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 Depends where you are. Mongkok pretty much never sleeps. You can get supper easily at 2 AM. That's my personal experience.
   Seriously? These questions? In this thread?
Many thanks to Gavin for allowing Destrozer and myself the opportunity to molest his Plus5 and AK380Cu. A bit late to the party, but here's my impressions on the brief 15 minutes I had with the Plus5 (would had been more if not for the pesky Destrozer ).       The setup demoed was Plus5 on Uber Too cable (balanced) on AK380Cu.     The tonality was spot on. Neither too warm nor bright, the Plus5 was tuned just right. The various instruments sounded right. Piano,...
For sale is a 12 driver Unique Melody Mason IEM in universal form. This is the Japanese exclusive flagship model that is not available anywhere else. Specs of the Mason as below.   http://www.e-earphone.jp/shopdetail/000000048939/ct1821/page1/recommend/   This Mason is around 6 months old, bought while on a trip to Japan. Condition is absolutely mint without any scratches. I take good care of my stuff, so please feel safe to buy with ease. Full box set accessories with...
 U are free to choose whatever that works for u. Personally, I have never touched EQ simply coz I do not believe in it, but I do not denounce it the way u denounced cables.
 Change out the stock 001 cable and you will immediately notice a reduction in bass bloat. If you afford it, a pure silver cable will tighten the bass and clean up the treble. While the change will not be day and night kind of difference, it should still be noticeable.
Audio Technica IM-03 triple BA driver IEM for sale. Only 1 month old, condition is practically new. All accessories included.   Asking for $325 via Paypal Gift, or buyer bears the 5% charge. Item will ship from Singapore, willing to share shipping equally.
Thanks guys! Happy to know it works very well as a preamp too. 
 Excellent read. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks man!
Hi guys. Is anyone currently using the BHA-1 as a preamp in addition to the primary headphone amp duty? Any comments on the preamp performance? Thanks!
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