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Hello all, Brief overview, then the logistics: I had UM3Xs for around two to three years. Eventually, as all products do, they wore out and the tip fell off.Contacted Westone and they were very helpful. Unfortunately, due to turn around times between AU and USA, I no longer require the new version of them that I received early this year. I can drive to my new job and don't need public transport anymore plus I have bluetooth IEMs for gym (Not that cruel a person as to...
They don't get used between my speakers and IEMs. Great headphones that deserve use and I could use the money. Everyone knows these headphones... They're roughly a year old and you can see the condition in the photos. Which, apart from some fading, is very good.   I'm in Brisbane if you'd prefer a local pick up.
  1. Are you familiar with SACD? DSD? Very.   2. Do you own any SACDs? One or two bargain bin ones, like Dark Side of the Moon.    3. If so, what percentage of your collection is SACD vs CD or files? Sort of irrelevant question for me. I EAC my collection, then only get the case out when I want to see the artwork/lyrics/ritual first listening mode. I can get a PCM conversion from the SACD's master, so the SACD is useless afterwards.   4. Is SACD/DSD...
I know this is months old, PM sent regardless.
  -edit: **** it, not worth the keystrokes.  
USB prober for OSX, I believe is it's name. Plenty of options for windows. Try google.
Please don't give Lucas any more ideas. He'll want to re-re-re-release it with touched up CGI.  
Prefer active. Passive just incites the urge to 'tinker', I.e. waste a lot of time and money for little gain with amps (at the very least). Or even occupy your mind with valuable thoughts like what you may potentially be missing out on with x amp, compared to that prettier y amp. Active just cuts that out of the equation.   But I use monitors, hi-fi wouldn't adhere to that school of thought anyway. Nor do they really have the option outside of sub woofers generally.
If you're on Win7/Vista/XP you can permanently set the polling rate to 500hz or 1khz.
Xai hasn't arrived (been a month sadface), back to my back-up's back-up. Good ol' MS 1.1. Forgot how good this mouse is.
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