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It says that the B2 will be instock on the last week of April, so most likely mid to late May.
FYI, according to Playback's Guide to Earphones and IEMs   The MSRP of RE242 would be between $20-40, selling it at $100 would go against the rules.
I've received my review sample of HT21 from meelec. I'll write a full review once I fully burn them in.
  First I would like to thank |Joker| for the lender program, here’s my impression of the CC51.   Build Quality:   The CC51 uses ceramic housing and the housing feels quite sturdy and has a nice weight to them, and is also coated to prevent scratches and fingerprints. CC51 utilizes a unique design of putting the drivers closer to the nozzle of the housing, which creates a larger nozzle that makes it difficult for fitting some tips. For example, I can’t fit...
The stem of CC51 is about as long as Brainwavz M2, but the housing is metal and has a slight angle on them.
Interesting review, I've been listening to them for about a week from |Joker|'s reviewer program. I agree with most of your review, but I don't think they compare that well to $100-120 headphones. I personally think they belong more toward the sub $60-70 range. 
Depends on how they're broken, you can always try to get them reshelled into customs.   Or you can always wait for someone to put them up for sale on the FS forums, but it's pretty rare because the resell value is really bad.
Refurbished would depend on whether it is an authorized seller or not. Check the main website of the brand you're looking for to see if the seller is authorized or not. Unauthorized seller resell returned products on their own, and the product would not be covered in warranty from companies such as Sennheiser.   It would also help if you check the seller's feedback, someone like Dakmart is infamous for their terrible customer services and their tendency of sending...
There's nothing with buying them used, but I would recommend buying them though headfi, since most members take good care of their items and is generally honest and modest about any condition flaws on the items.
I think I'll be against pairing up the B2 with OFC cable. If done so, B2 would be even more like the DBA 02. Though DBA 02 have issues in availability, I don't think it is necessary for Brainwavz to create a product that similar.   DBA 02 do hold it's own in the Head-fi community and has a rather favorable reputation, but considering that majority of the people that are already interested in them already own a pair or have at least try them enough to know them well...
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