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SOLD pending payment
Pictures will be taken when I get home in an hour or so.
Listing my Denon D7000 up for sale. They are in fantastic condition, bought new by me from an authorized dealer. They have 300-350hrs on them roughly. Come with original box and all accessories. I will post pictures in a couple hours. My price is SOLD shipped in the CONUS. Thanks Edit: Pics added, sorry for the horrible quality, time for a new camera
Picked these up during the Amazon sale(paid for overnight shipping) in November, they have been used for less than 5hrs, and kept in there case since then. I picked up a pair of Westone UM3xrc's at the same time, and have chosen to keep the Westone's. Price includes shipping in the CONUS and paypal fees. Only looking to sell in the CONUS right now.   Feedback page:   Audiogon Feedback page:...
Habib Koité & Bamada: Afriki
I have quite a few favorites, a lot of them already mentioned ( Keith Jarrett - The Köln Concert, prefer the HD Tracks version, Jazz at the Pawnshop, also enjoy the HD Tracks version..... etc...).   I think this is a fantastic recording "World's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings" A really nice new release is Gotye "Making Mirrors" the 24 bit web release   Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker MFSL SACD   Babatunde Olatunji "Circle Of Drums" Hd Tracks version is...
So I have been bitten by upgraditis, as is so common in this hobby. My current setup is Windows PC>Foobar>Optical>Compass>Denon D7000's. I am looking to upgrade if the gains will be significant enough. Budget $1000-1250 roughly. I am not sure if I want to go with either a seperate DAC and Amp, or go with an all in one unit. I am also looking at picking up another set of cans. Maybe HD600-650, LCD2's, or something else. So keep that in mind. Right now a few things that...
Very impressed with these for the $95 amazon price. I will say that when used through my audio gd compass they really shine. The bass gets very accurate, and punchy, the sound stage opens, well everything get's better They do sound great plugged right into my ipod, but when plugged in to the home rig, they sound AMAZING!! My UM3XRC's arrive tomorrow, should be a fun day of listening, and comparing.
So If I wear them down with the UE facing in, should the right be in my left ear than? Getting confused here, because I prefer to wear them straight down with the UE faced in, just not sure if I need to switch the cable or which housing goes in which ear.
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