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Coming from the Galaxy S4 the M9 has tremendous bass power and punch. The HTC's are beastly compared to pretty much all other phones.
Same. Neutron and spotify.
I haven't been in this thread for a while. I do still have my modded Q701 and still enjoy them. A week ago I got the new HTC One M9 smartphone. It has been doing excellent with my GR01, RE-Zero, and HM5. Actually it has made the RE-Zero really come alive compared to when I tried it and disliked it with my old Galaxy S4. Tonight I decided to plug my Q701 in and give a quick listen. Well, 2+ hours later I'm still listening to the Q701 plugged into the M9. This is very...
Lets dig this thread back up since motorcycle season is here.           Supermoto is the most fun you can have on two wheels. I've riden all types of bikes, and for me this is it.
  I've had my M9 for a week now and love it, especially the audio. I actually have my Q701 plugged into it right now. Using Neutron at 60-80% volume there is plenty of output and power. My GR01, RE-Zero, and HM5 all sound wonderful with it, but tonight decided with this much power why not try my Q701 with it just for giggles. I'd say they sound at least 95% as good as they do when plugged into my Emotiva Mini-X A-100 speaker amp which is the amp they are usually plugged...
Damn the RE-Zero's sound awesome with this phone. They never impressed me with my old Galaxy s4. I never understood what all the hype was about until now.
It's definitely the M9.
Just plugged my ReZero into the M9. I don't remember liking these so much with the Galaxy S4. They sound very good with the M9. Clarity is ridiculous, especially vocal clarity, and I don't remember the bass sounding so good. I remember having to eq in some extra bass before.
I haven't really messed with the camera much yet. I have heard people say that it is capable of good photos, but that is isn't as simple as other phones. It takes some messing with settings.I'm more into music than photos, so even if this is the case I'll take good audio over a good camera. I'll play with the camera eventually.
Just got an HTC one M9 yesterday. To me with headphones it sounds great. Both my Vsonic GR01 and my brainwavz HM5 sound great with it. Replaced a Galaxy S4.
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