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I remember when I was on the forums a while back...maybe half a year....everyone was so fond of Drew. Now its the opposite? I will take appropiate actions, thanks a lot guys and, no, I am not a troll. I am just a long-time-no-poster. Cheerz
Has anyone heard of Drew? I've been sending him quite a few of emails but I never received any replies what so ever. I still haven't received my amp from last year and I was wondering what was going on and to ask for my money back. It might sound unbelievable, but I have received 2 packages from Taiwan without any problems, but somehow drew's package never arrives althought it was send out (as he says) Any ideas/help? I need to call up the credit card company...
Bugger!! Sorry fellas, haven't been on for a while! Was working throughout the holidays as well! Bum bum! Hope you dudes had a good one.
Currently just 4 things My laptop headphone out SOny MZ-R900 Mini disc JVC MD MX S 6MDR Hi-Fi Acer 128Mp3 player stick thingy
thanks for the replies peoples. Sorry Drew for being so impatient. I just got a bit worried after I send you email and there was no reply. Please take your time and recover well! thanks
Hello dear members I have a big problem. A while ago I have ordered an Amp from, but to this date no amp has arrived yet. Drew the owner of the site has sent me another amp after I told him that the first one didn't arrive (after about 1+month). THe second amp also hasn't arrvied. Could it be that the amps are stuck in customs? Or have I been jibbed? Any reply greatly appreciated. Guchi
certainly Drew from shellbrooklab~ for putting up with my endless questions, confusion etc. My first ever online purchase, I am still waiting eagerly for my SMM keep up the good work! edit: gsferrari AHHAHA i love our signature! well one dollar cheaper!
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