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These , as a bit of a bass head your like these there flat to 16hz. 
Passive speakers you need to buy an amp, actives the amp is built in. These are in your budget .
In-depth review of the microlabs mainly object: (needs to be translated to english)   In-depth review of the edifiers object and subjective:,testberichte-241528.html (also needs to be translated)
Just because something doesn't cost £1000 and have a fancy brand name on it doesn't mean its not decent.
This is what I use to make my dac wireless .
A decent 2.1 for £300 can easily be done.   active speakers:   or smaller speakers ,   sub:
What about , it has coax and optical inputs and xlr ouputs so you can go balanced and use xlr to xlr cables with your monitors , I use this dac myself its great value for money.
Theres nothing wrong with the ipods dac , but its headphone proberley won't be able to drive full sized headphones properly you want a line out cable and the e17 or e11  or something.
Speakers:   amp:   sub:
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