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"Hebocon is a robot contest for the technically ungifted."  
 Most of the work details sound like conventional work situations for developers in startups and contract developer companies. Brutal hours and rampant burnout. The main difference is that developers outside the game industry are generally paid commensurate with the effort. People are not applying to Facebook or Microsoft with stars in their eyes, willing to work for free if it brings them closer to their dreams of implementing social networking features. What's going on...
Customs vendors at audio shows should have wearable samples that you can try. They're universal versions so comfort and sound won't be identical to units made specifically for you, but they'll be close enough for you to judge whether they're what you're looking for.Customs are mostly sold in the pro music/performance sector, so that's how the products are marketed. But the better models (UERM, NT-6, JH 13 Pro, and many others) are also popular among audiophiles, since the...
speaking of noises from long ago.
hoooonk. honk honk hooooooonk.
Isn't it? I would have thought Sunn O))) and Scott Walker would go together like peanut butter and gravel, but I heard this with no introductions, and it really works.   Those Coil tapes are up to £500 and climbing... Even though I'm not a fan of Coil, I really respect them (and this album) for their role in the evolution of music. The world would be different and not as interesting without it. I hope the tapes end up in a good home.
Anybody want the multitrack master tapes to Coil's Horse Rotorvator album? Auction is currently at a mere £75 plus £99 shipping, with four days to go. Maybe you can be the archiver/remixer of one of the benchmarks of industrial music!
Overlooked in the news about Jack Bruce's passing: John Holt died this week as well.   One of the greats of ska and reggae.   Give the following a listen if you don't think reggae is capable of occupying a dark and subtle musical space.
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