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 Price Drop Again!
Same thing happened to me. Please, DO NOT put them in the freezer overnight. That is terrible for the internals and could cause permanent damage. The best thing to do is place them in the freezer, in a ziplock bag, for about 5-10 minutes. This will harden the foam and they are much easier to get off. I did this and was able to get them off with no problem. The Silicon tips aren't as hard to get off, BTW. 
I just got mine in the mail. Haven't burned them in any and they are just running straight from my Sansa Clip+, and all I can say is WOW! These seriously sound like more than $99. I love them.
SE215 or Westone 1 are both around 100 and offer very good value. My SE215s should be in Tuesday, and I have heard the 1's. Just depends on the type of sig. you are looking for.
Bump. Price drop again. Willing to accept trades as well! Send me a PM.
Price Dropped Again
Hey Everyone,   Just wondering if anyone could make a suggestion for an IEM (under 100USD preferably) that has a signature close to the Sony V6/7506. I love the clarity and sparkle that these cans offer (plus the fun bass), but they are too bulky and the cable is far to long for portable use.    Thanks! Drew
Bump. Price Drop!    
ey Everyone, Up for sale is a like new pair of Westone AC2s. They were manufactured in late May of 2011, and after several attempted refits and adjustments, I just don't think my ears are ready for custom molds. They have been in my ears for a little over an ten hours total -- and the only reason for the little time is due to the fit. That said, they sound great and are in perfect shape to be remolded! The cable has got some slight oxidation on it (the clear turning to...
Hey Everyone,   I recently purchased some Westone AC2's, and after a refit they still are muddy and the seal breaks when I sing. I have an appointment tomorrow to get another set of impressions done and send them off again.    My audiologist, though an authorized Westone dealer, was not very competent in doing IEM impressions. I had to tell her last time to use a bite block, and she found a 1 inch wooden block for me to bite down on the first minute and then we...
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