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Not at all. Any particular tracks that you find this in?
I got the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.0 today. Sorry to report but musically I think they have the edge over the QC35. The QC35 definitely have the NC edge plus are firmware upgradable. Depends what matters most.
I've reviewed it Best way to describe them is your music comes alive. Very easy to drive so even from a Samsung Galaxy S7 they explode into action. Punchy , dynamic and fast.I have Bose QC35. The Bose sound quite good but vs Edition S, the Bose sound like their buried in a coffin.The Edition S feels like jumping into a fire,
Were the Sennheiser Wireless Momentums v2.0?I have been curious to try these to see if they sound better then the QC35.... What music were you listening too?Thanks
Great bluetooth headphones, really impressed. Got my review up today on my blog gavinsgadgets, also can be found using the menu, reviews, audio section. Any questions, just ask me here.
My review of the HiFiMan Edition S Headphones are live on my blog gavinsgadgets. Can also be found on my blog under menu, review, audio. Also includes a video review. Any questions just ask here.
Amazon UK have informed me release date is delayed by a few days.
The covers on mine are held on via magnets. Makes removal very simple.
I'll get my review done at the weekend but these things rock. Can't take them off. Work so well straight from my Samsung S7. Using my Oppo HA-2 is crazy good.
Received mine to today . First impressions are very good so far.
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