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I've had my HD650, and Schiit Magni 2 Uber for 4 weeks now, and it's been a good 4 weeks. This along with my Chromebook and JDS Labs ODAC is a good sounding setup. It's simple, but works very well. I was a little concerned that the ODAC, and even the Magni would make the 650 sound a bit thin and take some of the HD650's magic bass and warmth away, but it sounds good to me. I'd say the bass is just a bit above neutral, but not by too much. The mids are smooth and the top...
Have these been sold?
When Spotify actually rolls it out and gives us the details on it, then we'll have to decide. A few albums I used to listen to on Spotify are missing from Tidal, so I think Spotify must have more music, but if the sound isn't as good, then I'll be sticking with Tidal.
I actually moved to the Wilmington area of North Carolina last fall. I guess I forgot to update my profile on here.
 Schiit seems to be a brand that offers great value. They seem to take a lot of pride in that. When I decided to buy an HD650, the first company that came to mind when looking for an amp was Schiit. They have made a very good name for themselves. I have zero complaints about my HD650 and Magni 2 Uber pairing. It sounds clean, clear, uncolored and offers plenty of power. At a certain point with audio, especially with amps and DAC's the point of diminishing returns comes on...
We are all guilty of this... Just get a good headphone and try to be happy. Easier said than done for most of us here though.
My current chair side setup. It's an Acer Chromebook R11, USB out to a JDS Labs ODAC, to a Schiit Audio Magni 2 Uber feeding an HD650 most of the time, but I also have a modded Q701, and a Brainwavz HM5.
So tonight I'm using my Magni 2 Uber with my Brainwavz HM5 on low gain for the first time. Compared to using the HD650 on high gain, the amp is quite a bit cooler using the HM5. I know they are lower impedance and much easier to drive, but I wasn't expecting it to run this much cooler. Still loving this amp,
 No EQ here either. It's not always possible or convenient to use one. Neither my desktop or portable setup would allow me to use one all the time anyway.  I EQ speakers, but not headphones. 
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