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Serial number 030/300 reporting.     I'm not even into stack-fi anymore, yet I simply couldn't resist its sweet signature. Simply a beautiful sounding amp.
Serial number 030/300 reporting!     What a gem of an amp this little bugger is. And I'm not even into stack-fi anymore. Still couldn't resist its sweet signature in the end.
 Did I hear Miracle with DX100?  Heehee...
 Give it a listen when it's available on your side. I enjoyed my 75 minutes with it. I'm sure you will too!
 Hey there Goodvibes, thanks for bringing up the thread for better clarity.Here is the page where I posted the very favourable initial impression of the ZX2. I do still adore the ZX2 very much, and to be honest, ZX2 has a very different signature compared to AK240 or DX100.ZX2 is a rather musical DAP that allows one to just enjoy the music, while DAPs like AK240, DX100 and Lotoo Paw Gold are more clinical in nature.
 Hi gearofwar, I'm the owner of that post at Hardwarezone, and I've also posted my impression of the ZX2 in this thread, specifically post #869. In this post, I specifically mentioned that I spent 75 minutes trying the ZX2, and I do actually love it very much.   Rmap, it's ok if you feel that my impressions of DX100 and R10 differ from yours. Sound is after all subjective and we all hear differently.   Yes, GuyDebord, unfortunately, many of the forum members at...
A whole setup, literally.     Not usually a portable amp kinda guy, but I simply couldn't pass up on this one.
 Have not heard the AKR02, so shall not comment. But the Fi-ba-ssis just excellent sounding. For a single moving BA, it sounds very transparent with excellent details yet it's has that bit of rawness which translated to gobs of emotions.Only gripe I had was that it could probably do with a bit more air.
Enjoying the FAD Fi-ba-ss on a lazy after with DX100, accompanied with a nice aromatic cup of coffee.  
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