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 No idea what you're going through. I want to think I understand, but I don't. I haven't lived your life. Humans mostly suck at empathy. For most of us it's hard to control. Sometimes we're too insensitive. Sometimes our sensitivity goes into overdrive, and everything becomes painful. That might have been how things felt while you were in the institution, and also now that you're out. It's unfair to feel so miserable, and also feel other people's misery, when they can't...
Glad to see all the old and new faces! Didn't get a chance to take many photos, but here are a couple...  
 'wanted to come back' is a rather strong word. I would have said 'could come back'... :) Let's keep the followup chatter in the impressions thread, now.
 There's a Korean diner inside the S-Mart grocery off Cary Towne Blvd that I like. It might be a little more challenging for people who've only had bibimbop until now. The food is good and it's a sit-down place but the ordering process involves going through the grocery checkout line. They do have the usual Korean-American dishes like bibimbop too, but I don't think they have anything vegetarian.
It's a social event where you also happen to be able to listen to all kinds of equipment you usually don't get to see. So relax (or or else drink too much coffee, like I usually do) and hang out and if you need a break from the crowd, there's probably some way to have a little alone time with some tunes.
Having a heavy-duty cord at least 12' long and at least one multiple-outlet surge suppressor, or a similar configuration, is a good thing for everybody to have in their "going to a meetup" box. When there are a dozen or so people hauling a lot of powered equipment, the outlets get used up right quick.
 Mac laptops (and some PC laptops -- Lenovo and Toshiba, I think?) have headphone jacks that will also do optical out. I'll bring some optical cables with 1/4" adaptors in case that's useful to anybody.
Room for one more? On Saturday I can bring:   Stationary: McIntosh Mac 4100 receiver Cary Xciter DAC HiFiMan HE-6 headphones Sony CD3000 headphones   Portable: LH Labs Geek Out 100IEM   A lot of albums in ALAC and some random other things.
Triode on a chip   Don't know much about it, except that it's touted as sounding "warm and rich" and has a claimed use life of 30,000 hours, which is good compared to tubes in guitar amps (where the tubes are overdriven on purpose) but not impressive at all when compared to well-maintained home audio equipment.
 I agree. Calling it a "ripoff" is a stretch, though. That implies the remakes were completely unauthorized in addition to being disappointing.  (The Magnificent Seven is kind of the opposite: A great movie in its own right but a literal remake of Seven Samurai, and I don't know if the studio that produced it ever admitted to that. They'd have owed Kurosawa's producers a lot of money if they had.)
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