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I just bought the E7 on Amazon, it has a DAC and amp, and it's portable.  So I hope it works out, this hobby is getting expensive ( >$400 at this point)
I just bought the E7, with a DOL for the ipod.  It should clear up my problems when it arrives.
I guess I just keep thinking, "well, I could have gotten the HD595s..." but opted for closed...   it doesn't really matter, they're sounding better every hour
I use an iPod Classic 6th gen, the 80gb.  Not the best for sound quality, that's why I generally prefer playing music out of my computer.  Can't do a lot of portable listening with my Denon's and their seven foot cord...
What is DAP?  The soundcard on my computer is listed (from the Dell website) as: Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio up to Creative SoundBlaster® X-Fi Xtreme Audio   As it stands, my Klipsch s4 IEMs sound better at a low volume than these, doesn't this imply that an amp would be of great benefit?  Or did I drop $250 on headphones that are outperformed by $80 IEMS?
The sound from my computer (desktop) isn't terrible... it sounds much better than my iPod.  So should I save the money and by an amp without a DAC?  I can plug that into my computer and my iPod?   Or could I possibly buy a better sound card for my computer?  Will this act as a headphone amp?   I can just tell that my Denons AHD 2000s aren't getting the full power they need.  The bass is weak and loose, and I need to turn the volume way up to get any sort of...
Why would I need a DAC in my headphone amp?  Is it worth the extra money?  Will the DAC help the sound from my PC?   I am not quite sure of its relevance, and I'm a little hesitant to invest before  I understand
Which amps did you have success with?   
All I can say so far about these phones is that there is nothing in the way of noise isolation.  I feel like I could have bought open-back phones for a little less money with the isolation i'm getting out of these.  Everyone can hear my music.
I want a portable amp that I can use for my PC and my iPod.  Does this amp meet those qualifications?  I've heard the nuforce is a good, inexpensive amp choice for the Denon AHD 2000s.   Anyone have experience with this combination?  Right now my Denons feel less...warm....then I expect they should.  Of course, I did just pull them out of the box.   Only $99?  Sounds good to me if it's a good match.
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