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 At the moment I am abroad for an internship. Will be back in February for a comparison :).  Just to come back at the topic; after the hype, I feel that the OP3 is just an okay sounding device. For everyday use, I feel it just has a tad too much attack, making it that I do not enjoy listening to it too much. I would not buy it for its sound quality, but the headphone out is just fine.
Hey guys,   I have the OP3 A3003 for a few weeks now, coming from a samsung s4 i9505. Let me share my two cents, I use them with the RHA 750's.   Long story short, I am absolutely blown away by the sound quality of this device. At the beginning I thought there was something wrong with the thing, because everything sounded horrible. Turned out it was showing the crippled nature of bad mp3's. I have never had a device that was so damn precise and I never noticed that...
Nope, bought the non-i version exactly for this reason, but it didnt matter
Guess what happend to me yesterday? After 2 months the right channel broke down. That's a record.
I got the ma750's since last week and I absolutely love them. At 20eu extra, these destroy the sony ex650's - which I had previously - completely. To my ears these things sound almost perfect. The sound signature seems to be almost flat exept for a tad of extra subbass and an aparent spike in the upper mids. The sound is beautifully open and transparent, with actual soundstaging (as opposed to the ex650's) and some extra weight in the lower regions. I would not call these...
 Sounds really good what you are saying! The SE215 are quite the step up from the EX650's then? We might have a winner here. I actually like the measurements of the focal's a bit better. Its bass boost starts a bit lower and there seems to be better extension into the mid-highs. Also the impulse response looks quite a bit better. The slight drop off from 60Hz wouldn't bother me that much. I guess the sure's safe me a few bucks and are the safe bet. Though curiosity might...
 Thank you so much for the response. The problem is that I live in the Netherlands. Since I use my buds rather extensively on-the-go, the cable breaks almost always within a year. Therefore I want to buy them locally so that I have easy access to warranty services. That limits my choices quite a bit and most of the IEMs are out of reach :(. Those IEM500's look really awesome and would probably have seriously considered them otherwise.
Thanks for the review!   Could you perhaps say anything on how they compare to other IEM's in - more or less - that price range? Like the sure 215's, RHA MA750's, Dunu Titan 1 and Sony EX650?   My Sony EX650 broke down couple of months ago, got the money back and might be looking to upgrade. Love the Focal speaker products so was interested in these. I am not really thrilled by the general opinion though.
 Have you ever listened to dsd? Do you use high quality gear? You seem pretty sure about your case so I'll leave it at that. MP3's do sound great also.
The hissing is caused by the phone. Obviously the sound is the result of an AC current; which must come from the phoneI also get it. The EX650's are prone of picking up such signals, or maybe their impedance is generating this phenomenon.Anyway, I never found it bothering. An lineair impedance plug should fix your problem, or at least decrease the volume of the hissing. Though, you would need to use more juice to drive them and you would need to take the penalty on the...
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