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 I don't ambition to give any real numbers. I have been using mine for around 500 hours I think, I seem to notice a difference so that's that:).
Maybe these are just not for you but you could give them a good burn-in. I kind of get where you are coming from, these babies really smooth out over 500+ hours.
The overhead you pay for an exotic IEM must be way more than the overhead you pay for Sony buds. 90% of the price of an exotic IEM seems to be for R&D. Thats sometimes funny with speakers, going up one speaker in a line might add one driver but also adds 3500eu/speaker. Thats all R&D of the driver.I really do believe that people could be more enthousiastic about these if they where made by some company like RHA. The EX650's have a very well designed driver to deliver...
Hi guys,   Still enjoying my 650's here. Yesterday I was in the opportunity the take a good listen the the sennheiser hd25-1 II's. They absolutely destroyed the 650's with a much more mature sound. These are definitely not the +-65eu ultra hifi bargain they appear to be; there is significantly better equipment out there. If it weren't for the fact that I don't want to deal with the hardships of wearing headphones in public I would safe the money and get the...
I second the EX650's. Great down-to-earth buds with some extra punch
So I've been playing around with them for a while now, time to give my two cents. Don't take the frequencies that I talk about too seriously; they are more like a personal reference. Also, excuse me for my English.   As I noted earlier, I was looking for an upgrade from the ex15's. Not that I was really missing something, but you must be able to do better than 10eu buds. Good thing is these buds have a similar presentation. Most headphones I have heard completely over do...
Burning in right now. The first impression left me with mixed feelings; I really like the timbre but it screams to be equalized. For now there is a bit of mid bass bleeding into the mids but it'll open up after a few hours I'm sure. I'll let me ears get used to them(I'm a speaker guy, still messing with tips etc.) and let the driver settle, then I'll post my impressions. No regrets of the purchase thusfar
Thanks for the reply. Maybe I'll pick them up anyway or add them to my birthday which list (which is around the corner), got to love the old folks. You can't go completely wrong for 70buck and it is refreshing to hear about a bright in-ear for 10/10 I've heard are on the dark side. I'll post a impression in the case that I get them.
Interesting stuff, I use a couple of 10eu buds from Sony, these suckers:   http://www.amazon.com/Sony-MDR-EX15LP-In-Ear-Headphones-Drivers/dp/B00IJXCBG6   I am thinking about upgrading and since I actually like the once I have pretty well - unlike the amazon reviewers I might add - I am considering to stick with sony and go for the ex650's. I am not really familiar with in-ears so maybe you guys have some opinions to shed about them around this price point (60-100...
I actually just sold my inakustik ls-1302's. Very clean sounding though a bit boring. Made a huge difference with the qed's. Need to buy a laptop though^^'
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