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  Have had my Miracle for 29 months, and it has become my reference IEM.I still love it and it's seeing more time despite me getting a Rooth LSX5. I'll say that it's slightly laidback and very smooth to me, balanced sounding with details forthcoming, but never quite in my face.I'm also using it with a Silver Widow and DX100.
 Means they are entirely opposite of each otherAnd it's not meaningful to compare themWhat u wan is apple to apple comparison, not apple to orange
 Wah, like north and south poles leh.Literally at 2 ends of audio signatures.
 ... ... ...
Hi guys, anyone from Singapore who's looking for SW, Virus or Scorpion for Westone pins may PM me. I have 4 cables remaining from Frank, no waiting needed.  
 *gulp*I dun dare to go think about it
 Wah, u baiting me now huh?
 MH335DW for u, sir?
Gavin, please just stab my eyeballs LOL 
 *Joe throws Kiat a "I-know-what-you-are-doing" look*
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