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Would you consider a pair of Rooth LSX5?   This is UM Merlin's cousin, it has the same 5 driver hybrid driver layout.
Would you be interested in a pair of Rooth LSX5, a hybrid 5 driver CIEM.
 Congrats on your new toy. I'm still loving mine after 3 years. Not quite sure if it's possible for you to try the DAPs before you buy them, but that's what I'd advise. Money is not easy to come by after all.Between a DX90 and Calyx M, personally I'd go with the M. Tonality wise, it's much meatier and lusher in presentation, yet details are still forthcoming. I'm currently using DX100, while my wife is having the DX90. Alternatively, do give HM-802 a try if you can do.
Please feel free to offer.
Silver Venom is good for home or office.I wouldn't risk it outside since it's a solid core cable.But the sound quality is just...I'm still thinking about it, even now.
 Ah, the Gold Poison. Kiat will tell you that's one of my all time favourite cable.
 Aren't they essentially the same tuning, just a rebrand?
Here's a few of mine. Have 2 other Seiko as my daily beaters.   Just received this Sumo a few days back.    
For sale today is my Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 that has been recabled with Whiplash TWag 2 cable. Condition is a modest 7/10. Due to age, the underside of the headband is pealing slightly. The wooden cups have some micro scratches, but no major deep scratches. Item is without box, but the protective pouch is included for this sale. I am asking for US$230. I am willing to ship anywhere, but politely request that the buyer pays for shipping and Paypal fees. Photos as...
Then bloody buy other brands for christ's sake, instead of whining like a bloody girl.
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