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Yeah I have read great things about the shielding capabilities of the Xonar STX so I am not going to worry about that aspect of it. I will look into the line out to external amp when the time comes (after I buy the DT990s with 600 ohms) haha   Hey, also I noticed that newegg has the STX for $180, while amazon seems to have multiple versions??? One of which is $170. They all say 'STX' so I am assuming they are the same, but why are there multiple listings with different...
Is the card still for sale? If it is could you PM me a best price shipped to Bozeman, Montana? Thanks a lot. 
Quote: I have noticed while only just beginning to get into hi-fi that the possibility of upgrading makes me anxious to have the hardware already, so I tend to make rather rash decisions haha  My mobo's expansion slots are as follows:  1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x16 (PCIE_16)  (The PCI Express x16 slot conforms to PCI Express 2.0 standard.) 4 x PCI Express x1 slots 2 x PCI slots So I should be good with the STX since I have 4 PCI express x1   Thanks for...
Ok sounds good, that should be no issue then, all of you have been a great help, once again convincing me to drop $180  
Okay thanks a lot, you've helped a lot and I think I am going to be buying the Xonar STX. Can anybody help with what cables will I need to hook up my speakers? Would a male XLR to male RCA work to hook it up to the STX? The only other input on my speakers is a TRS 1/4 inch.
Yeah I definitely agree with what you had to say about putting that marginal cable money into something like my actual headphones or a better amp, etc. Thanks for the help regarding the cables Parak, greatly appreciated.  
I am not to worried about the portability aspect as I am working on a CMOY currently. Quite a few people have recommended the STX now so I am leaning towards it over the Fiio E7/E9. However, some people in other threads I am following have simply said that external is better than a sound card. If the STX performs better than the E7/E9 why do they say this? Or are they referring to high-end amp/DACs? If/when I decide to upgrade my cans to something like the DT990-600...
I downloaded the WASAPI plugin and I set it in my preferences as my default output. So is that all I needed to do it is working properly now?   I know that all of these options have way more than enough power to drive my current headphones considering they don't even need an amp. But you think it can push those 600 ohm cans up to 105 dB though? If the DT990-600 is what I plan to upgrade to would you recommend another amp/dac entirely? If so, what would you suggest?...
I use Winamp, do I automatically have that plug-in or do I need to download it? I was confused because a previous poster said that he chose the STX due to WASAPI/ASIO and the sound to noise ratio. So any DAC can use it so it doesn't make a difference between the Fiio E7/E9 and the STX in that regard?
Alright so if I use the Xonar STX I will bypass the windows mixer which would be ideal. However, if I use the Fiio E7/E9 then it will not bypass the windows mixer? Thanks for clarifying all of this.
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