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Has anyone confirmed that V2 pads fit on the V1?  Distributer is trying to tell my dealer they are slightly different sizes.
Anyone using Canopener Studio on OSX?  I'm using it in Audirvana and simply can't listen to headphones without it anymore and I've tried all the others.
I'm using Simaudio NEO 230HAD, it's 1W at 50ohms.  I had an SPL Phonitor Mini that is 2W at 300hms and I could barely turn the volume on before it would get ear bleeding.  It died within 5 days so I'm just getting my money back for it.
I think he meant "flagship for phones".
I assume the comparison was with crossfeed disabled?
Got tired of fighting with crossfeed DSPs on my iMac.  Solved my crossfeed problem with this little baby.
Bought a set blind today, I might as well write off the rest of the day.
Decided I'm going to grab one today.  Moved into an apartment and I don't want to piss the neighbours off with my main stereo so this will be my first dedicated head phone setup.  Starting with my Shure 1540s but will eventually look at trying some LCD3 when I can get up to Edmonton.   Seems the 230HAD punches higher than it's price from all the reviews I've read.  My other option was the Ayre Codex but I need analog in for my turntable.
Yep, I see that now.  Sorry!
You get software updates/fixes with a subscription service.  They aren't really free.
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