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So I'm looking at the Grace M920 or 903 and the benchmark dac2. Leaning towards the Grace. My question is will either of these units have enough power to drive the T1 and another set of cans simultaneously? Second set is undecided but considering Fostex th900, Senn hd800, or another set of T1's depending on what the wife wants. I really don't want to have to buy a separate amp also. Thanks for any guidance. Also open to other recommendations on amp/Dac that has two...
Great. Thanks hifirobot
Can I use two sets of cans simultaneously with the two front outputs? Say if my wife and I wanted to listen together. Thanks.
So my wife has really started to get into listening to my rig lately. Are there any good amps that have dual headphone inputs so we can listen together? I was literally getting ready to purchase the new oppo ha-1 last night and then she stated she wanted to get a set of cans. So I figured if the option is out there I should explore it so we can listen together. Looking for something that can power a wide variety of cans. I have T1's and HD650s right now but am...
Has anyone paired these with the Beyer T1's? I just ordered a pair, and I'm looking to upgrade my GD compass. This has a lot of great features for sure, just not sure how it would pair. Other route would be tube amp and separate dac. With that being said I think the PM-1 will be next on my list to add so I'm keeping this in mind as well. Thanks for any feedback on the combo.
Anyone tried the oppo ha-1 with the T1s? I'm contemplating this combo but unsure if the oppo would be a good match.
SOLD pending payment
Pictures will be taken when I get home in an hour or so.
Listing my Denon D7000 up for sale. They are in fantastic condition, bought new by me from an authorized dealer. They have 300-350hrs on them roughly. Come with original box and all accessories. I will post pictures in a couple hours. My price is SOLD shipped in the CONUS. Thanks Edit: Pics added, sorry for the horrible quality, time for a new camera
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