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Mine were finally delivered. I'll be trying them out tonight when I'm home from work. I'm excited for the velour pads, but I'm assuming they will change the sound. We will see.
My review is up.
How are the velour pads on the HM5? What's it do to the sound?
Well FedEx decides they didn't want to leave them at my house without a signature. They will attempt delivery again tomorrow.
I have some coming today.
Little more: Have been listening to them for just over an hour now with the - 5 cut at 100hz and I am enjoying them quite a bit. My ears/brain is adjusting and I'm starting to like them quite a bit. They also sound nicer at a lower volume than what I was starting at, I think this is part of the "loudness" (V shaped) curve. These are yet another Brainwavz headphone that is extremely easy to drive. They are plenty loud at the 27-40% area on the volume control on my Samsung...
Listening to the review pair I was given for the 3rd time now. For me they have too much bass, and are a bit too warm and laid back, just as I found the S5 to have too much bass. - 5db centered at 100hz takes care of it making it closer to neutral. My preferred sound signature is more towards the AKG Q701 or the Brainwavz HM5. I also find the S0 to be slightly V shaped like the S5, but seem to sound a bit smoother though. I do prefer them to the S5 slightly. After the eq...
Do you own an HM5 yet? I'm guessing that you don't, because if you did you should notice how easy to drive they are. They will be just fine straight out of a smartphone headphone jack. My Samsung Galaxy S4 powers them very well, never exceeding the 60% mark. For use with a computer if you are looking to do better than your computers internal sound card then something in the Fiio line-up would be more than enough. Anything more would be overkill. You could use the...
I've only had mine for about a month, so I can't comment on long term durability. They seem well built though, and I love the sound.
I have posted a full review of these:   I like them quite a bit. 
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