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still available!
available again, buyer disappeared.
ups, a few nibbles but still available.
now updated with pics.
I had this for 3+ years and cost me more than $300. It served me perfectly till recently when the left driver had some problems. This is a steal, especially if you intend to fix this yourself. Larry at headphile might also be willing to fix this, though it had long gone out of production.  Condition 6/10, pads need changing.
I'm selling a used pair of Audeze LCD-2.2 (pre-fazor) for $740, inclusive of shipping to anywhere in the world (im based in Singapore).   Condition 9.5/10 with no visible dings/dents.   Great sounding cans! Comes with upgraded cable, box and graph. Photos now uploaded as below. The headphones are in great condition and sound excellent. the box is not in the best condition, some dings on the right side as shown in 1 of the pics below.    Paypal only please, and...
some interest but still available! for headphones, i can trade up/down/even, looking for a comfortable pair for my wife..
JH16>>um3x>tf10>>brainwavz M1>=metrofi 170>>>ibuds
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