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  I've been thinking about it, and if you want to upgrade the dac and the amp then the nfb 12.1 might be the way to go.  Which amp were you looking at for the denons?  Because for $250 the nfb 12.1 does give you the features you want and, though I haven't heard it, has received great praise for its dac and amp.  It's just my opinion that the amp will not be a huge improvement over the e9, but please note that that is an assumption.   For $150 I am drawing a blank so far...
I appreciate the above replies, however things have gotten a bit complicated.  What is phase, phase angle, magnitude, etc.?  What is "output coupling C?"   Haha every time I think I understand amps it they turn out to be far more complicated than I had imagined.
Yes, for the above poster with the denons, let me just reiterate that your amping needs are taken care of the by the E9.  The E9 is a great amp for the denons.  If you really want to improve the sound quality you have to start thinking strictly about dacs.    I think if the above poster (haejuk) buys the 12.1 most of the improvement will come from the dac.  As Brooko said above, the E7 is really the weak link in the E7/E9 combo.  The E7 is a nice dac, sure, and I...
My advice is to do what I did: keep the e9 because it is a fabulous amp and the denons are easy to drive and upgrade the dac. I bought a dedicated dac and thought it was well worth the hundreds of dollars. YMMV.
I do own the E7. The E9 sounds much better. In fact that is what prompted me to start this thread. Damping factor from the e9 is 2.5 compared to roughly 125 from the e7 but the e9 sounds much cleaner, just an improvement in every way from the e7.Edit : spelling
Well 6 DB is certainly large enough. And. 5 is detectable. I guess I'm just wondering if I am missing out on something because I only have a damping factor of 2.5
But is electrical damping really so important for tiny headphones drivers? And couldn't we basically consider a variation of half a decibel to be inaudible?
There has been a lot of talk about damping factor and impedance response around here lately.  Such things as "sensitive headphone drivers do not need damping factors as speaker drivers do" and such.  I am wondering if a headphone such as the Denon D2000 (which has an impedance of 25ohms across the board) if at all susceptible to the problems associated with low damping factor.  After all, if the output impedance of the amp is high enough to distort the frequency...
I've had this DAC (3.1) for a few weeks now and was wondering if anyone shared in my opinions:   I would say that this DAC is very revealing.  It is prominently displaying hisses, cracks, and static in tracks that I have never heard before despite listening to said tracks hundreds of times..  I am not sure if I want a more revealing dac than this because modern recordings are so terrible.   It also seems to me that this DAC is very slightly mid-forward.  I only...
Has anyone been able to extend the life of the FS foams by washing them? I haven't had any luck but maybe I am doing it wrong. The FS foams, white and black, only last a week for me.
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