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Triode on a chip   Don't know much about it, except that it's touted as sounding "warm and rich" and has a claimed use life of 30,000 hours, which is good compared to tubes in guitar amps (where the tubes are overdriven on purpose) but not impressive at all when compared to well-maintained home audio equipment.
 I agree. Calling it a "ripoff" is a stretch, though. That implies the remakes were completely unauthorized in addition to being disappointing.  (The Magnificent Seven is kind of the opposite: A great movie in its own right but a literal remake of Seven Samurai, and I don't know if the studio that produced it ever admitted to that. They'd have owed Kurosawa's producers a lot of money if they had.)
For a few of those examples at least, the American versions are fully, legitimately licensed, and the controversy was mostly over how much worse they were than the originals. If the U.S. production of The Ring was not above-board, they would not have given Koji Suzuki a writing credit.
 Nah. They've been at this for decades. For example, in the 1960s, there were spy thrillers. In the 70s, gangster movies and martial arts flicks... It's going on all the time in international cinema (1960s Japan also made some pretty remarkable James Bond-influenced flicks, but nobody outdid the Italians at that). If there are fewer instances of American movie makers ripping off foreign films wholesale, it would have more to do with Americans generally being culturally...
The vampire girl looked like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to me. Sure enough, I found the video... TV commercial for GU clothing, which is a subsidiary brand of Uniqlo.
The Blattnerphone The first broadcast-quality magnetic recording machine. Its medium was 6mm steel tape, rather than celluloid. The photo above is from a page about the BBC's Blattnerphones. Playback was at 53 ips (5 kilometers per hour). A reel weighed 10 kg and held 1 mile of tape, good enough for 20 minutes of recording. 
"Hebocon is a robot contest for the technically ungifted."  
 Most of the work details sound like conventional work situations for developers in startups and contract developer companies. Brutal hours and rampant burnout. The main difference is that developers outside the game industry are generally paid commensurate with the effort. People are not applying to Facebook or Microsoft with stars in their eyes, willing to work for free if it brings them closer to their dreams of implementing social networking features. What's going on...
Customs vendors at audio shows should have wearable samples that you can try. They're universal versions so comfort and sound won't be identical to units made specifically for you, but they'll be close enough for you to judge whether they're what you're looking for.Customs are mostly sold in the pro music/performance sector, so that's how the products are marketed. But the better models (UERM, NT-6, JH 13 Pro, and many others) are also popular among audiophiles, since the...
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