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I'm still very impressed with this HTC 10. Apart from everything else mentioned, it also has at times terrific scale / range.
I have the Dragonfly Red review up on my blog Gavin's Gadgets today. It will also be in the menu, reviews, audio section. Any questions please ask.
It works, just the volume output is not loud enough as the S7 isn't connecting to the direct drive volume control of Dragonfly Red. Solution is to use an amp from the dragonfly.UAPP works correctly with the volume.
I will have my dragonfly red review up on blog on Wednesday. I just need some more time but it will be testing with the S7. It's not a perfect solution from my current tests as you can only use it with UAPP.
I have already. Go to my blog Gavin's Gadgets. Menu reviews audio LG HiFi DAC or use top right search. S7 included with photo in review. S7 standalone audio is good quality just low output volume so need very efficient headphones. DAC makes massive difference.
Sounds like its the module. The 10 will keep you busy
That's why I was asking. If you take the HiFi DAC off, and but the normal bottom on, then try and connect the HiFi DAC in standalone mode with a cable, does it work when plugging the headphones in?What you need to see if whether the USB port on the G5 is at fault. Have you anything else to test it with?Another thought. When the HiFi DAC is connected, try pushing it in tighter, even though you think its connected properly. All I am trying to do is a process of elimination....
So with UAPP installed, module attached... Then the next step is to plug the headphones into the DAC module... Did any message pop up saying use UAPP ... Just also worth checking if possible. Do you have any other portable DAC you can connect to the G5? Or a USB OTG adapter to check when connecting a USB stick for example, you get all the USB options.
Do you used UAPP? If not install the trial and then connect DAC. What happens..?
The G5 is better than the S7 in every audio aspect - wired, Bluetooth and loudspeakers and that is without the module.
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