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  Thank you very much for your suggestions.  I had no idea such good stuff was coming out of the DIY market.  But ultimately I decided to pick up a used nfb 3.1.  Suffice to say I am extremely happy with my choice.
Thank you! About what frequency does this treble roll-off start?
So I should upsample to 96?  Because I had heard that the nfb 3.1 automatically upsamples the music and so I'm wondering if I should set up foobar (wasapi) to 96k so it can be bit perfect?
Somebody really has to make this clear for me:  What setting should I put on Fubar if I am listening exclusively to 44.1/16bit music via usb?   Should I upsample it to 96/24bit?  All of these numbers and terms are a little daunting.
Oh right, sorry for missing that in your other post . So how does it sound? Can you give a brief opinion/review?
Wow the ashahi looks excellent.  The only problem is  I only have a usb output with my computer, no coaxial or spdif
I am really interested in a dac with an dedicated power supply and not power through usb.  I appreciate all of the recommendations.     The only things about the Music streamer, in fact everything from HRT, is that I don't really like the design.  It reminds me of electric guitar audio equipment.  Which isn't bad, it just isn't a look I like.     I think the Peachtree Dac-it looks awesome, as does the 3.1, nfb 12, etc.  Anyway I've decided I really like source...
This thing looks sweet, but I can't find a distributor.  I've emailed Furutech, hopefully they will fill me in on pricing and availability.     I'm really taken by how cool this thing looks   EDIT: wow, I got a reply from Furutech in less than twenty minutes.  Apparently this will be officially released in April and will be distributed through HDL Distributing.  Not sure if they state this on the website but I am anxiously awaiting this product.   Has there...
 Hmm, interesting.  I would love for some measurements on this device, it's too bad nwavguy doesn't have a write-up for the nfb12 on his blog.  In any case I ultimately plan on changing the amp.  But I really enjoy soundstage.  I believe the soundstage of my headphones is slightly reduced through the E7/E9 combo compared to just the E7.  
I have been looking at a bunch of different source components in a bunch of different threads.  So far I have considered buying the Audio-gd nfb 12.1 (dac/amp) or the nfb 3.1 dac.     However, I have heard that audio-gd is not the most "accurate" when it comes to source components.  Something about a non feedback design and "pleasant" distortion.  While I'm sure "distortion" can make music sound great i'd rather listen to what was recorded.   Essentially I want a...
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