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Well, the V10 came out last October. I'd assume if they were to have a successor it would come out about a year later. It hasn't been a year yet, it's only June.    I got mine October 31st, which was launch day on Verizon. I still love it and have no real complaints. I don't think it's slow or underpowered at all. I remember immediately thinking it actually seemed quicker and smoother than the HTC One M9, that My V10 replaced, which had the 810, instead of the 808, but...
Im willing to bet it sounds better than the E10K.
Brainwavz HM5 with my LG V10 at the current moment.
Ill explain the volume steps. In hifi mode it goes from 0 to 75. With the up and down buttoms it goes up or down in increments of 5. You can adjust in steps of 1 by using the slider on the screen though to fine tune it.
Ive never heard the m50 for myself, but going off of what i remember reading about the M50, the HM5 should be the more nuetral heqdphone. The one with the flatter response overall. For me it compares very nicely with my Q701. I call it my sealed back Q701. It sounds very similar in terms of frequency response.
Same here. If possible i will be keeping my V10 past the 2 year mark. No reason it shouldnt last.
The 00 is a much higher impedance.... So it doesnt seem to be.
I already have the RE-Zero, and the RE-400, but i just joined the drop on the RE00. I really like the Zero, but am not a huge fan of the 400. For $35, i might as well try them.
The Q701 with the bass mod (sticker removal) is it for me. I had always added 2-3DB on the bottom end prior to doing the mod. 
The V10 uses sabre amp and DAC chips. ESS Sabre 9018C2M digital to analog converter, as well as an ESS 9602C headphone amplifier. It probably sounds even better than your laptop. To me, it just sounds like true neutrality, pitch black background, good soundstage and imaging, tons of power available, and always clean and clear at the levels I listen at. It works very well with the Q701, and gets it to my desired volume at just under 50% volume. My standards may not be as...
New Posts  All Forums: