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As the title says, looking for a mint set of HD650s. Canada only for now.    Might also be interested in an amp or amp/dac combo if someone's looking to unload a system.   PayPal only. PM me offers.   Thanks
 Tried that several times, it only works for about half a foot and then there's too much friction and the wire gets stuck. Probably just gonna order wider paracord.
Does anyone have any ideas for threading 28awg wire through Type 1 (1.85mm) paracord? I was planning on making an IEM cable, but threading the wire through the paracord is proving to be more difficult than expected. I thought I'd be able to just super-glue the central cord to the wire, and as I pulled out the core, the wire would go through the sleeving. But I can't seem glue the wire to the cord smoothly enough. Eventually something gets caught and I can't pull it through...
If you've got an unassembled kit laying around, shoot me a pm!
Looking for a pair of 500x or 700x, preferably in Canada. 
 I haven't decided yet. I have some DHC laying around, or I might try to reuse the stock JH cable that's all gross and oxidized now. I really like how the cables with red sleeving look here: http://www.norneaudio.com/litzheim/Type-4-OCC-Litz-CIEM-IEM-Westone-Shure-SE846-SE425-SE535-1964-ears-ue900-ultimate  
How thick of sleeving would you guys recommend for an iem cable?    I was looking at this: http://www.moddiy.com/products/Deluxe-PET-PP-Cotton-Braided-Sleeving-%28Red-4mm%29.html   But I'm not sure if 4mm would be too thick. 
Does anyone know where to get red/black cotton sleeving like the Vorpal series cable from Norne audio?   Like this: http://www.norneaudio.com/litzheim/Type-4-OCC-Litz-CIEM-IEM-Westone-Shure-SE846-SE425-SE535-1964-ears-ue900-ultimate
    Got my Jh13s finally! Reshelled by inEarz   Love them, they sound awesome. Only complaint is that they're a bit too sensitive. I have my zuneHD on volume 1 and it's almost too loud. Probably end up getting a impedance cable or something eventually. 
Sent you a PM.
New Posts  All Forums: