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[Apologies for the (semi) thread hijack, but thought it better to ask here than to start a new thread.]   Sharing an office nowadays so can't really use my DACport + HD 650 anymore. Anyone got recommendations for a closed-back headphone that pairs well with the DACport? Listening is 80% (indie) rock, the remaining 20% avantgarde/classical/electronic. Also, in general I'm not too keen on bass-heavy headphones, and comfort/weight is also a factor (well, duh ;-)...
ITEM Sorry, J3 - you were an awesome companion, but I need to downsize my mancave. In the end I realized I use your pretty little Rockboxed rival (Clip+) far more, plus I can get a lot more money for you. I hope you won't hold it against me. If you're here you already know what an awesome player this is, so no need to elaborate on that. Asking for 200 euros or best offer (considering eBay items 221133309688 and 320995533299 this seems reasonable). Payment by...
Just picked up a Clip+ and I won't use the stock earbuds that came with it. First person to message me their postal address gets them.
No, hence also the "GONE!" and "This Classified is Closed" text.
If I recall correctly 3570 = 3580, different model #s for different (geographical) regions.
GONE!   Free to a good home: Cowon iAUDIO 7, 8 GB, non-functional volume buttons. I'll send it anywhere for $5 (PayPal, "Personal - Gift" option). Please note that I will NOT include any accessories.
Edit/addition: Amazon lists the SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip 8 GB as the "newer model", but besides AAC support and a somewhat snazzier design I don't see any other advantages to justify the higher price tag - or am I missing something?
....and I'm looking for a new player. Unfortunately I cannot find the discontinued iAUDIO 7 anywhere online - if anyone knows where to buy (even refurbished is fine) it I'm all ears. As for its replacement, here's what I'm looking for: Absolute requirements: - 8 GB or more - Flash-based - Folder browsing - Good sound quality - USB host, i.e. I don't want to futz around with iTunes or similar bloatware Nice-to-have requirements: - Good battery life - FLAC...
Quoting the original poster (sorry, I hate Head-Fi's editor):   "that 256 and 320 take a trained ear to notice a difference. Is this true?" Can't speak for everyone here, but for me it certainly holds.   "How are songs from Amazon and iTunes?" Both good.   "invest in programs like Spotify" I like Grooveshark better, it all depends on what genres you like. I find Grooveshark better for more obscure indie and avantgarde stuff (two of my main...
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