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But that isn't the EU volume limit is it? I had no idea there were two volume limits.
Upgraded from my iPhone 5 to the plus three weeks ago and I have to say a great improvement with my HD25s it is a lot louder and the sound stage is significantlly improved. From my own experience of using it with my HD25 the bass kicks a lot more and the separation between instruments is superb. For reference I have been listening to deadmau5's new album as a whole and the clash of different sounds are represented very well. Also there is an option for EU volume limit if...
Price reduction
Selling these beauties, saving up for a home setup with my D5000 and possibly getting some IEMs for my Bday.   These have been bought last year july, and still have a years warranty, comes with only one cable (the one with a mic) BUT THIS ONE DOES WORK WITH OTHER PHONES (also works with portable amps would recommend the PA2V2 good combination.)  If outside UK please tell me where and i will find out how much the shipping is.  Would highly recommend these for...
Hello everyone!   I am currently designing/making speakers based on the B&W nautilus but witha slight twist.... they are going to be bookshelf size! this is currently a project for college so I havea budget can anyone recommend some good sites for speaker parts and research including speaker cones, designs, and things like that in general. Thank you !
PM sent
I bought a PA2V2 for the HD-25s for my iphone and seriously it is so worth the trouble carrying it about! At first i was like it doesnt make a difference but it is when you listen to it for a few days then plug it back into the iphone 4 (or ipod) is when you notice the difference. The bass is alot more full, vocals are alot more cleaner and forward. IMHO either get the PA2V2,Fiio E7, E17,or E10. You wont regret it. 
I was reading the UK Denon site and looked at the bottom of the AH-7100 and found a app name. Its called 'Denon audio' just thought I would post about it. What it contains:   High quality audio player with instant playlist creation capability   Ability to create, save and share custom EQ curves with an integrated 100-band equalizer   Update your Facebook or Twitter status about the music you like with a touch of a button   Its free...
Fiio series, E17 maybe? probs not enough juice though....
Has anyone tried this? Just a thought is all dont know about the dimensions of either also. Just checking to see if it does work and the sound difference if any.  Thoughts?
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