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Thanks for the suggestions.  I am looking at maybe an iBasso, but I'm not quite sure if I need DAC and other stuff like that....I have a lot to learn about amps.   But my headphones came early!  And they sound amazing!   Better than the Bose, with no burn in and no amp.   EDIT:  the nuforce uDac is 16 ohm output, my headphones are 25.  Do they need to match? 
They should be arriving sometime next week.  I am very excited, I have heard a lot of good things about these phones.  Now, what is the best amp to feed them?  I am looking for something under $100.   Will these headphones sound all right without a headphone amp?  How about out of my iPod?   I had the Bose QC15s and exchanged them for these, how good of an idea was that?
Update:  I've looked at the AKG K271MKII Closed back headphones.  Has anyone tried these?
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