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 That's y it's "just" a 2 core cable. 
 I'm waiting for mine to arrive. Should be a very interesting cable, this 18 awg pure silver litz. 
 If u have a friend that has a cable that you can try, I encourage u to. I have been using 3rd party boutique cables for as long as I have been in the hobby, and they have not disappointed me.
 Silver gold for a more organic signature or pure silver for cleaner and more extended treble
Sold. Thanks for the interest.
Long shot, but in case anyone is interested in a mint IM03, I'm letting mine go. All 4 pairs of tips untouched.   http://www.head-fi.org/t/813620/audio-technica-ath-im03-triple-ba-driver-iem
Up for sale is a mint ATH-IM03 triple BA IEM.   This set comes with full accessories as shown in the photo. All 4 pairs of ear tips (S,M, L silicone + 1 pair of Comply) are UNUSED, as I prefer my own Ortofon from day 1. Case is starting to peel on the outside, but absolutely perfect inside.   Condition is immaculate. They are either in my ears or in the case, so be assured that they are well kept.       SOLD. 
AK120 sold
Sold. Thanks for the interest.
 Why not?
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