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Sounds like. When is set up time tomorrow?
Mrspeakers and i are currently in the lobby and dithering over restaurant options.
I'm totally game for dinner at 7:30 and drinks later.
Yes. I just arrived in Charlotte, am at ikea now, and will be checked in to the hotel by then. Should we rendezvous in the hotel lobby?
Only slightly.Spent part of last Saturday at a flea market and happened across a treasure trove of music CDs. Usually music finds at flea markets are a mix of never-beens, shouldn't-have-beens, and so on. This particular table was full of independent/alt-music releases, nothing over a dozen years old aside from a few collectible obscurities. The seller otherwise was specializing in cast iron pans and housewares that were only slightly broken, and said vaguely that he'd...
Just (belatedly) booked my room for Friday.   Sounds like they only have doubles and king-sized suites left.
 This is also true. It's a rare meet that I haven't left with notes on a couple new albums to buy.
 Sorry, didn't mean to have too much fun at your expense... Trying out a range of equipment is the point of the meet. It's not the best way to know what's best for you, but it's a great way to narrow down the field and help you focus on the few products that worked best for your music and your ears. You're certainly welcome to try the HE-500 on my setups; I'll bring an HE-6 as well, so you can see how different members of the same family compare, too. One of the great...
 I recommend a Foothills Porter. If you mean amps... there will be a lot of amps there. Try your headphones on a variety of them!
Few people know this, but in fact they are made from early 80s tizzy sounding radios. The secret is the grilles have a layer of DineroKote™ which, when exposed to atmosphere and the admiring eyes of others, is harmonically stimulated and fills out the sound in a pleasing way. When you put your hands over the grilles, you starve them of exposure, and they revert back to their original sound. This is why the HE-5 and HE-6 are even better. They're exactly the same...
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