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I've tried a self modded Mk2 on my V10. It needs a bit more power than my Q701, but its definitely doable.
spring is coming.... lets wake this thread up  
The V10 is a perfectly acceptable source for the Q701. I got my V10 on October 30th and thats all I've used my Q701 with since. With the hifi DAC and amp enabled its definitely got plenty of juice. I listen to the Q701 with the volume anywhere from 25 to 40 out of 75. Usually I'm at 30 or 35 out of 75 though.
Been listening to these for the last couple hours and today I'm liking them.
The V10 has ESS Sabre chips in it, so they worked with them i guess. I forget the models of the chips though...
Interesting... hopefully it sounds just as good as the V10.
I have "Mirror" and "Jumping the Creek", which are both ECM albums. It's good stuff.  I'm listening to this right now:
I haven't posted in here in a while. I'm listening to this on Tidal for the 3rd time now and I think this is a pretty sick album.  
Exactly. A little Google searching shows that its happening across multiple brands. Lg, Motorola, one plus one, and others too... maybe marshmallow will fix it. Even if they just added an option to disable this in a setting somehow id be fine. I don't ever actually use a headset, just headphones or an aux device.
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