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Even people who don't know what they have know enough to look up the product numbers on Ebay before setting a price.
 There's a list of the pinouts for most headphone connectors on Head-Fi. For whatever it's worth, according to my notes when I made an adaptor a few weeks ago, the colors of the wires on the Koss extension cable are: Wire color Cable marking Electrical Stax pin White White dash L+ 3 Orange   bias 1 Yellow   L- 4 Green   R- 5 Orange   bias 1 Red White solid R+ 2
Probably time to start a new planning thread in the Local / Regional Head-Fi Meets, Parties, Get-Togethers forum.(At the moment my calendar's pretty open, June weekends-wise, fwiw).
I can bring stuff.
 Interested in seeing your thoughts. I've been very impressed by the ESP-950 when it's powered through a third-party energizer. Through the ES90 it's packed with, not so much.
Count me in...
Whoa. I didn't notice the gouge/flaw in the shield barrel. Okay yeah, that was bad.
 Moon Audio sells the Amphenol 86-71-6s connector. It's not defective, that's exactly what it's supposed to look like, because this product was designed to be a microphone connector. The large metal cylinder is not a case. It's shielding. The two screw holes allow the shielding to be positioned past the base (to connect to shielded sockets) or align with the base (to connect to unshielded sockets). The actual connector caps are sold separately and are the same plastic as...
 Before headphones -- audio equipment generally -- became a big phenomenon, there was all kinds of equipment available for what we'd consider these days to be incredibly cheap. It's not completely unheard of for equipment to go for approximately-free, but it's happening a lot less often now that everybody running a yard sale knows that there's increased public interest in audio gear, and they can always check Ebay to set their prices.
Sorry I started this. Let's change the subject.
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