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I'm not sure that anyone has actually gotten accurate measurements on the V10. The amp has 3 different gains that are triggered by sending the impedance of what is plugged into it. I've also read that some websites when testing the audio of the V10 weren't even engaging the ESS hardware. All I know is that the sound is impressive.
I don't think they take all that much to feed properly. I've tried mine off of quite a few different devices, and amps, and DAC's. For the last 14 months I've used my Q701 with just my LG V10. It does have ESS Sabre chips so it's quite good for a smartphone, but nothing more is needed. I've also used these with a vintage Pioneer SX-750 and ODAC, and straight off the speaker taps of an Emotiva speaker amp with the ODAC. These aren't that high of an impedance and are...
My Verizon V10 did an update last night. It seems to have just been a security update. Was hoping for something exciting like Nougat, but nope.
Im sure some will give a different answer but id say go for it. It sounds great when plugged into my car stereo.
Received my replacement V10 from Verizon this afternoon. The box says "like new - certified replacement". It looks, feels, and acts like a brand new phone. Other than my slightly worn out battery cover, it looks brand new. It Has a build date of 8-25-16, so its definitely newer than my October 2015 unit. Screen looks much better with no signs of any image retention as it sits now. Side by side the screen on the new phone looks more crisp and clear. We'll see if it comes...
So after 1 store associate, two people on the phone, and 1 person via chat on the MyVerizon app I have a replacement device on the way. Hopefully the one I get sent isn't a refurb with the same issue. We will see. This will be the first time I've ever needed a replacement phone.
I was near a Verizon store tonight so I went in there and talked to a girl that didn't know what image rentetion is. She did some test on the phone and of course everything passed. No "test" is going to fail when it comes to this. The phone isn't going to know that it's doing this. Anyway, she was no help and said they couldn't do anything for it. I took this picture of my screen with the wife's iPhone. This was immediately after using it for GPS for 30 minutes. It goes...
Not sure I'm going to bother, at least not yet. Too much of an inconvenience right now.
Good to know.
is the nano SIM card going to fit into pretty much any phone?
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