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That's too bad, they're really nice IEMs once you've found the perfect fit.  I think the klipsch ovals are too hard to work with because there is no marker for positioning on the M5s like there are on Klipsch IEMs.    
OK, track mastering applications aside, is it safe to say that the d2000 is more neutral and closer to source than the d5000?
All of this time I was looking to upgrade my amp but upgrading the dac might be a better use of money, especially for my phones (see sig) thats why i ask. Edit: my only worry about the nfb12 is the possibility that it just flashes a dual wolfson chip to attract buyers but the dac as a whole is poorly put together. Like a really great engine put in a car with poor handling and poor brakes.
So at $200 are there any better options for a dac? Ignoring the amp portion of the nfb12 how does the dac stack up to other dacs in this price range?
I've seen a lot of measurements for the Sansa clip (not sure if I'm allowed to say where) and it seems to measure very well. So why does it impart such a warm sound signature? Shouldn't it be more neutral? Is it possible that this warmth is actually the result of a low quality dac that is too "fuzzy "? Because it seems to me that the Sansa clip is very warm and has no detail but has a powerful amp. I have come to really hate the sound signature of this player. I prefer...
The thing about a flagship headphone today is that in a few years it will be a lot cheaper.  If not that exact headphone, the technology behind the headphone will have dripped down to the lower levels.  We may not see an hd-800 for $700, but we may see a new headphone from sennheiser that features the exotic hd800 driver techonology and sounds just as good as the hd-800 and only costs half as much as an hd-800.     Like cars: todays lower end cars feature safety,...
The real problem is that most of these guys have had their ears blown off from dj'ing right next to their stage monitors. So they've lost the ear for balanced sound and fidelity.
Yes, so would the 100ohm impedance output amp screw up frequency response across the board with the denons? I'm still unclear on how output impedance affects headphone performance. Is it only a damping factor issue or does it mess with other things?
I listen to electronic music from primarily independent record labels. Probably all of it is mixed and produced with Ableton and a macbook
So the denons, having a fairly flat impedance response across the frequency spectrum, should sound identical from any adequately powerful source with a flat frequency response and good noise/the/imd measurements?
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