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Yes, I agree that they are. My near field rig started off as just a cheap experiment. I had an old Pioneer SX-750 stereo receiver that originally was just being used to power headphones, then I one day decided I wanted to try hooking some speakers up to it, so I quickly started researching budget bookshelf speakers and ran across a bunch of glowing reviews for the Pioneer BS22's designed by Andrew Jones. For $130 I figured why not try them out. This system was originally...
King Crimson - Red   Herbie Hancock - Thrust   Weather Report - I Sing the Body Electric   All 3 used for a total of $17.
Let me know when you put it up for sale. 
  Thanks. I didn't think it was that easy. I guess I could just take an extension cable and cut it and use some banana plugs too. I could also just cut up the 20ft cable that came with my Q701's since I never use it. It's waaaay to long to serve any other purpose.  How do I use a multi-meter to find which wires are left and right?  Also, do I need to connect the ground at each ground terminal on the amp? Or just use either one of the two ground terminals on the amp?  I may...
So, just to confirm, the Mini-X uses a common ground? I could use it to power a pair of unbalanced headphones? I've seen people use the Mini-X for headphones, but I've never seen anybody mention the Mini-X being a common ground amp. I guess it has to be, right?
The Mini-X also has a line out so I could go from the dac to the Mini-X and then line out to the M-stage or whatever I decide to get. 
Alrighty, I'll do my research. I'm in no rush to buy anything. I've been listening to my near field speaker rig almost exclusively for the past 6 months anyway, so I'm in no rush to buy a new headphone amp. I'm honestly not sure how much I'd even use it after I bought it.   I may even just end up powering my Q701 from the speaker taps on my Emotiva Min-X. I may build or buy an adapter to go from speaker taps to a 1/4" socket and add an L-pad if needed. 
The M-stage seems to be the best option, but finding one cheap may be an issue. I didn't know that you couldn't change tubes in the Vali, That makes it a bit pointless. I'll have a look into the little dot. 
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