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Disabling the on board sound fixed the issue! Thanks a lot Honkytime.
Nope, playing through Direct Sound is fine. What's that on board sound you're talking about? Edit: In the bios! Will try, thanks.
Hello everyone, Using Asio with Foobar (Win7 x64), I noticed there was some annoying clicks and pops when Asio starts and stops or when I change manually change a song in Foobar (I think because Foobar restarts Asio). Uh. Dont really know what else to add, I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject, but I'd like some informations on why it would do that and if there is a way to fix it. Playback is fine, though.   Thanks everybody, please don't hesistate to ask me...
So the monitors but not the computer if I understand correctly? Thanks for your help btw :) This forum is awesome.
Cool. Will do. Or die trying at least. Random question: isn't it dangerous to have my computer plugged into a non-earth plug?
Hm, when I plug the monitors to my netbook, which is plugged into an earth plug, there is no intereference. Is that relevent?        Yes.
That might be complicated, I don't think I have a "non-earth plug" in my room. Is there a way to disconnect it? Again, I don't have a lot of outlets and I plug everything to a power strip.
1/ Tried that already, there is still interference 2/ No problem with my headphones or my old 2.1 speakers 3/ Noise still there with ASIO
Some more information:   When I use the GPU (in games mostly), the noise is way louder! However, I tried removing the GPU but there is still interference in the monitors.   Could it be the PSU? I got a Fortron Hexa 500, maybe I need something better?   Also, when I plug the monitors to my MP3 player, there is no interference, but if I plug connect the player to the computer via USB, I can here interference.    Well, so, I think it either comes from the...
Hi, thanks for the answer. The Xonar Xense comes with that. That's how you connect speakers to it. I already tried to plug them to the headphone socket but it does the same thing.
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