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Just get a neutral ss amp with low enough distortion across the board and you'll be OK.  In my opinion the denons benefit more from and upgraded dac than an upgraded amp, they are easy to drive.  I drive mine with an E9 and I couldn't be happier.  Some people are happy using portable amplifiers for the denons.      The list of usable amps for the denons is very long, if you have a few choices in mind maybe we can advise you from there. 
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Can you describe what the clipping sounds like?   For me it is a reproducible static sound that occurs at the same time on the same tracks, regardless of volume.  At first I thought it was because the track was poorly mastered and my new dac was the only gear I had that was resolving enough to expose the static.  But having read here that the E9 clips after 2.1V (and I have no idea what that means) I now suspect that the amp might be clipping. I don't hear the static...
I use the audio-gd nfb 3.1 dac, which has a line output level of 2.5 V, and the 3.1 feeds the Fiio E9, which I hear clips around 2.1 V.  However, I am not quite sure what clipping is.  I have noticed that on certain tracks with large dynamic range there is abrupt static at very loud portions of the song.    Is this clipping?  Can this be remedied, or do I need a new amp to keep up with my DAC?  Or do I have this all wrong ?
  I wouldn't feel too bad about the filter options.  Out of my nfb 3.1 I do not think I would hold up to an ABX blind test on filter settings, they all sound the same to me, except for an extremely tiny difference that I am willing to believe is psychological.   I have not heard the 12.1, but out of the 3.1 the adjustable filter options seems a little unnecessary.    
To be honest I think that the M5 and the Denon 2000s have a very different sound signature.  Granted, my description of desired sound signature fits both the M5s and the D2000s, but owning both I can say that they take entirely different approaches to sound.   Anyway I've stopped looking for a full sized headphone that sounds like the Atrio M5.  Now I am looking for an IEM that sounds like the Denons    
How many classes of amps are there?
Does anybody know what class-type of amp the E9 is?  Class A, D. . . ?
Chris J, this is all a little over my head but all responses are appreciated. I guess I just want to know which amps are suitable for my headphones. It seems most are if they have enough current. A lot of people advise against tubes for the denons but I want to try it.
For all intents and purposes, the denons are "semi open."  People will hear your music.  It won't be loud but they will hear it.  If this bothers them than the isolation is poor.  If they don't mind I suppose the isolation is adequate.   But if isolation is what you are going for i'd stick to different headphones.
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