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 I tried HD600 & 800 on DX100 and the boy handled the Sennheiser twins fine. T1 on DX100 however, sounded a bit breathless. YMMV.
For sale here is a pair of UM Miracle that's around 2.5 years old. We had a good run together, but I've decided to sell this baby to raise funds for another project.   Warranty has expired. I have the big jewelry case that the Miracle shipped with, but if you feel that this is too big and unnecessary, I will ship the Miracle with stock cable in a Pelican 1010 case.    Sonically, both sides are perfect, with Miracle's forte being its wide yet deep soundstage and neutral...
SOLD. Thanks for the interest.
 Never mind the UH-01, I wan't even impressed by their flagship UD-501.
 Y are u even comparing the DP-X1 (DAP) to Benchmark DAC and TEAC UH-01 (desktop DAC)? Not even in the same category of products!   Bye bye. U are clearly in the wrong forum.
 It was announced but yet to be released. No word on any dates too.
 Makers have the freedom to charge what they feel is worth of their products. Consumers have the freedom not to purchase the products, and go for others. I cannot speak for the other members here, but I sure am tired and sick of your "opinion" on the DAP market. For what it is worth, perhaps you are better off sticking with your Samsung Note 4 and quitting this forum. Apologies if this post irks you, but I really had to post my piece.  
 TG334's stock cable is 001. Pretty stiff. 
 Pretty sure you can hear a diff. $100+ cable vs a $500+ one.
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