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Holy mid-bass and nothing but mid-bass Batman. I'm sure there is someone out there who may like this type of sound, but I really think Brainwavz needs to change the way they describe their sounds. "Tuned for clear sound with well-defined bass." Is not how I'd describe these at all. More like "tuned for tons of mid-bass and nothing at all above 1k". If they want to cater to the Head-fi community they need to make something much more linear with a lot more clarity and detail.
My findings are the exact opposite. I hate the RE-400. I found the RE-400 to sound congested and lacked detail and clarity. This is true even after modding my RE-400 by removing the foam that is inside the nozzle. To me they are unlistenable. The RE-00 sounds close to the old RE-Zero, but I still prefer the RE-Zero by just a hair.
When I first got my V10 I did some tests. Was getting only 2-3% battery drain an hour while using my Q701 with it. That's with it just playing music with hifi enabled in high impedance mode with the screen off. Cellular on, wifi on and connected, Bluetooth off, GPS on battery saving. I don't think 3% an hour is all that bad. Thats 33 hours of projected music playing time. The big battery killer is the screen, then the processor and ram and all that when the phone isn't...
Had mine since October 31st 2015, the day it launched on Verizon. No issues here.
Being as they are higher than 50ohms, yes. Since they are easy to power it's kind of overkill and even 20 out of 75 is loud with them.
They work well with my V10. I don't have enough hours in them yet, but so far I still prefer my old RE-Zero.
I still prefer my old RE-Zero, but my RE-00 probably need to have more time on them before I can say for sure. I should find my old iPod nano and just let them burn in for a few days.
Tried 3 times, and it kept failing... They aren't really in my budget right now anyway so I'm taking it as a sign to not bother right now. Maybe next time.
The reason I ask is because I'm pretty sure the amp won't kick into high gain if it sees headset controls.
Are the people with the P1 using the cable with the headset controls?
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