great starter amp for an HD800. 
The ODAC is definitely a better DAC than the E17 is. You will hear everything from better/tighter bass to more details when going from the E17 to the ODAC. So there will at least be some improvement. I've never heard the O2 though, so I can't comment there. If I was looking for a new headphone amp/DAC right now I'd probably go for the Modi and Vali combo. Before I decided to hook my Q701 to a speaker amp that I already owned, I was about to spend money on a Vali.
Some differences will be bigger than others, and some amps sound closer to each other than others. I agree that the Q701 needs proper amplification, and people will not be doing this headphone justice out of an ipod or their laptops headphone jack. It is very possible though for two DACs or two headphone amps to sound the same or so close to being the same that a user can't hear the difference.
It depends on what you are after. If you are chasing that last few % then you'll want to spend extra time and money on finding out which amp and DAC a headphone works better or best with. When I first got my Q701 I used them with an E17 and I loved the combo right from the start. Then I decided to try an old vintage receiver so I found a Pioneer SX-750 for $40 and used that along with the DAC portion of the E17. The SX-750 definitely drove them better than the E17. Next I...
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