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A little uncalled for.  If you look far back enough in this thread you'll see, upon release, everyone wondered what type of product this would turn out to be.  Some felt that the amp would last a long time because Fiio typically makes good equipment.  My E7 is still running perfectly. I reported my experience to lend evidence that the E9 is not as durable.   And the "real person"comment should have gotten you banned by now, in my opinion.
After two years or so of ownership my Fiio E9 is starting to break down.  The hiss we all experience while adjusting the volume is now present much of the time the amp is turned on.  Sometimes I can fiddle with the volume pot to make it stop but as of now I am looking for a new headphone amp.  I was impressed with the quality of the amp for the price when I bought it but I cannot recommend it in terms of long term durability.
Wow most of my music falls between 3 and 6 on the Dynamic Range scale.  The widest dynamic range of my library comes from Joanna Newsom and Shpongle albums, which are around 10-12 on the scale  
    Thank you!  This is exactly what I needed.    What values would qualify as wide dynamic range?  Narrow dynamic range?  How do the values correspond to decibel variation?
Are there any websites that have a special on the M5?  I know there was a place where they could be had for $100.   I need a new pair, my faithful M5s were stolen this weekend after a year and a half of extremely satisfied ownership.   So my first inclination is to buy another pair, I don't really have a desire to try other IEMs  
Foobar has a peak meter that I like to use sometimes.  I am wondering: if the blue bars reach all the way to the limit of the meter, does this imply that some sounds are being dynamically compressed?  Otherwise the bar would extend higher than the limit of the meter?  It is not really possible to say how much dynamic compression is occurring using this method, but can this be used as a tool to determine when dynamic compression it is taking place?
I really appreciate the above advice.  Some of the suggestions were a bit too technical for me, but ultimately I was able to determine that the amp was clipping by playing a "static-y" portion of the song and replaying it with the computer volume at 70%.  At 100% there was static, at 70% no static.  Case solved.   Any resources explaining what causes this or what this is or how this all works would be appreciated.  As mentioned above, I don't even know what 2.5V RMS...
The cheapest option I know of is to stream via wifi an iPhone to an apple TV ($100) and run an optical connection out to a dac.   The iStreamer looks cool but is not portable, which is disappointing. 
I am not sure why you are having trouble with the Aune, I guess not all gear matches perfectly.  I drove my Denons with a Fiio E7 for over a year with a giant smile on my face, again most of the difference came from the dac portion of the e7 than the amp, but the amp is nice too because of its very low output impedance.  Adding an E9 introduces a higher output impedance but, overall, better sound quality.   I have not heard the E17 but reading around it here it seems to...
It is difficult finding someone who has purchased both and compared them.  I think a few people have mentioned that the differences are almost unnoticeable, it seemed like going through the thread there were a few 2.1 owners disappointed in the degree of similarity between the two models. I would buy the 3.1 and a Digital Interface for the price of the 2.1. . .  that way I could have two nice black boxes instead of only one  
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