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Title says all, prefer brand new but would still buy used ones.   Must be able to ship to new zealand   post here or pm me
had a search for that on the forums but coudnt find any info on it
for sound m50, for looks then beats
So my monster turbines broke today after a year so i decided to try out something new in the $100 or less range. I loved my turbines, althought they dont really classify as a balanced sound but it was very BASS HEAVY thus making me love em. I wana try out something new or similar to my turbines   I got my mind on: Sunrise xcape impressive edition Klipsch Image S4 Hifiman Re0   I used to also own brainwavz M2, if thats similar to any of them   Any...
dam these looks good lol
That is true but i dont really want to buy a Sony XB series since they are not really portable  
I know its not, i know it doesnt have the sound quality. I just bought the looks. Im going to purchase a Phiaton MS400 soon and maybe do a small comparison
YES! HOLY MOLY, THESE ARE **** I guess its just i havent heard ay better headphones lol
Received my Beats today... OMG I LOVE THEM, THEIR BASS IS SO PUNCHY I feel like im going to get flamed for that lol
Yes will sure do
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