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Nice amp.. I sure do miss my Odyssey Lorelei's. Great company and Klaus is a pleasure to deal with. Good luck with the sale.
Pm sent
I could see that. In my experience over the past few weeks, I have come to realize the benchmark plays the music as is, albeit extremely clean, it does not color the sound in anyway. Whereas other dacs I have heard can tend to influence the source material with there own sound, I.e warm, bass heavy, dark, etc. I suppose that is why I am enjoying the benchmark as I want to hear the source material as is.l
Purrin- or anyone for that matter... Have you listened to the Benchmark Dac2 HGC? What are your thoughts? I recently picked one up and find it to be excellent. I'm surprised no one really talks about it here at head-fi, and am wondering if there is a reason or something I'm missing. Thanks!
Sent PM right away on the JVC... Hoping I was first
Thanks great option. I actually ended up grabbing a benchmark dac2 hgc, and will pick up a second pair of t1's or XC's for the wifey.
Thank you very helpful. This is what I feared. The xc will be here tomorrow, so I will A/B it against the T1 on my current amp to see how significant the volume differences are. If they are indeed significant I will have to start researching the two amp with a loop option I suppose.
Thanks Chris. Visio on hold lol, picked up a pair of Audeze lcd-xc yesterday. Now I just need to decide on my amp upgrade. I'm thinking benchmark dac2. Another member did me a favor and hooked up a pair of audeze x and a pair of hd650's to his dac2 and told me he had no problems driving them simultaneously.
Would be interested in any input on this as well. I'm currently trying to decide between the two. Leaning towards the grace for the display as opposed to blinking led's if all else is equal.
Or I could just buy the new 70" Visio p series and say "sorry honey, no way to listen together"
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