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 Can arrange to meet up for coffee
 Yup, very princely prices.   I prefer CK10 over 232. Though the CK10 treble is slightly sparkly, it is still pretty smooth. Though some have commented that the bass is very light, I find that not the case since I have pretty good fit. 232 is slightly thinner sounding compared to CK10, but the replaceable cable is a plus.
 AT in-ears in the past (CK10, 100, 100 Pro) were all quite costly. The new IM range are much more affordable, though more mainstream sounding. The CK10 & 100 were quite polarizing for me; I love the 10 but had no love for 100.
Managed to get an almost brand new pair.     
 Yup. What pleased me more was it was essentially brand new, since the owner only opened to make sure it was working. Loving it.    This pair is ATH-CK10. Discontinued some years ago.  http://www.headfonia.com/back-future-friday-audio-technica-ck10/
New toy. Got them at almost brand new condition. Must be the tiniest dual BA IEM I've ever seen.    
A legend up for sale today. The Rio Karma was launched in 2003 and discontinued in 2005. Sound quality is fantastic. Musical while still retaining great details, it drives most (C)IEMs with ridiculous ease.    This unit is rather minty for a 12 year old. Light scruffs on the back. Hard disk is working perfectly. Screen is immaculate, no dead pixels nor lines running. No modification done to the storage and battery.   Asking for US$250, with shipping and Paypal...
 They are not obligated to take your order since you are well out of their region; that they take time to reply your enquiry is already pretty decent of them. Ear impressions are hit and miss affairs, especially since Fitear take time to train their dealers to take ear impressions. Moreover, every refit eats into their margin, all the more when you are based in US. I certainly see the very valid reasons why they rejected your order.
 Depends where you are. Mongkok pretty much never sleeps. You can get supper easily at 2 AM. That's my personal experience.
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