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Putting this ad up for a friend who does not have a Head-Fi account.   No box, only Westone Vault, unused Westone foam & silicon tips, 8 months old (take it as no more warranty coz receipt is lost) Condition is easily 8.5/10, used less than 20 times. He's selling coz dun like the sound quality. Photos as attached. He's asking for , please PM if interested.  He accepts payment only via PayPal, and respectfully request that the buyer pick up the 3% PP charge and...
 Describes me well.I love MILF and geeky girls. 
Hi JoeDoe, only looking for a cash sale at this point. Thanks for the interest.
For sale is my 18 month old Studio V.   Per photo, condition is excellent. No dents, scratches nor buffs on the unit. Unit is fully functional, with excellent battery life. Original box has been disposed as it is damaged. Unit will be shipped with charger, mini USB cable and a soft Sony pouch to protect the player.       I am asking for USD$200, and am willing to ship to anywhere. Only PayPal accepted, and I politely request that the buyer pay for shipping and 3%...
It's with a heavy heart that I'm putting up this pair of very mint pair of Rooth LSX5 hybrid CIEM for sale.   LSX5 is a 5-driver, 3 way CIEM, made up of single dynamic, dual mids and dual high drivers. Please note that the buyer will have to reshell this before it can be used for the individual.   I've had this pair since December 2013, and have taken very good care of them. Not ever dropped before, no scratches nor buffs. Photos as attached.       I'm asking...
 Thanks guys. Really am loving it.   Yes Kiat, many heartfelt thanks for the sale. Yeap, definitely will look for a cable for it.I still remember hearing the GPSP when we met up, it's astonishingly good. Way outta my expectations.
Finally a proud owner of a FitEar IEM. Have someone here to thank.
 Let me put it this way to you. I've got quite a number of friends here who are Fitear owners, and they also own several after market cables. None have got any issues with the connectors whatsoever yet. Does that answer your question somewhat?
 What kind of question is that?
 Actually, both JH16 and MH335DW gave me headaches. And some of my friends here in this thread will attest to how much I adore Fitear products.
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