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The BeatsX have better mids and treble. And yes to the punchy bass. I prefer the whole spectrum on the BeatsX over the Solo3, bass included. A more dynamic headphone.
Worst. Beats Solo3, AirPods better. Not audiophile. Mine fit my ears well so sound ok and the convenience of wire free is great. BeatsX. Best audio quality. Better than any Beats headphone at this price point and the Solo3. They've been tuned to be more neutral ish. I can listen to my classical music with these and enjoy it.
I have the Beats Solo3 Wireless, AirPods and the new BeatsX Wireless. If anyone has any questions on the AirPods vs Beats or vs any current flagship bluetooth headphone just ask, or any questions re the new BeatX.
Just read all 42 pages of the thread. The Mojo was my first taste of Chord's products and I was very impressed. I am interested in the Hugo 2 I have been lucky enough to own APT-X HD portable source and headphones. I did notice a difference in the HD version of APT-X. So my question is to understand are you implying that by just using the standard aptx , the Bluetooth music on the Hugo 2 is better or no different in quality, because your DAC is way better? Or is it...
Where are people buying this from? I've seen nowhere in the UK or Europe. Anywhere else seems like a wait of 30 days.
Is this available to buy anywhere in the UK?
Just seen . Unbelievable price difference. Its as if they realise they can sell it higher now.
The Sennheiser HD598 CS (closed back) are on a lightning deal at 11.59am today on Amazon UK. I got these prior to Xmas for £89 on Amazon UK. They are worth every penny. No idea what price will be in just over an hour.
Compared to EarPods slightly more depth (bass). Everything really I said in my review.I wouldn't say they are top audiophile grade. Highly convenient and no wires and light.
I have now listened to these for 10 hours straight. My review is on my blog gavinsgadgets today. After today, just use the menu, reviews, audio. These do sound better than EarPods. Any questions, fire away.
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