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I've learned that GR07 has a so flat sound that makes it versatile for all genres. I doubt its bass could  be enough to rock up.
I wonder when will the Triple.Fi 10's review be finished? BTW, are there any perfect IEMs for METAL/ROCK to recommand?
I don't think the dtx sacrifices a lot of texture. Overall balance, ye, that's what we hifiers are looking for, but you can't give it such a low score just because it's a bassheads' iem. BTW, the dtx is not that bass heavy or dark. I think you've got a prejudice: you don't like bass, so an iem with a heavy bass will never get a high score in this list even though the rest parts of it are greatI'm not here to devaluate your effort. But I'll appreciate it if you could...
have your dtx been burned in to the best state? i experienced the period when my dtx got a excessive bass without good quality, a recessed mid and a slightly rolled-off treble. but now, after several times of comparison with the x-cape, my result is: bass: dtx100>>xcape (no doubt, absolutely. the dtx100s' bass is among the best in iems.) mid: dtx100>=xcape  (due to the lack of the bass of xcape, its mid is thin especially for male vocal, though not...
cant accept the result that DTX 101 just got 7.4 in your review. I've owned my DTX 100 for over a month, and I find out that DTX 100 is better than the X-cape v1 in every aspect except the price. I've been long waiting for the DTX101 score and expected a much higher score it would get.
how about KOSS KEB79? maybe they are for my taste
Thanks for your suggestion~I‘ve been interested in Fischer Audio Eterna since I read a lot of reviews about it. Unfortunately, I cant get one coz I'm in Shanghai, China. I've searched TaoBao,China's largest market on line, but there wont any, even a fake one...
Hey,guys! I've just got a KSC75, the introductive headphone to Hi-fi. It sounds bloodily fascinating! The lows, the highs are just the way I want them to be~...with the only pitfall that the mids are a little bit vague. But that's not a problem to me as I listen to ROCK&METAL basically. Now I've got a new task to be done--picking up a KSC75-like IEM for outside using, any suggestion?(for every price level at best)
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