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The Pioneer was my second favorite. I dont have it anymore.The V10 is smooth, but very detailed. Right away, the first time i plugged the Q701 into it i knew it was a special combination. This is without a doubt the best ive heard the Q701 sound.
Still in love with this headphone. Been listening for the past few hours. Haken, then two ECM jazz albums, now some Opeth, it does it all.
Been using my Q701 exclusively with my LG V10 since i got it october 31st of 2015. Before this i was using it straight out of the speaker taps of an Emotiva Mini-x A-100, before that with an old Pioneer SX-750, and before that a Fiio E17. Anyone want to guess which is/was my favorite combination?
My headband recently had started cracking like most people say will eventually happen. Fixed it up with one of those kits where the glue hardens under UV light. Lightly sanded the area of the cracks, and applied the glue. Seems to be holding up fine. Doesn't look as pretty anymore, but the headphones still work and I've always enjoyed their sound.
Definitely yes. I had the M9 prior to the V10. The V10 is waaaay better.
LG V10 + the old HiFi-Man RE-Zero is a good combo. Despite it only triggering the low power mode, 35 of 75 is enough for me. Tons of detail, yet smooth.
Makes the while idea of modules worthless if the only one is the silly camera hump thing. Glad I have the V10.
Exactly. Who cares if it goes to 75 or whatever. There are still 15 or 16 or whatever steps just like every other android phone. We aren't missing 25% of our volume.
I just use Black player. Its simple but better looking and faster than the stock music app. I don't need all the bells and whistles of Neutron or Poweramp. I dont use eq or anytjing with any of my headphpnes. I don't know if it's just me or if it the settings I choose but I don't hear any positive differences with poweramp or neutron with this phone with hifi enabled.
New Posts  All Forums: