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That would be nice :) I'll give my impressions when I get them.
Welp, I just bought these. Hope they'll prove worthy. Anything to add to comfort me in my choice while they arrive :) ?
I can deal with the lack of noise cancelling, it's a plus but not an absolute :) Thanks anyway!
Hm. Those Brainwavz look very good. Will look into them but I'm afraid they're out of my budget. Will check if I can find them cheaper.
I really don't fancy the look of the UE6000 :( And the Takstars would be too expensive to import... Still considering the Phillips and the Audio Technica, not much to read on the Phillips though...
Cool thanks dude they sure look interesting. I'll look into them.
Hey thanks for the input. There are no reviews on head fi that I can find though... Can you talk about them a bit? Comfort? Sound signature?
So I am also considering these: Philips shp9500, but I have to read a bit more about them. They look good though :p Over the ear, detachable cable... They do seem a bit bulky though so I'm not sure about traveling with them.
I already have a pair of IEMs. Earsonics SM2 that I love, but I want headphones for when I'm at work. Something I can remove and put back on quickly.@TheHeadphoneGuy,eBay does ship to France, but it would take weeks and I can't really wait that long, I need something I can get to start to use quickly. Also from the reviews I read I have some reserve about their comfort, they seem quite small for my ears.
Alright so little update. I have to unfortunately disregard the JVC ha-s500 because of lack of availability (can only import them from Japan). I am considering these: AKG k67 Audio Technica ATHWS55BK (leaning more towards these)   These are a bit more expensive than the price I put in the title but I actually meant euros :p   I would like many of your 2 cents please.
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