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 All your ideas look like solid choices to me. Hidition flips polarity (+ and - are reversed) relative to other IEMs using the same connector. It doesn't matter much to me personally, but it does to others. If you are concerned and are ordering a custom cable, you should mention it to the cable maker. Some are aware of Hidition's wiring, some aren't.
They're damaged or malfunctioning. The esp950 and e90 have a lifetime warranty and Koss is pretty generous with it. Contact Koss and get them fixed.
Doesn't look like there have been any objections to August 22 yet.
As long as it's some time in August, count me in. I can bring stuff from the previous meet, plus a new desktop system I've been assembling...
If you're getting this power supply from Mouser, that's the wrong connector. It specifically needs an IEC C13 connector (IEC is a standards organization; there are a variety of different IEC connectors). I've been getting 15 amp-rated power cables for my equipment, it feels like a reasonable compromise between using any old cable and using whatever's audio-fashionable. Tripp-Lite's are reasonably priced but they're not the only game in town (Monoprice is probably cheaper,...
I've been really impressed with the ESP 950 powered by a McIntosh MAC4100 through the Woo WEE. There's more treble and less bass punch (albeit plenty of extension) relative to the E90 amp, which is odd because the Mac can really bring a really tangible bass out of the HE-6.   I'll concede it's only cost efficient if you already have the Mac.
Even people who don't know what they have know enough to look up the product numbers on Ebay before setting a price.
 There's a list of the pinouts for most headphone connectors on Head-Fi. For whatever it's worth, according to my notes when I made an adaptor a few weeks ago, the colors of the wires on the Koss extension cable are: Wire color Cable marking Electrical Stax pin White White dash L+ 3 Orange   bias 1 Yellow   L- 4 Green   R- 5 Orange   bias 1 Red White solid R+ 2
Probably time to start a new planning thread in the Local / Regional Head-Fi Meets, Parties, Get-Togethers forum.(At the moment my calendar's pretty open, June weekends-wise, fwiw).
I can bring stuff.
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