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      My Pulse Fi finally arrived after donkey years.    Installed the driver and plugged in my LG G2 in ear with apprehension, in case this box busts the driver. Everything seems to work fine, proceeded to plug in my TG334 for some initial listening.   Out of the box with no burn in, the Pulse Fi exceeded my expectation, with good refinement with none of the glare that is comes some poorly implemented Sabre 9018 chip. Works fine on USB with my Windows...
 Pretty sure they are worth at least twice or more €100..
 The Paw 5000 is really a no brainer for the price. I'd pick it over DX90 anyday.
 Can't say I love the Piano Fortes (VIII to X), coz they are simply too acquired a signature for me. Quite enjoy the new Heaven VII and FI-BASS and simply LOVE the Lab 1. Pity one can no longer get them.
 That Piano Forte that's being given out as free gift is the lowest end model that's really quite inexpensive.Heard it before, and it really isn't nice sounding, slightly hollow sounding. The top end models such as FI-BASS and Lab 1 are entirely different beasts though. Absolutely beautiful sounding, albeit with big price tags as well.
 Please don't take it the wrong way, but maybe you shouldn't be so critical, on the account that it's a FREE GIFT???
Am selling an Eastern Electric Minimax Plus DAC. Purchased 2 years ago, this unit has been used sparingly in a speaker setup in an air conditioned room. Please note that this is a 230V unit, hence will not work for USA.   A very capable and musical DAC using the ESS Sabre 9018 32-bit DAC chip. The USB will do up to 24/192. Essentially 2 DACs in a box with options of either solid state or tube, this is widely recognized as one of the best performing DAC for it's...
I'm waiting for a TG435. I know, zero chance. Sucha pity though.
 Excellent choice of speakers. Great value considering how they perform.
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