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I don't think gsmarena's methodology is faulty, just that most of the numbers they aquite dont say that much about audio quality.The OP3 and OP3T perform identical in their test btw
Well, to be quite frank, that video doesnt impress me that much. Some lower noise flour and less stereo crosstalk are just numbers that really dont say much about the actual sound of the system in my experience...unless those numbers would actually be audible. They might tell you something about the quality of the underlying equipment, but thats about it as far as I am concerned.   The obvious manipulation on the sound and the impact on the frequency response looks very...
  You must listen quite loud then, or you are using very inefficient transducers. I always felt the bass was quite clean on the OP3. How do you discriminate between the dac and amp section in how they effect the final outputted sound? Just a friendly reminder that the OP3 is maybe not the loudest out there, but definitely the output volume is decent for a smartphone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkbH0QtssU4  With my RHA 750's I usually stick below 50% volume, at 100% I...
I just wanted to let you guys know that today I received my CAL!2. After some heavy equalizing (+10 dB @ 4 kHz) I have to say: these cans are f'ing awesome. 99 sgd well spend! I also ordered this cable: http://www.lazada.sg/audio-upgrade-cable-for-bose-oe2-oe2i-bowers-wilkins-p5-headphone12m-white-1721632.html Will give you guys some impressions later (eventhough this thread is pretty much dead it seems)
The build quality, I have seen pictures of the CAL with a an entire ear cup snapped off.
By the way, anybody from Singapore that perhaps knows a place where these headphones could be purchased and auditioned? That would close the case obviously.
Hey guys, I am in the middle of my exchange period here in Singapore, and the cable of my RHA 750's just tore. Naturally, I am looking for something to take their place for now, and I figured that a relatively nice pair of cans might even be fun in the future. Anyway, listened to the E-MU Walnuts at some electronics fair some months ago, and I really liked their sound...like really liked it. Also, I had a quick listen to the CAL and CAL2, but considering the background...
 At the moment I am abroad for an internship. Will be back in February for a comparison :).  Just to come back at the topic; after the hype, I feel that the OP3 is just an okay sounding device. For everyday use, I feel it just has a tad too much attack, making it that I do not enjoy listening to it too much. I would not buy it for its sound quality, but the headphone out is just fine.
Hey guys,   I have the OP3 A3003 for a few weeks now, coming from a samsung s4 i9505. Let me share my two cents, I use them with the RHA 750's.   Long story short, I am absolutely blown away by the sound quality of this device. At the beginning I thought there was something wrong with the thing, because everything sounded horrible. Turned out it was showing the crippled nature of bad mp3's. I have never had a device that was so damn precise and I never noticed that...
Nope, bought the non-i version exactly for this reason, but it didnt matter
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