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Well, I'm not sure it's without bias, but I can assure you that the Denons are very very nice headphones.  For the sound signature I enjoy they really perform well.  I have no desire to upgrade my headphones to any other headphone, I am really content with the sound I have.  I have been upgrading my source components in lieu of upgrading the headphones and the Denons can keep up with just about anything.  You may have read that the mids are recessed, this is not quite...
I take every review here with a grain of salt.  A large grain of salt.  For one thing, most people have no idea just how much the brain can alter their perception of sound, taste, anything.  Cognitive bias is a powerful force that a lot of people fail of appreciate.  And in addition, a small difference in the architecture of the ear canal can lead to huge differences in opinions from different people, each as legitimate as the next.  So both psychology and physiology are...
Thank you, this confirms a theory I've long held. High fidelity and audiophile sound quality have different definitions,apparently, which makes sense
From my exhaustive readings of this forum I am led to believe that the d2000 is more balanced than the D5000. Have you heard these headphones?
I agree that people can spend their money on whatever they want. I am just really curious as to what the difference is. If the difference is a flatter response then I'd consider that to be "different" as opposed to "better". A lot of celebrated phones around here are known to be very unbalanced so it seems it's sound signature people are chasing as opposed to sound quality.
Well, if that's the difference $700 makes I just can't justify that. I feel that for the money one could get a well set up stereo system and it would be a much bigger improvement.TMRaven, do you prefer any other headphones over the denons? I am just curious as to what some other models might do better than the denons because they are the only over ears I've heard
But this is exactly my point.  Is that the only thing I'd be buying with $1000, a tamer treble?  Because I find the Denon's treble quite reasonable.  It is only on the very brightest albums (or poorly produced) that the treble is a problem, and even then it isn't that bad.     Last night I got a new dac, Audio Gd nfb 3.1, and I am really wondering how any other pair of headphones can sound better by any appreciable amount.  
It's possible, when I was looking there were a few units from a few different people being sold.  I happened to live in the vicinity of one of them and so I jumped at the prospect of not paying any shipping and not having to wait for delivery.   Haha, I'm sorry if I swiped the one you wanted, especially since I had only starting looking at these at your suggestion.  But I am sure there is another one being sold you can buy.     In the meantime, I am sure the nfb 12 is a...
I also have something to say about the Denons: given the proper source componenets, I think we can consider these true hi-fi headphones.  I know they don't cost $1000 but I think they are at a level of fidelity where more expensive headphones might sound different, but probably don't sound "better."   My 0.02, and in fact it's worth even less because I've never heard a $1000 pair of headphones.  I just have a feeling about it. 
  I ended up picking up a used 3.1 from a local member.  Thanks for pointing me in the right direction it's a huge improvement from my E7.    
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