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Thanks for the suggestion. I have power amp and using the eq works great. But in Google play music there is no eq. Which is annoying because there was on my nexus 5. Apparently it's just disabled for some devices, like the v20. I was hoping for a system setting or something since I enjoy using Google play music.
I find the v20 minimum volume is too loud for for my JH13s. Even with the balance turned all the way down for both channels. Any suggestions for lowering the volume more?
Brand new, never opened. Came with my new phone, but I have JH13s so I don't need these.    Paypal only, prefer Canada but will do US as well. 
As the title says, looking for a mint set of HD650s. Canada only for now.    Might also be interested in an amp or amp/dac combo if someone's looking to unload a system.   PayPal only. PM me offers.   Thanks
 Tried that several times, it only works for about half a foot and then there's too much friction and the wire gets stuck. Probably just gonna order wider paracord.
Does anyone have any ideas for threading 28awg wire through Type 1 (1.85mm) paracord? I was planning on making an IEM cable, but threading the wire through the paracord is proving to be more difficult than expected. I thought I'd be able to just super-glue the central cord to the wire, and as I pulled out the core, the wire would go through the sleeving. But I can't seem glue the wire to the cord smoothly enough. Eventually something gets caught and I can't pull it through...
If you've got an unassembled kit laying around, shoot me a pm!
Looking for a pair of 500x or 700x, preferably in Canada. 
 I haven't decided yet. I have some DHC laying around, or I might try to reuse the stock JH cable that's all gross and oxidized now. I really like how the cables with red sleeving look here:  
How thick of sleeving would you guys recommend for an iem cable?    I was looking at this:   But I'm not sure if 4mm would be too thick. 
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