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Yep, I see that now.  Sorry!
You get software updates/fixes with a subscription service.  They aren't really free.
I told my client to update the server at the same time and bam both machines got updated. Was there an Android update as well?
Those waiting for ASIO and native DSD support, Build 21 was just released.  
 With one near future modification I was informed today.  An alphabetical jump list for artists and albums.
I assume they would offer some type of LAME encoding.  For me I might just do the flac files as couldn't possible hold anywhere near my 10,000+ album collection even in the lowest quality mp3.
Headless is a version without graphical user interface for machines that are dedicated at your audio hardware and may or may not have a display and keyboard hooked up to them. Local download from Tidal as of right now, no.  They aren't licensed to download from Tidal I read somewhere.  Download from your personal music collection in Roon to an iOS/Android devices or another laptop to take your music on the road with you. The local download feature is something a...
 The forums are chalked full of mentions of stuff in the roadmap. 1) More advanced tag editor along with the ability to use file tags for certain things like album title instead of what's in their database.2) DSP support.3) Local download and playback4) Headless version5) iOS app.  Android and iOS apps will get jump list support in an update. etc From just the top of my head.  They are very responsive in their forums, one of the reasons I jumped on board so quick.
It's probably not available on Mac.  It might have been introduced in v20.  Anyway you can find it under General->Features it has to be enabled.
I signed up for a lifetime subscription today.  Love the Tidal integration!   1) I do believe more advanced tagging is coming soon.  Along with the ability to config roon to use certain tags from your source files instead of the tags from their online sources without loosing all their extra collected metadata.  Example: Most Dave Matthews Band albums show up as Dave Matthews where I want them to use my Album Artist tag. 2) ASIO support is right around the corner.  Which...
New Posts  All Forums: