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 Comparing reports I've read to the pair that I have: Some headphones develop the squeal right away, some never do, sometimes it's loud, sometimes it's quiet... Mine developed a faint squeal in the right channel, I flicked the cup with my finger, and it hasn't appeared again. Since the problem is due to Koss' loose quality control, it doesn't manifest consistently. Static is a different matter, because unlike the squeal it can have a variety of causes, not all having to do...
There's an impressions thread for the meet now. Let's move over there.   For my part, I'll try to post my photos and thoughts as soon as I can.
Thanks to TheChillburger for hosting a pretty great party yesterday afternoon.   Drop your thoughts and photos here...
 I wish I could go to shows, I miss that energy. Concerts are too painful,though. I won't be able to construct a meaningful 'best of this year' list, lately I've been after trip-hop and random Ninja Tune artists. Before that I was on a Philip Glass opera kick. The only current releases I've bought so far have been (for me) usual suspects: Godspeed, Colin Stetson, etc. The ESP 950 really is great, and it's lead me to consider dedicated electrostatic amps (although the Woo...
 Cassette deck collecting -- portable and otherwise -- is the one audio thing I really don't get. I have some serious anti-nostalgia going with that technology. I think I finally understand why my father got cranky back in the day when I mentioned being interested in tube audio gear. His memories of audio from the era are mostly about the comparatively high maintenance, cost of replacement tubes, and muddiness of the sound; the discrete transistorized equipment of the 70s...
Good luck on the exam!
Yeah, sorry that was misleading. The Modi Uber is an upgraded version of the Modi (for $50 more), but I'm not sure there's an upgrade path once you already have the base-model Modi. Either way, though, you can always add the Wyrd.
As a line out device there's not a meaningful difference between the Geek Out 450 and 1000, so it's not worth paying the premium for extra power.   I recommend the Schiit Modi. It's cheaper than the Geek Out series, is easily upgradable (to the Uber version and/or the addition of the Schiit Wyrd) and I preferred it to the ODAC.
 The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, as the saying goes. Personally I'm still experimenting, but at the same more or less glacial and random pace I've been for a couple years. The home system's added a new DAC and headphones in the past three months, although the process of getting them started in 2013. For mobile I haven't settled on an optimal work area system I'm happy with yet and just got an Android mini tablet to hack on with that purpose in mind.
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