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Good luck all... Especially to me
Initial impressions.... These are a "fun" set of cans. Great purchase for the cost imo, and they are keepers for non critical listening. To me though the negatives are they are lacking detail, small soundstage, and to be brutally honest the bottom end/bass is a muddy mess (the wood bothers "paradise" album with stand up bass shows this as does Kendrick Lamar "To pimp a butterfly). Yes they have punch but it's a messy punch and not accurate at all imo. Please note I've only...
Just got my tacking number...where are they shipping from? Can't track it. UPS having issues.
Yep, really in Md and work in DC. Maybe I'll try to get through the Holidays and come to the Feb meet and try to give it a listen. Thanks for the heads up.
Anyone have rag/yggy stack that has had extensive time with the benchmark dac2 hgc? It seems the benchmark doesn't get much love around here. The rag/yggy has got my upgraitis peaked and am curious if it would be a vast improvement over my benchmark and worth the extra coin.
Username: Kali77 Would love to see a special edition Sennheiser Hd800S or a noble savant
Back up for sale. For sale in the CONUS only at this time. Up for sale is my pair of excellent condition Audeze LCD-XC. They are a little over a year old and come with all accessories, case, etc. Price is firm and shipping, PayPal fees would be the responsibility of the buyer. Thanks.
Plakat and Project, I appreci the honest and straight forward guidance. I've been here a long time... Although not the most active, always lurking. I came here after losing my dedicated two channel listening room (mini humans). I've listened to almost ever headphone in one setup or another. I've been happy but have also realized I'll never get the same soundstage, presence, etc as I'm accustomed to. Thanks for your input happy listening.
The Lcd-xc is extremely efficient. With that being said, I could not agree more about why the dac2 is never talked about...... I guess no hype "paid reviewers/members" plays a part. I suppose if I move to a more demanding can I'll look at upgrading to a separate amp.
I currently run my T1's and Lcd-xc from benchmark dac2 hgc. I have a pair of massdrop fostex coming and plan on adding an HD800/s to the stable as well. Anyone think with my current inventory I would benefit from adding a v281 to the chain? I have been very happy with dac2 for the last year or so. Thanks for any input/suggestions.
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