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Same here. If possible i will be keeping my V10 past the 2 year mark. No reason it shouldnt last.
The 00 is a much higher impedance.... So it doesnt seem to be.
I already have the RE-Zero, and the RE-400, but i just joined the drop on the RE00. I really like the Zero, but am not a huge fan of the 400. For $35, i might as well try them.
The Q701 with the bass mod (sticker removal) is it for me. I had always added 2-3DB on the bottom end prior to doing the mod. 
The V10 uses sabre amp and DAC chips. ESS Sabre 9018C2M digital to analog converter, as well as an ESS 9602C headphone amplifier. It probably sounds even better than your laptop. To me, it just sounds like true neutrality, pitch black background, good soundstage and imaging, tons of power available, and always clean and clear at the levels I listen at. It works very well with the Q701, and gets it to my desired volume at just under 50% volume. My standards may not be as...
The Pioneer was my second favorite. I dont have it anymore.The V10 is smooth, but very detailed. Right away, the first time i plugged the Q701 into it i knew it was a special combination. This is without a doubt the best ive heard the Q701 sound.
Still in love with this headphone. Been listening for the past few hours. Haken, then two ECM jazz albums, now some Opeth, it does it all.
Been using my Q701 exclusively with my LG V10 since i got it october 31st of 2015. Before this i was using it straight out of the speaker taps of an Emotiva Mini-x A-100, before that with an old Pioneer SX-750, and before that a Fiio E17. Anyone want to guess which is/was my favorite combination?
My headband recently had started cracking like most people say will eventually happen. Fixed it up with one of those kits where the glue hardens under UV light. Lightly sanded the area of the cracks, and applied the glue. Seems to be holding up fine. Doesn't look as pretty anymore, but the headphones still work and I've always enjoyed their sound.
New Posts  All Forums: