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Price reduction
Selling these beauties, saving up for a home setup with my D5000 and possibly getting some IEMs for my Bday.   These have been bought last year july, and still have a years warranty, comes with only one cable (the one with a mic) BUT THIS ONE DOES WORK WITH OTHER PHONES (also works with portable amps would recommend the PA2V2 good combination.)  If outside UK please tell me where and i will find out how much the shipping is.  Would highly recommend these for...
Hello everyone!   I am currently designing/making speakers based on the B&W nautilus but witha slight twist.... they are going to be bookshelf size! this is currently a project for college so I havea budget can anyone recommend some good sites for speaker parts and research including speaker cones, designs, and things like that in general. Thank you !
PM sent
I bought a PA2V2 for the HD-25s for my iphone and seriously it is so worth the trouble carrying it about! At first i was like it doesnt make a difference but it is when you listen to it for a few days then plug it back into the iphone 4 (or ipod) is when you notice the difference. The bass is alot more full, vocals are alot more cleaner and forward. IMHO either get the PA2V2,Fiio E7, E17,or E10. You wont regret it. 
I was reading the UK Denon site and looked at the bottom of the AH-7100 and found a app name. Its called 'Denon audio' just thought I would post about it. What it contains:   High quality audio player with instant playlist creation capability   Ability to create, save and share custom EQ curves with an integrated 100-band equalizer   Update your Facebook or Twitter status about the music you like with a touch of a button   Its free...
Fiio series, E17 maybe? probs not enough juice though....
Has anyone tried this? Just a thought is all dont know about the dimensions of either also. Just checking to see if it does work and the sound difference if any.  Thoughts?
After hearing the S3 (UK model) and the Iphone 4 i felt the iphone went alot louder and sounded alot cleaner espcially at high volumes. Get the iphone the ability to use a LOD with it wit ha PA2V2 (current setup) is fantastic seriously. With my HD25 and D5000 its a great portable rig.
Some say he has 6 pairs of ears.
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