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Yes, of course.   I was referring to sampling rate and the USB chip, otherwise they differ as the HD2 is powered by the dirty USB bus and has neither impedance matching nor any analog output stage.   HD2: AK4127 (SNR) - PCM1754 (DAC) HD20: AD1896 (SNR) - AD1955 (DAC)
The USB chip in HD2 is the same as in HD20, Hegel’s Anders Ertzeid explained the situation, using the HD2 as an example:     
Darwin was right... on the money.  
File over 10MB so..
I was thinking more of transients and attack, which "is often forgotten in the traditional Fourier analysis based reasoning on sound characteristics".  
Can we boil down the question of this thread to CD's dynamic range at 96 dB vs. the "instantaneous dynamic range of human audio perception" at 85 dB?
Magma - Félicité Thösz (2012)  
I don't really know how much the different codecs have improved, but how can anyone tell... if AAC 256 VBR was transparent four years ago for some ears?   Well back in 2008 there was an article in Stereophile (from fig. 7 and downwards) about FLAC vs. AAC vs. MP3 that might be of interest.     Back then it supported what majkel had to say about going beyond 320 kbps...    
Band: Alamaailman Vasarat - Valta (2012) Genre: Kebab-kosher-jazz-film-traffic-punk-music     3 tracks from the album:
Yes, it's all about the obsession over something minute that's different from the linear thinking as I've somewhat tried to explain in post #1006. To further elaborate.. it's about what we all are trying to latch on to and to some degree fail at.         In the everyday life music sometimes sounds dreadful, sometimes not... timbreeeeeeeeee!
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