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 What kind of dumb analogy is that? U r comparing Jaben (a private organization) to the government? Seriously, dude?
 Well, best of luck on your 435 then. I hope there'll be no issues with your unit, or I'd love to see how you handle the situation.
 I find your patronizing attitude more problematic if I'm entirely honest.
 I stand by that sentence. 
 Bro, alert Suyama San to this matter. Wear and tear should not account to chipping of shell.As your unit is still under warranty, it is ridiculous for Jaben to charge you reshell or repair. Please keep us updated here. All the best to you.   No choice? I hope the same thing do not happen to your incoming 435. If the same thing happens, I hope you can also say NO CHOICE BUT TO PAY TO REPAIR OR IF NEGLIGIBLE, JUST CONTINUE USING. You are downright irresponsible for this post.
Traded and closed. Thanks for the interest shown!
 While I concurr that the firmware plays a big part in the sound, I maintain that DX100 is noticeably the better DAP due to the DAC chip used. The single desktop chip in DX100 is implemented really well. 
 Funny that you should say that. I personally find DX90 more clinical sounding than DX100. Comparing the 2, DX100 is very slightly warmer and more organic sounding. I have the DX100 while the wife is using DX90.
Am willing to consider trades for IEMs and DAPs.
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