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some interest but still available! for headphones, i can trade up/down/even, looking for a comfortable pair for my wife..
JH16>>um3x>tf10>>brainwavz M1>=metrofi 170>>>ibuds
im using audinst now, and i love it. my colleague owns a uDac and i have tried it, i think the audinst is distinctly worth the extra $$. While the uDac is nice, the audinst is clearly superior in every department.
Hi all,   due to under utilisation, i have to let go of my portable amp P-51 Mustang from RSA. im the 2nd owner, set is around 1.5 yrs old. $330 shipped to anywhere in the world, firm. paypal only, and add 3%. it will be packed securely, shipped via express parcel mail with a tracking no, and ill include the box + charger. in perfect working condition.   ill be interested to trade up for headphones (i have too many iems though). im based in Singapore, you...
have been using a 2nd hand P51 for a few months now..around 400-500hrs.  paired with my ipod, it is amazing. much improvement in clarity, separation, and details. cant say the same when i pair it with my sansa fuze though..any suggestions on how to make it work? 
usps has actually been much better than fedex and ups for me..
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