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Not actually highschool, but dev school, so it can be pretty annoying to log on a computer with no jack when you spend most of your day on it.
The reason is that people are ******** and keep breaking the jack input of the computers, and I think they are just getting tired of sending back iMacs because of broken jacks.
This actually looks really interesting, thanks again! I'll have to look for some reviews.
Hm, listening to music is what I mostly do while I work tho, so I would have liked something decent. Oh well, I'll look around the cheaper options!
Thanks for your input, yeah the U3 should be plug and play, requires software for the dolby and stuff but without those options it works out of the box, from what I read. The Topping looks nice but is too big I think. The form factor of the U3 is what really attracted me.   Thanks again.   Edit/ Actually, don't quote me on that, the U3 might only work with windows after doing some more research. I'll have to look for users return on that.
Hello, my school recently forbade using the jack input on the computers, so we either have to get USB headphones or some kind of a mini soundcard. I've been looking around and am interested by the Xonar U3, reviews say it's good, but I wonder if the pricetag really is justified, or if I'm better off getting something cheaper. I don't mind spending the money if it's worth it. If I go for that option, I'd like to know if there are any software that would be an issue, since...
That would be nice :) I'll give my impressions when I get them.
Welp, I just bought these. Hope they'll prove worthy. Anything to add to comfort me in my choice while they arrive :) ?
I can deal with the lack of noise cancelling, it's a plus but not an absolute :) Thanks anyway!
Hm. Those Brainwavz look very good. Will look into them but I'm afraid they're out of my budget. Will check if I can find them cheaper.
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