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Yup, not all phones sound the same. The M9 completely destroys the Galaxy S4. My Q701 even sound pretty good with it when i want to use them away from my full size desktop amp. My everyday portable headphones have never sounded so good.
The thick HM5 pads that they sell are quite nice. I thought the original ones were nice too, but the thick ones are definitely the way to go.
A lot of people would argue that the HTC One, all 3 recent models, sound better and have more power. Its been a few years since i had my iPhone 4 so i cant directly compare.
Ive actually read the opposite. Ive read that the M8 had more bass and was less detailed and had less top end.
Ive had a few smartphones and by far this is the best with headphones. Ive had the original Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible, then an iPhone 4, then the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now the HTC One M9. This thing blows them all away. It actually drives my Q701 almost to their potential, good enoigh to still be very enjoyable away from my desktop amp. Ive never heard my HM5, GR01 and especially my RE-Zero sound this good. Powerful and sounds detailed and neutral.
The one in the top right looks sweet.
HTC One M9 would be "it" right now. I love mine with music.
Coming from the Galaxy S4 the M9 has tremendous bass power and punch. The HTC's are beastly compared to pretty much all other phones.
Same. Neutron and spotify.
I haven't been in this thread for a while. I do still have my modded Q701 and still enjoy them. A week ago I got the new HTC One M9 smartphone. It has been doing excellent with my GR01, RE-Zero, and HM5. Actually it has made the RE-Zero really come alive compared to when I tried it and disliked it with my old Galaxy S4. Tonight I decided to plug my Q701 in and give a quick listen. Well, 2+ hours later I'm still listening to the Q701 plugged into the M9. This is very...
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