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Got to agree, that is the best screen of them all Well, its been a few weeks with the HA-1 and it is a beast. I love the versatility as mentioned by others as well, and the sound quality is superb. And the value. I have never been so impressed with a single piece of audio in ages. My review is live on my blog, gavinsgadgets.com , but it pretty much sums up with what most of you are saying. Now if Oppo could make this at 50% smaller in footprint , that would be amazing!
Reduced from £94 to £74 plus postage for a quick sale.
My review will be live on my website on Tuesday, but what I have found is using the HA-1 in balanced mode is far more favourable. Even with Oppo's own PM-2 headphones , in balanced mode the quality seems much better. This is a really impressive piece of kit.
That is seriously impressive. Would love to know how you managed to do that? Any tips?
i am selling my Cayin C5 headphone amp. Bought last December via Amazon. No box now, just micro sd cable and one headphone lead. In good condition. Will upload photos soon.
Hi, I'm selling my AKG K702 headphones. I bought these back in March and have thoroughly enjoyed using them. I recently upgraded to some Oppo planar magnetic headphones hence the sale. I don't have the box anymore, but I can provide a copy of my receipt from Amazon. Bought from Amazon themselves. In excellent condition. My feedback is excellent. Will post in UK by special delivery only or a tracked and signed service only. I've added that I'll post to Europe, just bear...
And if quality over quantity counts, I reckon we are TOP
Well I do live in the UK and in probably the most beautiful place called Dartmoor. Dartmoor is a National Park of some 324 square metres. Consequently, I take lots of photos of the moor and upload many to Flickr - www.flickr.com/photos/gavinfabl100 . I work in the financial sector but also am editor of my own blog gavinsgadgets.com which focuses on mobile tech, gadgets and audio. Lots of reviews written by myself too. I started my audio life as an early teenager working...
I'm currently using the Oppo HA-1 with the Oppo PM-2 headphones using the balanced cable too. Outstanding sound quality so far. If you want or have any questions , please ask. I will be reviewing this combo soon on my website and answering any questions as I can. Everything has been burnt in for 200 hours.
My Oppo PM2 have now had 250 hours burn in. These really really need burn in. The difference is vast. Anyway. These are so wow. More soon.
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