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Hello all,   I am looking to purchase an external soundcard (dac/amp) for a pair of gaming headphones.  I also have M-Audio AV40s, that I'd like to hook up to this DAC, and be able to easily switch between using headphones or using speakers.   I'm looking at something like the ASUS Xonar U7 Sound Card.  I'd prefer something with Mic input as well.     Budget is $100 or less for the DAC/amp.   Thanks, Alex
Closing this listing momentarily, will open again in the near future.
For Sale: Audio-GD NFB-12 Headphone Amplifier / DAC   Condition: Good - Smoke-free, pet-free environment, 1 small scratch on volume knob.    Hi all,   I am selling my Audio-GD NFB 12 headphone amplifier and DAC unit.  This is a very solid amp/dac combo that is slightly warmer than neutral.  Has USB, Optical, and Coax inputs, as well as RCA outputs.   Includes: amp/dac unit, power cable, and usb cable.   Asking $150 or PM me with offer.   Will ship anywhere in...
For Sale: Denon AH-D5000   Condition: Good - Smoke-free, pet-free environment   Hi all,   I am selling my Denon D5000s in an effort to downsize my current setup.  These are a great all-around 'phone, but do best with bass-heavy music. They've lived in a smoke-free, pet-free environment since I bought them new, and are in good condition.   Asking $550 or PM with offer.   Will ship anywhere in continental US, but prefer local pick-up in Bay Area,...
I sometimes miss these babies...
I quite agree that my setup is far from high end, and that a better source and amp would of course, make this comparison a little more comprehensive.  Having said that, however, the things that were better on the D2000, namely comfort and soundstage, will always be better than the Pro 900, regardless of the source used.  I feel confident in proclaiming that, no matter the setup, I'd probably prefer the Denons for the reasons stated in the review.  More importantly, more...
I just listened to that song to see if I had distortion on the D5000 and found none, however the bass on that track isn't recorded very well.  I think you'll find that, once you have a good pair of revealing, high end headphones, that a lot of hip hop doesn't sound that great because some of it is recorded very poorly.  Especially the bass.  I like hip hop and have a bunch of it on my computer, but even some albums in FLAC don't sound that great.
X2.  Most musical bass-oriented cans I've yet heard    
They are definitely late-bloomers, although I enjoyed mine immediately out-of-the-box    
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