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Ok, thats fine. Thanks for replying so fast.
Great thread and app! I read deleting the .nomedia file allows you access to downloaded google play music tracks. Ive done this but it doesnt read artists details etc just for example 11445.mp3 Have i missed something?
Totally agree. And that's saying a lot as my last smartphones include the LG G3, HTC One M8, Samsung S5, Note 3, iphone 5S, iphone 5, iphone 4s and iphone 4, htc one m7, nokia Lumia 930, 1020, and many more.I also like the fact it can power via cable with ease both my AKG K845 and Philips M1 BT , of course the iPhone 6 Plus sounds lovely via Bluetooth as well.My genres are absolutely everything. Really surprised by the sound tbh. Negates the need for a USB DAC / portable amp.
Back again. For me my 6 Plus sounds better than every other smartphone I've ever owned including iPhones.
I have tried my akg k845 and philips m1bt in wired mode and bluetooth. my 6 Plus does an amazing job. best I have ever heard them both sound. I had a lg g3, s5, m8, note 3 and 5s. but I prefer the iphone 6 Plus.
I have a Samsung Note 3. First impressions of the E18 is that it triggered on my Note 3 a emergency assistance . This sent out several MMS with photos from the front and rear cameras and my gps location with a Google Maps links to 3 people setup. Everyone wondered what was up with my unshaven face and plate of biscuits lol So if you have a Note 3 when you use this turn of emergency assistance in the settings. Other than that this baby rocks. Using sony MDR -1R and...
Let's hope this will be able to be bought in the UK. Seems impossible to buy any digizoid products over here.
Cheers for those recommendations. Both those are £500 though in UK, so too expensive.
Ok, here goes. After several years of trying and owning so many bloody headphones I am getting to a point where I think I know what I like. I owned a bunch of headphones as follows - - jvc ha-fxz200, denon ah-c751s, Sennheiser HD558, 600, 202ii, px200 IIi, sony mdrex91, ath-ad900x, Sennheiser hd415, FA-011, REO, brainwavz b2, beyers dt880 600 ohm and plenty more. I have had all sorts of amps too. But. I've decided I can't be bothered with amps. At home or when out and...
I tried another go with these and it's a no for me. I am sticking with full size over the ears.
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