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Hi, I have a pair of Brainwavz M2 which I don't use much since they don't fit in my ears well with the stock tips and tend to fall out to the smallest head movements or hurt my ears after a long period of usage at the computer, and I use my Sennheiser PX100-ii instead which I find very comfortable even for long periods. I'm looking to go back for some IEMs since the PX100-ii are open and don't prevent noise leakage and my main concern is comfort. If I got some of the...
Hi, just you a PM with some questions.
Looking to see if anyone has any interest in buying my Brainwavz M2 or Logitech G35, both in mint condition. The M2 is pretty much brand new as it has been returned from warranty because of a problem with the right earpiece and has only been used twice or so to test it again.   Can upload pictures if any interest or offers.   EDIT: Pictures updated. Looking for other offers too.
Bump, I'm wondering the same question about whether the ebay auctions listed are fake or not.   EDIT: And does anyone know the differences between the K430 and the K450? Thanks
The left ear seems to have gone back to normal today; maybe I didn't plug it in fully yesterday I guess :(, but thanks for all the help. The answer for the ticket was really fast lol, only took less than 1 day for a response, so thats a +.
Is there any process I have to go through to request an RMA? And how long would it take (if you have done it before)? Thanks
Hi.. My Brainwavz M2's left ear is starting to lose sound. I started to notice today that when I use it, sometimes it cuts off then the sound comes back about a second later, and it sounds really weird. This is the ear where the strain reliefs are coming off and now it's starting to not work as well. They are about ~3 months old from the new pre-order batch and are only used at home and not outside, so they are in great condition other than the strain...
How do you remove the strain relief? If I rip it off it'd in two pieces. Thanks for the great guide and picture by the way, I might try it. Is PVA glue (one you use for art and craft and etc) strong enough to be classified as "super glue"?
Hello,   So the strain reliefs of my left headphone on my few weeks old Brainwavz M2 are starting to come off and these are from the latest batch after the pre-order that is supposed to have better glue. I tried using some PVA glue but that doesn't really stick it together that well. Anyone have any solutions on what I can do? It's starting to peel off more and more now (especially because I use the ear gliders as well I think?) Help would be really nice
I've bought the M2 a few weeks ago and the delivery to Australia was as quoted on their website page complete with tracking; can't beat that with free postage.
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