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I'm still completely happy with my M9, but I'm interested. If this thing is really going to be leaps and bounds better then I'll have to upgrade.
This is pretty much how I hear it and how I feel about it. My review will be similar, but shorter. After the Jive, I am not impressed with the S3. 
I don't leave the house with this setup, but I do use it around the house when I don't feel like being attached to my desktop amp:     HTC One M9 and AKG Q701 (bass modded and modified headband) - This phone actually powers this headphone quite well, plenty loud at 67-73% volume, and it sounds at least 95% as good as when it's plugged into my desktop amp. No isolation and they are huge, so it's not really a portable setup, but I'll sit on the couch or outside the...
    HTC One M9 and V-sonic GR01.   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------       HTC One M9 and HiFiMan RE-Zero
Would it be a good idea to use these with just an HTC One M9 smartphone? For anyone not familiar with the M9, it does sound really good for a smartphone and has more power available than most smartphones. It's not just your average smartphone. 
Still available? 
Still available? 
I'm still loving my M9, but ill be interested to hear what people on here think of the V10 once it's out. If it really is that good I'll trade in the M9 for it. 
I must be missing something. How can it drive 600ohm headphones then? I'm lost. My M9 puts out more power at 32ohm.
 Where are you getting this 28mw number from? 
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