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 That describes the behavior of the Hidition and Westone soft canals pretty well, actually; both of them are slightly soft and get softer with heat. I can believe Sony might have one-upped the behavior of that material and done something even better, though.
 I was able to get a Hidition NT-6Pro with silicone tips after they stopped being publicly offered. I don't think they're offered at all now, neither above or under the table. Having had custom IEMs with both acrylic and silicone tips, for me there's not a significant qualitative difference in comfort and seal. In both cases my ear impressions were good and the mouldings are top-notch. If I get another set of Hiditions (or have my current set remoulded), I'll opt for...
 Quality work will take time. There's nothing to apologize for. Thank you for a valuable job done incredibly well.
 It looks like an MMCX connector. Shure has been using it for years. Westone just changed over to it on their current products, and UE is using it for their universals. I expect more customs builders to use them, because they're cheaper, a bit more robust and easier to install. The main downside is that the socket is larger than a two-pin socket and some IEMs can't sacrifice any more space inside the shell for it. In fact the Sony cIEM seems to be shaped the way it is...
  One of the things that's hard to remember about Bruce and his peers of the psychedelic era was that a lot of them got their starts workshopping for various other marquee blues acts, training the best of them to be consummate craftsmen with wide-ranging musical tastes at the same time they were playing three-chord acid-tinged boogie. Anyway, here he is holding his own on a seriously playful post-bop number, a rock god fitting comfortably in with some lions of the...
Saw a couple cat cafes (and a puppy cafe) in Seoul when I was there a couple years ago. There are probably more now.  
We are never ever getting girl/boygether by Aphex Swift. (no embedded video, it's on SoundCloud) As I write, there are half a dozen tracks already, and it looks like more are being added somewhat steadily. No idea if he's aiming to mix the entirety of 1989 with RDJ Album or if he's going to stop once he's bored.   Here's a snippet of T4ouble:
Obviously the best music news of the year! Only five-ish days left to pledge for a copy.
 I hope you can get the help you need and turn your life around for the better. Wait until some more peaceful time to contemplate the transformative powers of stress.
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