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Wow, just when I thought I would never have to upgrade my headphones. . . Denon releases a newer model. . . 
I've had this dac (3.1) for about two weeks now and I really really like it.  In fact, I am completely content with my headphone setup.  From this point forward I will probably just focus on building up a stereo system, of which my nfb 3.1 will definitely be a part.
Yes for some reason I also had this issue. I ended up having to use USB instead of the hiface.
If I am not using acss should I have my LED light displaying "1" or "2" between the filter "flavor" and the input selector?
I love the denons with classical 
Not yet. I invested in a new dac and it made a larger difference than an amp would make, I think. Right mow I'm holding out for the objective desktop amp from NwAvGuy. So no "high end " amps in my near future.
Well, the very best option would be to purchase via Amazon so that you can have 30 days to figure out if you like them or not.  You could do this one headphone at a time.  All of the above headphones are great headphones, but as I said, only listening will determine which is the best for you.
The sound you are describing is close to my burn-in experience with the D2000s.  My advice would be to play them continuously so that you can rack up as many hours as possible in 14 days.  I noticed after about a month that the treble calmed down A LOT, sibilance was no longer an issue, bass became more prominent and also less clumsy.   So try to let them play for 10 hours a day, you should have quite a few built up by the time you need to return them.  You can determine...
  I'm not sure about that price, I haven't been in the market for D2000s for almost two years.  Depending on which sound signature you prefer either the HD650 or the D2000 will be the better headphone.  Unfortunately the only way to determine that is by listening to them.     This thread will answer all of your questions about the D2000:    
Are they brand new?  I'm listening to the Denons right now, great soundstage, controlled bass, mids right where I want them.  
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