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 Come on Kiat, what she doesn't know can't possibly hurt her.LOL
 Green with envy. Nice one there Kiat.
 Which is precisely the reason y I've stuck with it for so long.
 No worries Mython, I'm still in love with my rig. This is the longest rig I've had. Miracle on Silver Poison with DX100 sounds phenomenal.I had the 901 for a week, and honestly thought the slightly cold Miracle would sound better with 901.It still sounded best on DX100. And the Rooth LSX5 sounds brilliant on DX100 too.   Yeap, I agree.Just so thankful it worked.
 I knew there was a hard reset method, just had to press the right buttons, as with DX50.LOL
 OMG, it worked! Thanks frankrondaniel, I owe u big time! Theory_87 and Mython, thanks for the suggestions. Appreciate the help.Nice to know this community is still extremely helpful when one is in trouble. U guys made my day!
Hi Mython, already tried hitting that reset button a couple of times. Didn't work. Thanks nonetheless.   I suppose, there might be a way of resetting physically. For DX50, it was pressing power and volume buttons together.
Item sold. Thanks to all for the interest.
Hi guys, am having a bit of trouble with my set. It refused to boot up yesterday morning despite being fully charged the night before. I tried putting it to charge again and also connecting it to my laptop, but to no avail. Is there any way of hard resetting the unit physically, since I can't get it to start up? Am also waiting for iBasso's reply via email. Does anyone know if they have a Head-Fi account?
1 unit of Westone W4R for sale. Very mint condition, with no scratches and buffs whatsoever, easily a 9/10 condition. Always in the vault whenever not in use.   Purchase from the Earphone Solution sale in Oct 2013 for $319 with shipping to Singapore. Am asking for now, not interested in trades. I respectfully request buyer pick up the 4% PP charge and shipping (I'm willing to ship to anywhere). 21 months of warranty remaining direct with Westone USA, will provide...
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