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My Oppo PM2 have now had 250 hours burn in. These really really need burn in. The difference is vast. Anyway. These are so wow. More soon.
Sold to a good home
I am selling my Sennheiser HD239 headphones – Only the headphones included as I no longer have the packaging that came with these. I bought these on Amazon Dec 2013, and bought them only to use to record my monthly podcast. Asking £35 plus postage.
I am selling my V-Moda Crossfade M100 – Including the box, and all the cables included as new, V-Moda XL pads which are fitted instead of the standard size, a v-moda wired cable (this is a cable without any extra connectors on) (this is on top of the included cables_ which have several options including music controls on one, and the hard travel case. These headphones cost £250. The cable and XL pads I bought from V-Moda cost £30. Photos enclosed shows everything. ...
I am selling my Sennheiser HD518 headphones with the upgraded cable by Fiio, the Fiio RC-HD1. Amazon sell these for £110, now on sale at £76. The Fiio RC-HD1 upgrade cable for the HD518 costs usually £60, but on sale on Amazon at £33.90. I am asking £55 plus postage. These are only 3 months old and bought from Amazon, so if required I could forward a copy of the receipt. Obviously, comes with the original box, headphones, original cable / adapter and Fiio RC-HD1.
Just received AKG K702 headphones to test with the Oppo ha - 2 and its a lovely partnership. Well matched sonically. Really like the k702 alot. Going to sell my v-moda crossfade m100, and sennheiser HD518.
I am going to release part 2 of my Oppo HA-2 tomorrow. I have been listening to the free tracks as part of the Oppo/David Elias promotion which are DSD recordings. I will update generally on how I'm now finding the Oppo HA-2 a week or so later.
My ears and written notes from first test. Subjective I know but I trust my ears ☺
Following my review on my blog gavinsgadgets dot com, I now have used the HA-2 for coming up to 100 hours. So has anything changed. Yes marginally. But I will pen my part 2 thoughts at the weekend by listening to the exact same tracks and seeing what I think might have improved... If anyone has any questions, please ask on here, or if there is anything I you want me to add into the review let me know. I already have a couple of requests btw.... You can find the review by...
Thanks for your comments. I am glad you liked my review.
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